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  1. How do we know that is built to be sold off as a comercial use later on?
  2. Jajajaj mi ejemplo q me referia era en forma metafóricamente sobre los manuscritos, tampoco creo q ellos dejaran manuscritos....
  3. @Indiana pues creo que hay dos puntos de vista... 1.es como decir a Jesus y sus apostoles puedes predicar y dejar manuscritos sobre jehovah. 2. Es cono decir a Jesus y sus apostoles pueden predicar pero no dejen nada q los puedan incriminar de ser cristianos . Jesus y sus apostoles escojerin.... ?
  4. Or nothing in mind, i just didn't see the corelation to Jehovah's story with Loki and Thor working together against their evil sister. That was all... 😆
  5. My personal opinion, i think the closed circuit blood rule is a bit too extreme.... i will be more than happy to use my own blood stored in blood bags for surgery.
  6. But didn't loki ended up fighting along side with Thor against the evil big monster....? And what about their sister...
  7. I'm sure you can't count that as your service time, i think is done for advertising instead.
  8. I think religion and school or religion and work places should be kept seperate.
  9. This photo suits better for The Generation theory... lol
  10. We always referred ourselves as soy un testigo de Jehova, nunca he oido alguien que diga soy uno de los testigos de jehova..... pero bueno sinceramente me suena lo mismo 😂🤣😆
  11. Yeah probably, languages somethings doesnt make sense....😂🤣😆
  12. That is so weird tho, i've never heard anyone referring to themselves as One of the Jws rather a Jws. Is like saying i am One of the Australians instead of saying i am an Australian. Weird...
  13. Either spanish or english doesn't make much of a difference, i might be wrong tho. Perhaps when saying i am one of the JW insinuates you are one of many others JWs but when you say i am a JW doesnt imply the above. But at the end of the day doesnt really matter which one is used!
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