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Kitsap County is generally considered to be a Democratic area. In the 2008 U.S. presidential election, Democrat Barack Obama received 54.89% of the vote to Republican John McCain's 42.63%.[11]
On mainland Kitsap County, politics are dominated by working-class Bremerton, which casts moderate margins for Democratic candidates. However, population shifts have resulted in Bremerton playing less of a role in politics, and unincorporated Kitsap County is a mix of battleground areas and staunchly Republican areas. Non-Bremerton parts of incorporated mainland Kitsap County vary, with Silverdale being marginally Republican, Poulsbo somewhat Democratic, and Port Orchard having been an exact tie in the 2004 election.
Democrats normally carry the Indian reservations of the area by wide margins; the area around Little Boston (part of the S'Klallam Indian Reservation) regularly gives Democratic candidates landslides of 10-to-1. The heavily white Port Madison Indian Reservation (across from Bainbridge Island) also gives Democrats victories of upwards of 2-to-1.
Democratic legislative electoral control of Kitsap County is partly due to Bainbridge Island, which casts a significant number of votes and is almost 3-to-1 Democratic. Bainbridge Island's growth and Democratic trend offsets population losses of Bremerton, generally resulting in the county as a whole being stable but very close.
The Kitsap County Auditor Website has detailed election results from 1998 to the present. County area political trends can be tracked by analyzing the election precinct data.

Register to Vote
Want to run for Office and get Elected?
List of Elected Officials by District
Districts and Maps
Request an Early or Email Ballot
Voters may request email ballot on a one-time basis. Military and overseas voters may request email ballots on an ongoing-basis.
Future Election Dates
A list of future election dates and deadlines to submit measures.
Ballot Drop Locations
Maps and address to all ballot drops in Kitsap County.
Voting Tips and Reminders
Important reminders that will help you be an informed voter!

Federal Branches of Government

Executive Branch

Legislative Branch

Judicial Branch

State of Washington Branches of Government

The Washington State Constitution describes the branches of Washington State Government. Like all states, Washington has three branches modeled after the federal government: executive, legislative, and judicial.


Includes the Governor and other elected state officials. These individuals implement the laws passed by the Legislature. The Governor has the power to appoint members of the Judicial branch. Further, bills passed by the Legislature are sent to the Governor to be signed or vetoed.

Legislative Branch

Composed of the Senate and the House of Representatives and enacts bills into laws. The Senate has 49 elected members corresponding to the number of legislative districts in the state. The House has 98 elected members, two for each district.


Angel, Jan Republican District 26 Kitsap (P), Pierce (P)
Rolfes, Christine Democrat District 23 Kitsap (P)

House of Representatives

Appleton, Sherry Democrat District 23 Position 1  

Represents part of Kitsap County, including Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo, Kingston, Silverdale, Winslow and East Bremerton.

Hansen, Drew Democrat District 23 Position 2 Kitsap (P)

Represents part of Kitsap County, including Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo, Kingston, Silverdale, Winslow and East Bremerton.

Young, Jesse Republican District 26 Position 1 Kitsap (P), Pierce (P)

Represents part of Pierce and Kitsap Counties including part of Bremerton, Port Orchard, and Gig Harbor.

MacEwen, Drew Republican District 35 Position 2 Kitsap (P), Mason, Thurston (P)

Represents Mason County and part of Kitsap and Thurston Counties including Shelton, Grapeview and Belfair.

Haigh, Kathy Democrat District 35 Position 1 Kitsap (P), Mason, Thurston (P)

Represents Mason County and part of Kitsap and Thurston Counties including Shelton, Grapeview and Belfair.

Judicial Branch

Composed of the state courts: Trial court (Municipal, District and Superior), Court of Appeals, and Supreme Court. State courts make rulings on the constitutionality and legality surrounding the implementation of a law, as passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor.
Judicial elections 2014

County Government

Board of County Commissioners

Olympic Workforce Development Council
Bids for County Work contracts


Tribal Government

Municipal Government

Municipal courts

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