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  1. Practical things are so much easier than 'spiritual things'. I've spent the day working on one of my vehicles, hard physical work, but so much easier than trying to understand God's written word.  Oh where are those True Anointed Ones that will guide 'earthly' people ?  I'm convinced that the 'earthly class' are not supposed to fully understand scripture...... One only has to look on this forum to see the totally different 'understandings' people have, or don't have. 

  2. Um, So is the GB of the CCJW 'in bed' with Trump ? Is that why the FBI haven't torn Warwick to pieces and go that 20 + year Pedophile Database yet ? I thought, back in February, that the GB were going to be in some High Court in the States, for being part of this Pedophile situation within the CCJW. But from here in England all seems to have gone quiet. So any news about it ?
  3. Since you're discussing "y'all", you should note that you cannot properly address Anna with the term. The term is technically plural, being a contraction of "you all", @AlanF I agree with you, but use it purely for fun. And I am aware that even if a person addresses a comment to one other person, it is read by many, so 'y'all' makes comments inclusive... I mean no offence by using the term 'y'all', i just see it as being light hearted. I'm English so I suppose I have a strange sense of humour.
  4. Yes Anna. It's sort of sarcasm because I see this as being a 99% American forum, y'all. I could be wrong of course. All these dates and disagreements here are far beyond me and i see them as being of no importance in serving God. But i can see it's keeping some folks happy. Hope you are having a good day.
  5. Wow i can see this topic is full of spirituality . Doesn't even make interesting reading. Have a good day y'all.
  6. Quote @Anna All knowledge is progressive. If you argue that, then you might as well argue with the medical field, for example. Why didn't they know everything about the human body immediately, and why did they have to find out facts about it through trial and error? And they're still learning. And so are we. Does anyone see what is wrong here with this comparison ? The simple answer is this. Anna is comparing Truth from God's word which should have spiritual guidance, with, human wisdom and knowledge. The 'medical field' is not spiritual. God's written word was written with ins
  7. So, this 'disgusting thing'. Is it a 'false 'god' standing in the place of the True God ? Or is it, a false 'god' standing in the place of the True Temple ? The Temple are the True Anointed. I like to use the expression True Anointed, to separate them from false anointed ones, ones that the GB say are mentally ill.
  8. I just have to laugh when @Anna so casually says the bit about : This was obviously meant literally when Russell wrote about it, as he believed the Jews would literally go back to Palestine, but obviously they didn't. So then it had to be revised and was applied spiritually, in that the spiritual nation of Israel was born on which the "gentiles" had no hold. Russell is seen as being basically the founder of the CCJW. So this comment above is so funny. Is that what 1914 is based on ?
  9. @JW Insider quote : The disgusting thing, as spoken of through Daniel the prophet, was first related to the time when Antiochus IV put Zeus in the temple, and was therefore also related even more horrifically to the final destruction of Jerusalem's temple when the "god" Rome encroached, especially from 66 to 70 CE. And of course, we know that the Temple of God is now the individuals making up the true Congregation of Christ's body: So now the question has to be, what is the disgusting thing standing in the place of the true Congregation of Christ's body ? Because the Tru
  10. @JW Insider Quote In general, the GB now teaches that many more of the verses and teachings in the Greek Scriptures that we once only applied to the Anointed can now have just as much meaning for the "other sheep." Just because your GB says it is so, does that indeed make it so ? Or is it because the GB are jealous of the True Anointed and don't want the True Anointed getting the attention they deserve. The GB have exalted themselves above all, claiming that only they are the F&DS. So they now apply scriptures to the earthly class to pretend that the earthly class are equal to
  11. @JW Insider I totally disagree with you reasoning and beliefs here. My belief is that the Greek Scriptures were written for the True Anointed Ones. Many of the scriptures you have quoted would seem to back up my reasoning. (Ephesians 1:1) . . .Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus through God’s will, to the holy ones who are in Ephʹe·sus and are faithful in union with Christ Jesus: Only the True Anointed are in union with Christ Jesus. Quote : It is just as important for persons of the great crowd to consider themselves "sons of the Kingdom." We are all God's children, and t
  12. @JW Insider The GB do not want to give compensation to victims of CSA and do not want to apologise for it either.. So how can you expect the GB to want to feed the poor and needy. The GB / Leaders of CCJW would not even allow for minibuses to pick up older folk to take to meetings, even though they are closing Kingdom Halls and congregants have to travel further (pre-virus times). There are a couple of scriptures you've mentioned that refer to the 'Holy Ones' or 'brother's of Christ', and those and other scriptures make it clear that people need to know exactly who the Anointed a
  13. @Arauna I am only one person, but there must be hundreds earthwide, no maybe thousands, that have been stumbled by the leaders of the Watchtower and the CCJW, and by Elders of congregations. As for my 'attitudes', you only read what i write, you don't know what's in my heart. The Elders judge others. The GB make the rules to judge by. Congregants judge others when they chose to shun people. All of that is destructive, but it's just seen as collateral damage to keep the CCJW looking clean.. The wickedness in the CCJW needs destroying, but, if God chooses then the CCJW may becom
  14. In what ways do 'most ex-JWs get on with their lives' ? Because most JWs on here say that ex-JWs just become part of the world. Yes, there is a big problem when one comes out of an immoral, non spiritual, Organisation such as the CCJW. There is no 'religion' at this time that serves God properly. So yes that causes a problem for anyone that truly wants to serve God properly, as that person has to 'go it alone' physically. Obviously a person can pray to God through Christ but they do not have human support. You also say that 'they cannot go on to pursue their own life and desir
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