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  1. Everything about Jehovah’s Witnesses is “privilege this” and “privilege that.” None of it is true. I am here to tell you that it is all slave labor, and furthermore
  2. I had some more to say sbout that rat TrueTom, but I best hold me tongue, so I don’t rile the Librarian, that fine figure of a woman.
  3. What! Are you going senile now, you disgusting old fool? At least if you do, the damage will be slight. Nobody will be able to tell the difference! “Everyone that pushes ahead and does not remain in the teaching of the Christ does not have God.” 2 John 9 Why don’t you try READING that book that you beat everyone over the head with? I think John Butler has you pegged pretty well, you hypocrite!
  4. Don’t let him fool you, mates. @TrueTomHarley is a VEERRRRYY high-ranking JW.org person. I hate him! JB has nailed it.
  5. Any mention of pillows is a sore subject with me. Many of my friends had to go naked for the sake of these. Whenever the office staff thought a letter was from a birdbrain they handed it to me. I never got to do anything else. That’s why I left.
  6. If you could keep your aviarphobic hatred to yourself I would appreciate it. You are nearly as bad as that ridiculous TTH.
  7. He is mad. Mad, I say. I keep trying to tell you, Srecko. He keeps speaking in the third person, the pompous ass, as though he were above it all.
  8. For once, TrueTom, whose very guts I hate, has a point. Butt out, @admin, or the lads and I will make you walk the plank!
  9. Never pay attention to coincidences like this. They mean nothing. hehehehe Just remember: Jehovah’s Witnesses are a cult! And don’t listen to that liar @TrueTomHarley when he pretends to agree, but adds: C. courage U. unity L. love T. truth Arrrggghhhh! I hate him!
  10. ARRGGHHHH! TrueTom leaving? Though you traverse the world over, TrueTom, there is no where you could escape me save for on this scaffold!
  11. Well......it could have worked! You just didn't read it with enough carefulness.
  12. Just for the record, if I ever catch me that foul-smelling, self-asggrandizing, wanna-be double-tongued yellow-journaist of a yellow lying double dealing back-stabbing sonuva you know what, I and me mates will make him walk the plank. Do I make myself clear, lassie?

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