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  1. But nothing shows that they are witnesses, but i guess is ok if it works....
  2. Really...! Did he just said video 1 option 2 is not pornea? So if i musturbate in front of a brother or a sister is not pornea....! And if there isnt a second witness involve not case either.... ?
  3. Well is quite simple, is not in their priorities and interest plus if all of us knew what went on in the whole royal commisions the great crowd will down to a small crowd, the biggest dissapointment i saw on TV while i was following this was elders admitting of not knowing why they were called in for questioning amd also one of GB answering to a sinple question as "is the GB the only channel that God speaks through in now days" and answering "that will be naive for me to say that" would have a huge influence if this will publicised in JWorg
  4. Oh well, as long what inwear and my wife wears is decent enough im happy with it, if others disapproves thats their problem. Lol
  5. I noticed for the past few years at our convention, i am not sure if i am the only one that finds this wrong but i dont agree with such practices. For example, they will announce $5000 bank balance at the convention account then they will anoounce all donations made to the world wide work and other places and always leaves a balance of $0 then they will announce the cost of running the convention for example $3000 then they will announce donations made by everyone which never covers the cost so then this is what i find disturbing they will say thanks for all contributions but then there make an announcenment on how to make donations to cover all costs and that donations will be accepted till the end of the convention. Is it just me or is this way wrong....
  6. I agreed i dont see anything wrong with it either, i dont agree that we all need to look like that guy in the middle such an old fushion suit and looks, im sure they have better things to write about.
  7. Is also interesting to see how they making a link with the skinny suits and the hair styles.
  8. I don't think has to do much about fashion modesty but more what the brothers are a custom to... i assume the brothers are used to only wearing the old big style suits and i presume they see anything out of the normal wrong. i personally don't see much wrong wearing either suits is like wearing either a skinny tie or wide old style tie. I have both types of suits, but i think skinny suits can be modest too as long as they are not too extreme. Anyways my honest opinion.

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