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  1. Oh dear, once again Tom has nothing to say but writes a lot. And I see he isn't knocking me this time. This time it is Srecko he is putting down. But in fact Srecko is right, not Tom. Such a shame that Tom and Arauna are blinded by the GB. What will they do when those GB are no longer there ?
  2. And hopefully people search in the Bible and ask God for guidance through Jesus Christ. And then Christ, who has been given ALL authority, will guide them with holy spirit. And hopefully those people will stay away from the CCJW and keep away from Kingdom Halls until Christ has cleansed that unclean organisation, or even replaced that organisation with a clean one. And soon may the true Anointed take their rightful place as leaders of God's people here on earth. As for shaking your heads. No. A person that has true faith in God through Christ should be holding their head high and giving praise and thanks to God through Christ. I don't want anyone nice to die but it would be wonderful if the Judgement came soon, even though i doubt I will see the other side of it. Mans inhumanity to man is horrendous, mans wickedness towards all living things is sickening, and mans destruction of this wonderful planet is disgusting. Soon may God's Kingdom come, Soon many God's will be done, here on Earth and in Heaven.
  3. Yes, the leaders of the CCJW seem to be an embarrassment to the basic JW boots on the ground.
  4. But what Tom said was : It is odd that so many here will deride scholars for their view on evolution—and will lap up whatever they have to say on every other point. Whereas you @Arauna are talking about people generally... It gets a little irritating when someone deliberately tries to change direction. But i suppose I'm just as guilty at times
  5. Wow, Does this mean my family had God's backing then when we decided to self isolate, myself with my wife and son. And when my son told his employer that he would not be attending work, days before the UK lock down started. Does it indicate that God is with me ? I think not. It just indicates that we used common sense. The GB used common sense that is all.
  6. Hello Tom, I hope you are well. It is odd that you over generalise on things. But I'm sure you will show us all proof of your above statement. Have a good day.
  7. Quote @JW Insider We want to give a double portion of "honor" to those who take the lead in teaching, and we appreciate the teaching: And we need not get wrapped up in the idea that salvation is coming through the GB Sorry JWI I can't agree with you on this for many reasons. Whilst I do know that the CCJW do have foundation doctrines built on God's word, that does not excuse all the incorrect teachings and other problems. And the teaching is there about 'a person must be a baptised JW to be saved'. And I really do not agree with the baptism questions. Whatever happened to baptising in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit ? So, whilst they may have a few things right, they also have a lot of things wrong, and in my opinion it is deliberately wrong. I know it is seen as me just picking holes but :- Quote : If we can appreciate this, we can enjoy the blessings Jehovah offers to any who gather together in his name, who try to do what is right. The GB have basically told the Anointed NOT to gather together in His name. And i think they wrote that it would be working against the Holy Spirit to do so. I hope you understand why i cannot support them. It all seems so contradictory to me.
  8. @JW Insider Thank you for this very thoughtful comment. I totally agree with you here, but where that leaves us with the GB / Helpers / Org, I do not know. It all seems so crazy to me because the foundation 'doctrines' are good, but the rest of it all gets so messy.
  9. As far as detractors calling the GB wicked names, that is going to occur anyway. The best is yet to come. But one does have to be careful as one could get disfellowshipped from the forum.
  10. Whilst reading / researching something completely different I was hit by this 'information' or not. As it's nice to find the truth about things i was wondering if anyone knows about these people. Q,Anon / QAnon Qanon. (hashtag) WWG1WGA = Where We Go 1 We Go All This seemed to start off as one person on 4 chan (whatever that is) and has now developed into a group of people. Now on 8 chan ? Their belief is that there is a : Worldwide Satanic Secret Sex Trafficking Ring @Space Merchant Do you know more about this ? Does anyone have info' ?
  11. @Arauna No one is saying that the GB cannot get anything right, BUT what is being said is IT IS NOT PROOF OF GOD'S HELP. So for a GB helper or anyone to say it PROVES that God is with the GB, is just stupidity and will be seen by many as such. The GB and it's Org agrees with God's word in the Bible on some things, so they get some things right, but it still does not PROVE that God is with them. @Srecko Sostar comment was sarcasm i think
    • Hello guest!
    Theresa Ortiz, a grandmother, is active in her faith as a Jehovah’s Witness. She has been missing for 6 days. Carlos Ortiz waited for news about his missing wife Monday — five days after she disappeared and her car was found in the parking lot of Burke’s Beach. Theresa Ortiz, 67, a North Carolina native who moved to Hilton Head Island in 2002, took a walk on the beach a few times a week.
  12. @Arauna So Witness has disciples on here does she ?. Um, is that New Light ! @Anna The only thing that can be done is revoke membership. Which is what is being done. What's your argument with that? My disagreement with it is that IT ISN'T BEING DONE. Elders especially get away with many things, especially CSA. I would have thought you would have seen enough proof through court cases and reports to KNOW how Elders have hidden information, Destroyed information, committed sex abuse on young children, hidden paedophiles in the congregations, not informed the congregation when a paedophile is in their midst, not cooperated with the police or authorities by refusing to hand over documents. Misusing the two witness rule. Misusing the Clergy privilege. Actually telling lies in courtrooms. Having lawyers that deliberately tell lies in court rooms. Having a GB that refuses to apologise to CSA victims on behalf of the ORG. The list is endless. But if you can live with the GB and the ORG being like that then your Christian conscience has long since disappeared. You are just having your ears tickled and that seems to be enough for you.
  13. Good try CC. But you still get the CCJW / Watchtower mixed up with God. And God will not love you for it. By there works you will know them. And we do. We know the CCJW / Watchtower hide paedophiles in their organisations. We know that they misuse scripture which is an insult to God and Christ. We know that the GB are not the F&DS because they do not speak or write truth. So, we have got out of this immoral organisation. Hence we can pray to God with a clean conscience. How could a JW in the Org, that knows all the immorality within the CCJW, pray to God with a clean conscience ?

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