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  1. Do you have contacts from Cuba? We are visiting Cube in April.
  2. Ohhhh i see it now... lol i havent seen any brother given parts with beards in Australia yet.
  3. Well this is very interesting topic and as a father in my case, i can say, i rather wait for my son to be in his late adulthood before getting baptized then having my child going through adulthood with the chance of disfellowshiped and all that shaming and shunning that comes with all the brothers and sisters in the congregation.
  4. Thats a bit dramatic tho.... i have been in twice and out once but when u go out they just kinda leave you alone like you never existed... well that was my experience... if it was a joke it was a funny one then 😆🤣😂
  5. This makes me laugh, making excuses why or not a child molester or a sexual crime should or shouldnt be expose to the authorities or the congregation to safe guard others..... oh well.... 😆🤣😂
  6. Should watch the Australian royal commission on child sex abuse within JWs victims which is available online and you will see first hand how our procedures and everything is handle within the organization, you will be shocked. It has been some years since then and we have heard nothing from it and no 1 policy changed even though many several recommendations were given by the Australian commission to be changed.
  7. Well, not against or pro the JW organization as we (my family) are JWs too, we have learnt to take a different approch to life and religion a more balanced view. We accept we have learnt a lot of great things in the organization but they are not 100% correct in everything and we wont let the organization rule our lifes by the man made rules. Saying that we follow Jehovah principals but other than that we wont slave ourselves down to everything the organization demands on their followers. The other balance approched we have taken is that we dont view the organization as the only way to be saved but more like the way to help eachother and find support during this system. We keep to ourselves, we have learnt not to have too closed friends in the congregation because as soon as you do that they will start and try to run your lifes according to the organization rules. Now we have a much enjoyable life and we dont feel the pressure and guilt for not being able to comply with all the requirements from the organization and from the brothers in the cong as they dont see you as a very close friend or member of the cong. It works for us...
  8. I speak for what our family feels as a JW. RE Donations: we stopped donations for 3 main reasons, 1. Wasteful use of money in congregations having seen our congragation and many other congregations having 3 HD flat screen TVs upgraded also having a HD projector for broadcasting i reckon is a horrible way to misuse of funds. 2. Not making public knowledge of funds been used for child sex law suits. 3. At the end of each convention always making an announcement how much more funds are needed to cover all costs running the convention, having donated all funds to the organization prior, so.always running in red at the end of each convention. Re preaching hours; i dont agreed thats how they should count how many active JWs are there as many would just put in any hours just to look good in front of the congregation. I find it weird how there is always a total figures of active JWs what about having a total tally of active, inactive, disfellowshiped, i dont get why the need of just showing some figures but not others. Thats one of the reasons we stopped looking at this figures they are so inaccurate that thereis no point of publishing it. Anyways thats how we feel wrong or right there are many others that feels the same.... 🙄

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