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  1. Totally agreed with you 4jah4me, the society has a huge database, and no matter how much pretty words they write in their magazines or how much people (JWs) like to make excuses for, the fact is that they are still covering it and we had a taste of it here in Australia. The funny thing is that the society has an organised committee for HLC around the world and thats a proof that Jehovah God is with them (according to JWs interpretation) to uphold their man made rules of the blood doctrine but for child sex abuse they cant be bothered to have one small committee to safe guard children 😆😆😆.
  2. Yes the Watchtower has been put on notice if they dont sign up by June deadline to the Australian Scheme they will loose they charity status, yesterday The project news tv channel reported the watchtower had declared they will be no joining the scheme because they do not have in place any institutions with in the organization to deal with this in other words Jehovah hasn't had the time to put anything in place for the victims because he is either too busy selling KHs and providing spiritual food. 😆😆😆
  3. Interesting Australian news today, the Australian Government has put JW on notice if they don't join the Scheme.
  4. Oh yeah the same here in Australia, back when i was PIMI back in 2014 several JWs stopped preaching for some weeks while the Australian Royal Commission delivered their results as they were worried, embarrassed and afraid on how the public would react.
  5. The WT on Australia TV news report stated they will be no joining the Australian compensation scheme Here is the video from The Project news report. Google drive
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  6. I find it very interesting how people can blindly still defend the WT still after knowing the lies the misinformation and the cover ups. Some years ago my wife and i got spitted on the face for defending the WT reputation. But now after there is so much uncovered we could not even step inside a KH our concience does not even give us the sanity to do it anylonger, we understand that there are some JWs that dont know whats going on but after you hear the news and the many misinformation of the society how can you sincerely still defend them just fascinates me, to the point to say you can not trust ALL THE NEWS, honestly buffles me, i wonder if they will say the same thing about all other religions news. Btw i am not interested talking to those that keeps defending the WT because the GB is not even interested in doing that.
  7. Unfortunately everything that doesnt support or help the WT is apostate or lies even if u show them proof.. thats what you have to deal with. I mean a deficit 1.5 mil after donating 26 mil to themselves how dodgy is that...
  8. I doubt they care about Jehovah's name getting publicly shame, better off that than lossing money helping victims.... 🤑🤑🤑
  9. Asking the watchtower...😂😂😂J JWs should be thinking maybe this is how God is cleaning up the society and they are working against their own God... 😂😂😂 Lol if God send Jesus again to clean the lost sheep the JWs will have him crucified again...😂😂😂
  10. Here are some links of the newspapers and videos too.
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    Video Video 2 Cheers
  11. In Australia not sure in the other parts of the world all congregations banks accounts were emptied and funds were redirected overseas now congregations only are allowed to keep $5000 in their accounts funny enough this information was not read to the JWs was only Elders knowledge.
  12. I don't see the point talking to SM or any JW apologetics, i was former JW and because of the GB acts i lost trust in them and the society. I mean i bet he would even defend the name Jehovah is in the Bible 😆😆😆 But anyways everyone to their own, my concience is clear not following the watchtower anylonger i prefer wasting my life looking for God and Jesus by my own than slaving and defending the watchtower 1 more second in my life.
  13. Lol he must have got all the responses from the watchtower, only the watchtower bible translation is correct without any errors... According Space M.
  14. Because it suits their ideology and also because the translators of the NWT werent scholars.

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