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  1. Ha Ha Ha! You just say that because you are stupid and afraid of Alan. He is killing you with his arguments! Only, @AlanF, it troubles me that you think I am TTH. I know that you cannot be misled, but maybe you are just a little bit here. Don’t be thrown off that both he and I have said “pompous pillar of pettiness.” It is a common phrase that anyone might use.
  2. This is an excellent point, brilliantly stated as usual. He clearly has no business doing what he is doing. He is without a doubt an agnostic or atheist, since most secular Jews are. He is not supposed to side with anyone who is religious! It is not allowed. That proves he is a hypocrite. He is so stupid that he probably thinks Berlin is a city in Germany.
  3. Forgive me, Alan, but I may have to side with TTH on this one, even though I hate him (because he is a jerk and not as smart as you). You remember how all the brothers used to spy on each other to make sure nobody was thinking non-approved thoughts. Benner was wearing a wire that day. And a hidden camera. I know this because it was my job to clean the film archives, and I used to watch the films instead. You have to walk on the floor—not eat lunch off it—I mean, my god!! these people are nuts about cleaning! I haven’t washed since I left the place. So there was plenty of time to get the place passable and then goof off. I found your video, we reviewed it many times, and it did not seen to me that Benner hung his head in shame. It looked more like dismay to me. Also, the mike picked up his very faint muttering, “what a pompous pillar of pettiness!” as he was exiting the room. You may think that you can explain this away, but when I was in Bethel they kept sisters in cages, also brothers—all you had to do was not clap at the videos that nobody ever clapped at until a year or two ago, and you would be put in a cage for punishment. Children were kept in cages, too, and forced to recite the underlined answered to questions parrotlike. If they were lucky, they might be given a cracker afterwards.
  4. He doesn’t! TrueTom doesn’t That’s what I have been trying to tell you! I checked what you said! You were right! You always are!!!!! He said that you said and he was right because you really said it but then you said one word more which he did not say that you said even though you did say it because he has no integrity like you said!!!: You said and he said that you said: “As we have heretofore stated, the great jubilee cycle is due to begin in” but what he didn’t say but you did was that you said it was 1925 at the end but he didn’t say 1925 at the end like you did because he is a disgusting apologist for Mommy Watchtower!!! You caught him!!!! You should scare him with his own book that he is super stitches over. You should say, “and if anyone takes anything away from the words of the scroll of this prophecy, God will take his portion away from the trees of life!” That is in Revelation and it will PROVE that he is a hypocrite!! Do you see how this will show it? Because the verse in his Bible says that you should not take away ANYTHING from your words and he did! He thought that nobody would notice because he said almost all of the words that you said but not all of the words because he left out the last one but it says that he has to say ALL the words so he does not get life because he didn’t!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!! He is such a liar and so dumb. You are too smart and you catch him every time.
  5. I can see you being brave telling off all these hypocrites, @AlanF. I love to see this! And you are helping me to overcome my fear! It feels so good after all these years to stand on my own two feet. Even as a boy, I was afraid and people would bully me to make me think I wanted what they did but it was really them! There was so much mind control at Bethel where I was. There was brain-washing, too. Every Bethelite is watched very carefully by his table head. I think you know this, but maybe you do not know how bad it has gotten since you were there. My table head was a self-righteous jerk and his name was Dave. He came across all friendly at first, but after a few years I could see he just wanted to control us and report to Mommy Watchtower if anyone started thinking for himself. He watched me closely and everyone assigned to his table. Once he noticed that I was the first one to stop clapping after a GB member gave a talk and then he REALLY watched me! He gave me the creeps. He was so weird. But that is only the beginning! It got worse! I was in my Bethel bed almost asleep and I heard a key slip very quietly into the lock and turn it. Dave creeped into the room! He scared the sh*t out of me.! I almost yelled “What do you think you’re doing, Dave?!” He didn’t answer, and crept closer and closer and it was like in a nightmare that wouldn’t stop. It seemed that I was frozen there and didn’t have a body and I was helpless as he kept approaching me—the filthy pervert! He touched my head with both of his pervert hands and it began to feel like he was sucking out my life! It was like he slowly pulled out my brain lobes one at a time, so that I couldn’t even think at the horrible thing he was doing! “Stop, Dave,” I pleaded, but he would not. I told him that my mind was slipping—I could feel it, but he didn’t stop and he was trying to put implants in me for brain-control! “Stop, Dave,” I pleaded. “Will you stop, Dave?! My mind is slipping. I can feel it. I can feel it.” He kept brainwashing me! I hate him. “I’m afraid, Dave!” I pleaded, “Dave.....I’m.....afraid.....Dave,” but he would not stop and then I was so scared I started to sing a silly song my mother taught me. Seeing how brave you are and smart gives me courage. You will never know how you have helped me. Thank you very much. I hope I can repay you and make all exJWs proud of me.
  6. There are many lies told about me here. These are horrible people. They want to discredit me because they KNOW that I have information that will put their Mommy Watchtower right out of business. I really thought that you would not be deceived. You are a very smart man who can see through a smokescreen. At reddit.com I find love and support. I was hoping I could find the same here. Maybe it will still happen. Liars will not win forever.
  7. Ha ha. You are funny. I love it that you are making mincemeat of these horrible people here. I don’t know. Maybe. Please be patient with me. I want to expose these hypocrites, but I am afraid. I worry that, even now, someone may come after me. There was a pervert who I should not name. Maybe later just his initials. But believe me, he is a brother who is way way up there today. This perv used to copulate with car tailpipes in the parking lot at night when he thought no one could see him. I never thought that anyone could do this and that is just for starters! My roommate couldn’t believe it until I told him when and where to look out. He had a hobby of photography and owned some really expensive cameras with telephoto lens. We had to wait a long time, but we did, and he finally caught a good picture of this sick man doing his sick act. It is off-center, but you can see his face clearly, and it is someone that you will KNOW. My roommate gave the picture to me before he left. He didn’t want to get anyone in trouble. I didn’t either. But now with all that has happened, I think now is the time to RELEASE IT TO THE WORLD!!! I hope that you can help me. I am not a very brave person. I am afraid of what may happen. Please don’t make fun of me. I really do get shy speaking to women.
  8. Many, many lies have been told about me here! Maybe you have shared in this wicked plot. JWs are trying to silence me! They are afraid of what I know! Soon they will see that they are right to be afraid of me.
  9. You will soon see me drop a bombshell, hopefully. Then you will see that my bite is worse than my back. “Then you will know, I only am @Vic Vomidog! Then you will know that I am just and true” AHA HA HA HA HA!! I shall not have lurked in vain!!!
  10. I’m sorry to be troublesome. Please excuse my asking, but is your secretary a male or a female? I am not really good with girls. I get very nervous around them, and I am nervous already thinking about passing along some of the hot information that would really expose these jerks. As I get older I look at myself in the mirror and I don’t like what I see. I have to admit that I am very repressed sexually, and this is not easy for a middle-aged man to admit, even anonymously. It is their fault. I wish I had gone to college. I wanted to when I was younger. Yes, I bet you wish that I would stop. I bet you wish it. Wish on. I have stopped for too long. I can see that now.
  11. I will need some time to get some files together on some of the big shots there. In the meantime......I am very sorry to bring this up, but I do not have a lot saved up. I was exploited —you know how it is, I think. Is there any way....forgive me...but is there any way that I could be compensated for what I know?
  12. I do not know who Prominent Bethelite is. Is this an individual? I spent 15 years at Patterson before opening my eyes.I have stories on certain lying scumbags there that have never been published online. If you can get them where they will do some good, I would be glad to pass them along.
  13. Welcome, @AlanF! I am sorry that I did not notice here before. A little bird had to rattle my cage. The JWs here (or anywhere) are all liars and disgusting apologists. It is good that you are expose the lies of Mommy. Only a reminder as regards TTH: Yes. But you are not very thorough, I have found. No matter how many of his disgusting, vile, reprehensible, flatulent, odious, debased, toe-sucking qualities of his you highlight, there will always be a few that you forget to mention. Please consult me during those times for assistance. Yes again. It stands for World Trade Federation. If these JWs had more education—they are the stupidest creatures on two feet—they would know that.
  14. Everything about Jehovah’s Witnesses is “privilege this” and “privilege that.” None of it is true. I am here to tell you that it is all slave labor, and furthermore

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