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  1. I appreciate your consorted effort and passion. I cannot agree that the Org has not been proactive in making every attempt to address a human problem inflicted by evil forces inclined to divide Christians. I also agree with the firsthand accounts and insight that Arauna has placed before us to reflect on. It is refreshing to see such an astute person with great knowledge to lead with facts. It is better to have gone through personal experience to give accounts a better understanding than secondhand accounts that might be questioned. I can direct you to all the articles relating to child abuse since 1956 to 2019. These submitted articles are but an illustration of how the ORG has addressed child abuse from many standpoints of view. *** w56 9/15 p. 563 pars. 11-12 Theocratic Marriage in an Alien World *** What is wrong about a bride price or lobola is the abuse that is made of it. It is wrong, unchristian, untheocratic, to treat it, not as a compensation, but as a means of making money off one’s own child or children, and then charge excessively or extort more than what is right or require what works a hardship. 12 God hates all extortioners, including bride-price extortioners, who commercialize their own daughters. Any such greedy person that claims to be a Christian puts himself in the way of excommunication or disfellowshiping from the Christian congregation any and every time that he commits extortion in the case of lobola or bride price *** g73 9/8 pp. 29-30 Watching the World *** Tomorrow’s Parents ♦ Few are aware of the 500-percent increase in known cases of child abuse in the past decade, says a report to the American Medical Association. Called a “national disgrace,” abuse is America’s leading killer of children under five. The report estimates 50,000 deaths and 300,000 permanent physical or emotional injuries this year. Far-reaching effects were noted: “It is a disease of violence that breeds more violence, for the abused children of today, if they survive, will grow up to be the abusing parents of tomorrow.” This destructive spiral produces more anger, hate and criminality until “some day very few of us will be able to go out on the streets.” *** tp chap. 14 p. 155 Respect for the Gift of Life *** 1986 Respect for Your Own Life Violent behavior attributed to alcohol use accounts for approximately 65% of murders, 40% of assaults, 35% of rapes, 30% of other sex crimes, 30% of suicides, 55% of fights or assaults in the home and 60% of cases of child abuse. *** w19 May p. 7 par. 25 Love and Justice in the Christian Congregation *** 25 How thankful we are to be under the law of the Christ! When all of us work hard to obey it, we help to make our congregation a place where each individual can feel loved, valued, and safe. Still, we are living in a world where “wicked men” have advanced “from bad to worse.” (2 Tim. 3:13) We must not let down our guard. How can the Christian congregation reflect God’s justice when dealing with child sexual abuse? The question that Arauna raises is a valid one. How can any organization read the minds of their followers or employees? Any further suggestions, I will leave that to your conscience and heart.
      Hello guest!
  2. Thank you for your input. I’m still at a loss. Anna mentioned not to be rude, does this apply to me only? If someone is rude and insulting to me, are you saying not to reply? Mr. Rook has commented with humor how he has dealt with people here. This is the clarification I need before I engage. I’m sorry for being too cautious, I hope you can see the dilemma I’m raising. I can see your point of view. My point is entertaining the idea that the GB are earthbound. I cannot see where they could escape from being an earthly organization. I can understand Jesus’ Ascension, but that was without the apostles that were also earthbound. The apostles didn’t have personal insight of all the sinners in the congregations being formed. It goes without a doubt a certain amount of faith needed to be applied just as it’s needed in today’s society. Faith in God of course but also faith in your fellow men that carry the same interest as those worshipping God. Can anyone abstain from sin? You would have to have faith in others that their heart is as devoted as yours. Not to fall into temptation from this world. If someone does, that person should be allowed to show genuine repentance, if not, they should not be part of an organization that commands loyalty and obedience to God, by God's own inspired word. Then it is not what the organization demands, it's God that demands it. However, I will not anger you or give you an exclamatory downvote since it appears to be forbidden for someone like me. I yield that to you, thanks.
  3. I can appreciate your frankness and passion. At what point did you begin to see the GB as perfect? Were the apostles perfect? Please submit an instance where Jesus removed the original sin from the apostles. Since the GB stay away from world influence, I don’t see where they think the same as the world. Now, is there a difference between God's law and secular law that not only the GB would need to address and Elders as well? However, don't you think local elders would be more aware of current government laws? Since I’m new to this forum and I as you have been monitoring this website for a long time, and to avoid my personal opinion not to be challenging to others, I will not argue, Watchtower policy or their bylaws since it appears this kind of debate can only be expressed by those that have a grievance. It appears for some, having to express an opinion by comments or a downvote can have consequences. I don’t believe I’m allowed to respond to such criticism unless I can get a green light from the website owner. I will wait to receive the rules of engagement and proper protocol with a point of order. Therefore, I yield that to you, sorry. For now if you don’t mind, I will remain natural since I don’t wish these 2 post to be my last. What I agree with, even governments hide wrongdoings. Why isn’t society being more proactive in holding governments accountable just like the institutions?
  4. I agree. Do you know the United States cannot be sued unless it allows it to be sued? The USA has immunity no different from that of individual States. If they didn’t have that immunity, imagine the millions of lawsuits against it for child abuse would be filed. It would mean the USA had failed its citizens for allowing hundreds of thousands of child abusers in their country. I figure if a country is allowing civil lawsuits across the board for institutions, they should be included. Those advocating for child protection should then voice their advocacy to be fair. Meaning if institutions are at fault for allowing child abuse through no real fault of their own, then governments and their citizens should bear the same responsibility. This would include those advocates that have done nothing wrong but their government has. If the argument is to have substance, then it should be fair and above board.

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