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  1. It always upsets me when JWs call the WT their creator or say they must be loyal to jehovah when in truth they are talking about the organization, that being said you do what you need to do. I wish you all the best and I hope your marriage continues to flourish
  2. Some of my jabs have been intentionally sarcastic and in my opinion humorous. I appreciate that we can poke fun at eachother and still have a mostly civil conversation.
  3. Hmmm kinda reminds you of all the JW elders and their secret sins. I love how witnesses always ask for the indiscretions of their members and leaders to be overlooked but continually harp on or about any issue with Ex members. The hypocrisy is palpable.
  4. Wait you forgot The Panama Canal, Safety Glass, Traffic cones, Fortune cookies, and Plastic they were all finished being made or were invented in wait you guess it 1914! That must mean it's true! I mean look at this conclusive evidence, these things couldn't have been a coincidence nope no sir I see gods hand all over this bad boy. Bahahahahaha
  5. So you just haven't done the research? the-gentile-times-reconsidered.pdf nope, you claim it's true, you claim god chose them and it's his organization then you have the prove it plain and simple. Bahahahahahahaha wait you think that's evidence.
  6. Wrong it's the JWs who are making a positive claim, they are ones who have to prove it. A claim like that ( Jesus coming invisiblely and selecting your organization as his religion and your leaders as his sole channel of communication) is not true until proven false it needs to be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. It can be disproven beyond any reasonable doubt but the onus is on the witnesses to prove their claim, as the saying goes "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence"
  7. You are, the witnesses telling my wife and I that we're going to die and calling us horrible names because we aren't going to meetings aren't.  Nope that's not what we say that's strait from the leadership (see picture below)  Um it isn't, not for many at least. And it's just as much an issue of information control and maintaining authority as it is keeping the group "unified".
  8. Yeah I haven't really done a sweep of all the doctrines to see which ones are type and anti-type still but I'm sure there are more than just the three that I listed.
  9. Sorry I was rushing through my breakdown of some of these things so I didn't explain it very well. I think you included this in your list of issues with the 1914 teaching but I personally believe that the Bible makes it pretty clear that Jesus took the throne after ascending to heaven in the first century. So his rulership continues for an unspecified amount of time and at some point during that rule the 144,000 would be resurrected and they would begin to rule with him but only for 1000 years. So what I was trying to say is that it is their rulership that is only 1000 years not his. Now I know there are some technicalities here because technically the organization teaches that there are two kingdoms. The whole kingdom of the son of his love thing that they instituted in order to explain how Jesus could have taken kingdom power in the first century and then taken it again in 1914
  10. Oh and I always find it hilarious whenever the organization tries to claim that they've provided wonderful spiritual food throughout the years. I don't know how anyone examining the material that the organization has produced could in good conscience call it good food.
  11. they changed that. The 1914 doctrine is a type and anti-type and is the most fundamental doctrine that they have and they have yet to get rid of that.  Oh  and their belief  that Isaiah encouraging the people to return to Jerusalem was a type and the new world that God would establish would be the anti-type.  Oh and that Charles Russell was the anti type of John the Baptist and was the one clearing up the way in Malachi.  I can't think of anymore off the top my head but there are a ton more where Jehovah's Witnesses still have type and anti-type teachings that don't match the Bible whatsoever or that at least require huge leaps of faith with absolutely no evidence to support them.  Sure they got  rid of most of what Fred Franz had concocted  but they still have a lot left over.  The 10 that I listed are fundamental doctrine's but  The long list of unimportant doctrines I don't feel need to be included.  I ended with one example but there's probably a lot more that I can think of.  Oh like how they teach that animals didn't die before Adam and eve sinned even though they accept that the earth is billions of years old and that animal life has been on the planet for much longer than human life.  They don't stress that doctrine but it still is technically what they believe, look up the wt  references to genesis 2:4   Oh and as far as who cares apparently they do considering the fact that if you don't believe these doctrines you can be cast out of the congregation and shunned by all of your friends and family.  They're especially concerned with the 1914 doctrine for the reasons that I mentioned before.  And you really don't see anything wrong with teaching a false gospel (good news) do you?  In my experience JW's will rationalize everything away.  Well at least we don't teach the Trinity, hellfire, or immortality of the soul Â
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