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  1. It is true that no one has the right to reinvent scripture or interpret scripture to cause others to follow them 1Timothy 4:1 instead of the word of God, but I can see where we have the power as Christians by the authority of Christ who sent us to continue his work. Romans 10:13-15 I don’t see where a Christian can go wrong when they follow the word of God Psalm 18:30 and apply that word of God with the same strength Jesus applied it. Matthew 5:48 Can you provide how someone has proven the ancient scrolls with a crystal clear interpretation?
  2. I heard some penguins travel 5000 miles (8,046.72 km) to Brazil. I have read Fire ants also make rafts to travel the oceans and survive floods with their bodies. Animals are interesting creatures with intelligent migration programming. It is interesting how the penguin stopped flying at a certain point. Evolution does indicate penguins flew at one point. I believe the snake also had hind legs to walk upright according to evolution. Was it in prehistoric times, or the Garden of Eden? Was it after the animals scattered that the penguins stopped flying? The snake was cursed by God in the garden, so creation can attest to that. There are so many wonders, the biggest one, how god got all the animals to migrate a long distance to the Ark. I wonder if he then encouraged the animals to migrate, or were some migrations helped by humans?
  3. If Jesus gave that authority to his followers, what would be the difference? I’m no referring to personal authority, but of that given by God. Do you believe the Holy Spirit doesn’t have any authority? Are we not slaves to God and Christ? Isn't showing the same zeal that Christ displayed be done in today's Christianity? The principles of faith need to live with us.
  4. What is the difference between being dogmatic and critical argument? Is it philosophy or belief in polarization? Do I believe witnesses are dogmatic? Compared to, which religious organization. Can we say Jesus was dogmatic? Does anyone have an answer about Jesus and the apostles?
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