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  1. I appreciate your consorted effort and passion. I cannot agree that the Org has not been proactive in making every attempt to address a human problem inflicted by evil forces inclined to divide Christians. I also agree with the firsthand accounts and insight that Arauna has placed before us to reflect on. It is refreshing to see such an astute person with great knowledge to lead with facts. It is better to have gone through personal experience to give accounts a better understanding than secondhand accounts that might be questioned. I can direct you to all the articles relating to ch
  2. Thank you for your input. I’m still at a loss. Anna mentioned not to be rude, does this apply to me only? If someone is rude and insulting to me, are you saying not to reply? Mr. Rook has commented with humor how he has dealt with people here. This is the clarification I need before I engage. I’m sorry for being too cautious, I hope you can see the dilemma I’m raising. I can see your point of view. My point is entertaining the idea that the GB are earthbound. I cannot see where they could escape from being an earthly organization. I can understand Jesus’ Ascension, but that was wi
  3. I can appreciate your frankness and passion. At what point did you begin to see the GB as perfect? Were the apostles perfect? Please submit an instance where Jesus removed the original sin from the apostles. Since the GB stay away from world influence, I don’t see where they think the same as the world. Now, is there a difference between God's law and secular law that not only the GB would need to address and Elders as well? However, don't you think local elders would be more aware of current government laws? Since I’m new to this forum and I as you have been monitoring this web
  4. I agree. Do you know the United States cannot be sued unless it allows it to be sued? The USA has immunity no different from that of individual States. If they didn’t have that immunity, imagine the millions of lawsuits against it for child abuse would be filed. It would mean the USA had failed its citizens for allowing hundreds of thousands of child abusers in their country. I figure if a country is allowing civil lawsuits across the board for institutions, they should be included. Those advocating for child protection should then voice their advocacy to be fair. Meaning if institut
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