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  1. . “When you give … do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing” (Matthew 6:3) Matthew 6:1 (BBE) Take care not to do your good works before men, to be seen by them Matthew 6:4 so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. Personaly i think IF you seeking for blessings its bettet to do hours with out telling anyone.
  2. Ecclesiastes 1:9 What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. Most israelits probably follow Moses blindly. And when Moses didnt give God the glory they must have thought it was allright. But God Saw things in a different Way. Most of them died in the desert. Its like this now also. JWs dont want to do research and want to follow blindly and without effort. Nothing new under the Sun.
  3. President Putin is consider a hero in Christian communitys around the middle East. He's bombing have hindered Isis and other extreme religious groups from raping,killing and destroy hole nation's. Hero or a very bad hombre?
  4. What about this title for an assembly. ' How to avoid the temptation to use tights pants' Maybe a new pamphlet with a warning message to all nation's ' Stop wearing tight pants before it's to late' Young people ask subject. ' Would Jesus have use tight pants?' They could turn it into a family studying subject. I'm gonna send my ideas to the GB. Hopefully someone of the members gonna like my ideas and support this? I bet one of them is sound of mind and reasonable.
  5. Think does that put up this kind of articles are usually non JWs. They want to make a point that JWs are usually uneducated, they don't do research when they read something. They usually don't have understood what they read. They don't like questioning information. Not strange watchtower magazine are simplified the hole time.
  6. Can you please point out we're in this article it is saying that Strasbourg have put an order on Russia? This is a opinion of an attorney. There haven't been any orders given. :The Strasbourg Court will support the believers. This view was expressed by a member of the human rights council under the president of the Russian Federation, Attorney Vladimir Ryakhovsky:
  7. Who is this guy? Ex JW or what. There's no information anywhere that United Nations gonna fight for us. He's the only one claming this.
  8. Well tru the years the requirements to be appointed are how many hours you put in your report each month. Not if person show fruits of the spirit. Easy for molesters to get in. This cases are the tip of the iceberg only.
  9. Scientis say television puts you in same state as hypnosis.Thats why its call program...some morrons havent understud that yet.Why do folks pay for internet when they can not even use google.....
  10. e.I understand they just want to be positive and want from now on the Jws to only talk abouth positive things.Problem is they have said know that have made errors 8n organization structur and teaching.In biblical times you had to be specific what errors you made.I think if they did theres a possibility maybe things could change some.Ordering the members to only talk abouth positive things is not gonna solv anything.
  11. Ofcourse there are blessings. Letter from Jesus to congregacion in revelations show clearly if you do this your light gonna shine and reverse. WT said there are not perfect and could have done wrong in organization arragment. They didint say what kind of misstakes. And some arragment misstakes you dont do in organization that has Gods name. Why have the organization cut down meetings and asamly days. And the now wonna start takng away priviliges in congregacion. Is that becos they are hated by the world or is it becose thinks are not working out
  12. I know its forbidden to speculate if you are a JW.Probably think for yourself also.But i have notice a trend last 20years. Last years organization have hadpedophilia trials they lost. There been an increse of wittnes in the 3world. With by the way every organizatiohas have. IfJWs are bless,how come there is no increse in the 1world. Most KH hall in west seem half empty.You coul say wittnes are tired. But howcome if there is invitation too asamlys in every town,you see mostly wittnes on them in asamly hall and few worlddly. There been lot of fighting in congre
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