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  1. Alexa

  2. Kingdom Hall in Philippines sis in congregation kh of brother joel
  3. I see no medicinal value in a cannabis tea brother jay witness
  4. The lady is Filipino sis Nicole but the hall probably U.S.
  5. Thank you for the post Queen Esther, I find this as a source same as you too
  6. If there are companies being multinational corporation there in Nicaragua, you can sis Sonita
  7. Thank you for sharing and many liked him because he is a good looking Prime Minister. Now, and kind too
  8. I like the sequence of it too but Jesus might still pick from them, others started off from the earth hope and then viola
  9. You sound like a watchtower article about light getting brighter
  10. Thank you HollyW, i love your reference and all of those things
  11. Is this accurate?