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  1.  I have a student that is blind, so we review scriptures and I have to read them of course. Maybe we will cover peace and security this weekend and i can use some of these posts!   She is on the phone. Completely wheel chair bound from MG, that turns into full blown MS like symptoms.  She reads braille. In a terrible nursing home.  In sever pain from brain cancer. I have a sister who goes to see her too.  But we have gotten so very close.  I tis a beautiful story, Maybe I will submit it to the Librarian to post here.  She has gone through all of the major concepts of the bible by phone.  Then that day, or the next, what ever chapter we read in the bible, based on her questions or needs, I text to her phone. She can play it then over and over.  Yesterday, we went over Ephesions Chapter 4, the whole chapter due to our needs in the study.  I then talked text it, the whole chapter, as I have to correct things and add punctuation manually.  So I go over every word to send it in back to back texts. She plays them over and over.  I think I am going to see if sometime soon if she wants to cover the topic of Peace and Security.  I have let her ask and we GO.  I know we have things in braille, we have attempted to get them, but it has been very difficult. I do not need advice how to do so, it was just a series of mistakes over and over in the Florida congregation.  But supposedly now, it is coming.  However, she will not live to be baptized, but she has accepted all of the truth!  We talk daily now. I have made bible dramas from the site and mark them in braille for her. I have sent her music she loves, ours and others.  I supply the toiletries she needs, marked in braille as she cannot afford them.  My beautiful dear sister.  She wants me to make braille scriptures for her on index cards with the English words on them so she can tell others about her hope!  The sister in Florida is attempting again to get the braille sent, the tracts, the Good News brochure.  If they get here ever, she can give them a tract and have it in braille to witness.  So my dear brothers and sisters, PLEASE all PRAY for my dear Carmella in Florida. Her pain is burning from the brain cancer in her head. Has moved to ears, eyes chest and it is excruciating. I will not have her much longer.  I reach out to ask you to pray for her peace, relief from her pain, for her to feel loved, whatever Jehovah sees as good in his eyes for her. How did we meet?  She dialed a wrong number trying to reach Joyce Meyers ministry and got my voicemail. A welding company outgoing message!  She left the message anyways.  I normally delete all of my voice mail as it is all robots as I answer my phone all day!  I am deleting 27 messages and just said instantly to myself, /play that one.  It was Carmella trying to call Joyce Meyers.  I called her back and told her two weeks ago she left a msg for Joyce Meyers, it was a wrong number.  But I am in the ministry and can I help you?  And she just started to talk. We shared scripture on that call and prayed. She asked me could she continue to talk with me.  She also told me later, she had no idea, she said, I knew it was the wrong number but I left the message anyways and I have no idea why!  So my friends, the Holy Spirit indeed nudged her to leave the message and call me instead of Joyce Meyers. And then the Holy Spirt made my finger hit play instead of delete before listening like I was doing to the rest.  I make a point of listening to my voice mail now!  

    Maybe a thread on the witnessing work and the wonderful stories we have ?  You can make it with this story. I have so much more to add.  


    1. The Librarian

      The Librarian

      Thanks for sharing.:D

      Go right ahead and post your experience in the JW category area. Either in General Discussion or the Experiences section.


  2. That is very sad! The time of the end is surely approaching. " they will hate you on account of my name."
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