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  1. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. @Joan Kennedy and @Jack Ryan as a JW or exjw we should be free to express our thoughts, if we don't like anything we can always use our ignore button and show more Christ qualities than telling someone to shut up.
  2. Lol my wife and I had the same question, if women aren't currently allowed to do much at all within earthly organisation apart from cleaning, witnessing and other non important jobs what jobs will they be allowed to do in the heavenly realm perhaps they will be genderless once they become spiritual entities my best guess... But then again the angels in Noah's day decided to become man instead of woman so there must be an inclination or a gender identification within spiritual entities. Too deep this subject 😳...
  3. Jajajaja habrá que dejarlo como un misterio inespicable.. 😆😆😆 pero voy ha ver q puedo encontrar sobre esto...
  4. Ni idea pero creo aver escuchado en un discurso cuando apenas recibimos la de inglés que unos de los diferencias de otras traducciones de las biblias fue q la razón q nuestra tradición no se llama la biblia es x q la palabra biblia no se encuentra en la biblia y por esa razón el esclavo fiel y descreto no la llamaron La biblia, por eso me llamo mucho la atención.
  5. Porque será q la tradición en español dice La Biblia y la de inglés no?
  6. Alguien uploaded este documento sobre las nuevas contribuciones o donaciones.
  7. Yeah happens here in Australia too, they will say during the assembly bank account has $, donated all $ to the world wide work, expenses for this assembly is $, donations collected $, so far we are in defecit of $. My wife and I were talking about it and that seems a very dodgy tactics to make people to donate more. I wonder how many others sees it that way at the assemblies.
  8. Mi esposa y yo no hemos hecho ninguna donación por años, por muchas razones.
  9. Baruq Apparently is only "understandable" because she is fighting to get compensated as she is not a JWs. What about all JWs that were abused and are still in the organisation they should get compensated too... but hard as we are not supposed to talk about it or to know anything about it...
  10. Lol this reminds me of a comment during this weekend meeting where a sister is so obiblious of all the child sex abuse within JW organization that she made the comment that all so Christians religions are full of problems and specially regarding child sex abuses where that would never happen within our lovely Christian organization of brothers and sisters.... Yeah right in what world she lives in and that's how many millions of other JWs have no idea. Obviously she didn't watch our Australian Royal Commission....
  11. How do we know that is built to be sold off as a comercial use later on?
  12. Jajajaj mi ejemplo q me referia era en forma metafóricamente sobre los manuscritos, tampoco creo q ellos dejaran manuscritos....
  13. @Indiana pues creo que hay dos puntos de vista... 1.es como decir a Jesus y sus apostoles puedes predicar y dejar manuscritos sobre jehovah. 2. Es cono decir a Jesus y sus apostoles pueden predicar pero no dejen nada q los puedan incriminar de ser cristianos . Jesus y sus apostoles escojerin.... ?

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