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  1. 2014 the annointed generation of 1914 that will not see death. 2033 or 2034...! W03 12/15 pp 14-19 👇 WT links the 120 yrs of noahs day to our day so since 1914 and 90 yrs has passed already so there is only 30 years left so they are giving the suggestion that 2034 might be the one finally get right 😆😆😆
  2. OMG r u for real? So they guessed some virus from an animal was gonna happened in China! Why didnt they predicted the AIDS, Ebola, black plague, SARs swine flu. And we should ignore all the false predictions of 1874,1914,1919,1925,1975,2014....2033!
  3. I have made these videos files available on my Google Drive for anyone having issues accessing the videos. Part1
      Hello guest!
    Part 2
      Hello guest!
  4. I have made these videos files available on my Google Drive for anyone having issues accessing the videos. Part1
      Hello guest!
    Part 2
      Hello guest!
  5. The YouTube doesn't work for me. Here are the 2 parts on Facebook, if the link doesn't work maybe you need to be part of the Facebook group. Part 1 Part 2
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  6. Funny tho.... You dont see anything wrong when u r indoctrinated is probably because u r either half asleep or thinking about something else when they r giving the talks, but u r soooo blinded by the whole thing. I was telling one of PIMI friends about the mediator thingy and she refused to see how jesus is not mediator to all mankind according to the GB teaching, she just said i was twisting the whole thing but kept saying look at it they r only for the annointed all other JWs are just benefactors of the annointed. 😆😆😆 I gave up trying to make her see what the GB was saying. So even they own JWs dont believe what their own doctrines are.
  7. Oh yeah i watched the video and also watched the rebuttal from watchtower analyzer and that analogy with the dogs its the most absurd ever heard.... Poor JWs i feel for them really.
  8. He did said that on the broadcasting. Maybe is just out of sync on the video, sometimes happens when u upload videos.
  9. The problem with this illustration is that the thermostat is calibrated by watchtower and tells whatever temperature the watchtower wants to tell. The other problem we have seen during the last 10 years the watchtower will tell one temperature to the public another temperature to the JWs and changes the records of previous temperature. The question you will have to ask, do i keep getting my temperature reading from that thermostat or do i change it?
  10. Unfortunately we have seen time after time the watchtower can twist, lied and change things as it suits them, so im sure they can make something up.. And remember the watchtower doesn't need to defend themselves if JWs doesn't know about it.... 😆😆😆
  11. Wow if the society's buildings and branches is proof what about the Mormons 100 billion bank account thats way more tangible proof to me then 😆😆😆
  12. Ohhhh this is Gold.... Massimo Introvigne is also the director of Transylvania society of Dracula... Cant read about Dracula's book but happy to hire him to write something possitive for the society... 😆😆😆 Nice one
  13. At the Australian Royal Commission was interesting how they showed the watchtower can be flexible with some rules, they also showed how they wont bend for other rules.

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