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  1. Yes we could talk about the people who slip through the cracks but if the policies were applied as they are written in all cases then leaving without being shunned would be even more difficult than it already is and that is the central issue. The policies make it virtually impossible to exercise your conscience without tremendous loss.
  2. I would say that he was called out and that Angus Stewart demonstrated that his claim was false. But we don't need to argue about that. Ether way we're back where we started. With people getting punished for leaving. I can think of examples of some making it out without being shunned and many others where they couldn't. The point is that the organization is punishing people for disagreeing with them or in some cases simply stating that they don't want to be a witness.
  3. He's fortunate, one of my friends was out for 5 years and then found out that the elders disfellowshiped her. She still has no idea why she only found out because her mom told her. She wasn't doing anything that even qualified as wrong in the eyes of the organization. For every example you can put forward I can guarantee I have another. The fact is that according to the organizations policy's you cannot tell anyone you want your no longer a witness. I refuse to believe you're this dishonest. Don't start resorting to double speak now. The implication of this statement is that if
  4. I have a very different opinion but we don't need to argue about the conduct of witnesses and their personal motivations. I will say however that it's hard to know what their true feelings are when they're not allowed to express them. That is not true many children are threatened with being thrown out if they don't get baptized. And I know many who were never baptized but still get shunned because the have spoken out. I agree which is why child baptizm shouldn't be allowed. That's his exact words.
  5. Dissasociation The problem of course is what I mentioned earlier. Geoffrey Jackson out right lied when he said that you could tell anyone you wanted you're no longer a Jehovah's Witness without repercussions. In reality if you were to say this to other Jehovah's Witnesses it would be enough for the judicial committee to conclude that you could be disassociated. I have had many friends who didn't even have that much evidence against them and they were still disfellowshipped.
  6. I wouldn't call having the freedom to leave without being shunned "a free for all" Most people in other religions are part of a specific group because they personally agree with the teachings. In that sense one could say that many of these groups are just as "unified" ( The members all agree with the central doctrines) as Jehovah's Witnesses the difference being that these groups don't have to blackmail their members into agreeing with them. The way you phrased this makes it seem like the witness method of coercion and blackmail is superior to Christendom's method ( granted this wasn'
  7. "Making known a firm decision to be known no longer as one ofJehovah's Witnesses. If the individual is agreeable, the committee should first try to speak with him and provide spiritual assistance. (GaL 6:1) Does he really desire to disassociate hjmself, or does he simply no longer want to associate actively with the congregation? Is the desire to disassociate prompted by doubts or discouragement? Is he is adamant in his position, he should be encouraged to put his request in writing and sign it. If he does not, then the witnesses to his request should prepare a statement for the confidential
  8. By bolstering numbers I wasn't suggesting that their goal is to get as many members as possible. What I was saying is that the goal is to counteract the steady flow of defectors by increasing their attention on the young ones who are already associated.
  9. He repetedly lies about disassociation being  an action an individual takes or that it is their choice to go through this process.  But this is a very interesting encounter and I think it gets at the crux of the issue.Â
  10. Sorry, you guys are pretty reasonable as fare as admitting simple facts go. For some witnesses unless I show them 10,000 pictures of young JW kids getting baptized then it doesn't happen and I'm a liar. Same goes for almost everything else i say. They act like they've never been to a meeting or convention.
  11. That's not how cults thrive, they thrive by convincing their members that they have a unique form of worship. And you may be right perhaps the bolstering of numbers isn't the primary goal. But you can't deny that witnesses love talking about the growth and how jehovah is "blessing the work"
  12. I usually try not to focus on the fact that JW's baptize young children because I believe that it's wrong to threaten someone of any age into remaining a member of a religion that they no longer believe in. That being said one of the final straws for me was sitting in an elders/ms meeting  and listening to the circuit overseer her encourage the elders to allow young children to get baptized and insisting that they set the example by getting their children baptized. " we don't want to teach the friends that  waiting to get baptized is a good idea" " we want to capitalize on yo
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