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  1. Would we reason the same way if it was a question of for example murder? "No we can not be sure, so we don't report it to the authorities". Of course not! If we have reasonable suspicion of a serious crime we should report it to the police so that they can do a proper investigation. Yes, sometimes an innocent person could suffer from such an investigation. (It's the same thing with any crime investigation) On the other hand we absolutely must prioritize a likely victim and also protect potential future victims.
  2. How does the ban on JW in Russia fit into our current belief? Since many years WT have explained that the attack on Jehovahs people should occur AFTER 1. Proclamation of Peace and Security and 2. The fall of Babylon the Great. Also in WT 2015 (May 15 p. 29-30) it says that "it seems to be in harmony with ...(Ezek 38: 6,15)...that this coalition will be led by the figurative “king of the north” (text sequence edited by me) . Can we expect new light on this or does someone now a different explanation?
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  3. Isn't it a bit disrespectful to call them "Morons" ? Try instead to feel like Jesus did for the misled people. Feel sorry for them?
  4. I think you totally miss my point. Of course kid's can take part in parents activities including ministry etc. However my point. Do not push them. Letting them know how capable (stout ? - we have a word for this in my native language that has no direct translation in english) they are. Unwittingly giving them a feeling of "competition" of "spiritual maturity" from way too young age . These imperfect habits often transferres into adulthood when people need "labels" to tell others how "spiritually successful" they are (elder, bethelite, CO etc. etc) instead of imitating Jesus standards being humble and loving (Luke 9). If we are not cautious this "pattern" can easily being "planted" into our kid's. One example is the PRISING of young ones getting baptised. "The younger the more praiseworthy". I don not generalise here, but I can see these tendencies (see 1 Peter 1:7 and the baptism questions and ask yourself: "Is this appropriate for an 8/9/10 etc yr young kid to be answering?") My point is that maybe parents should be very much aware of these tendencies and therefor resist/contain them trying to find a healthful balance. OK. I hope I have been able to explain my worries. I love kid's and I respect parents working hard to raise their kid's to become good/loving human beings/christians. PS: What is your real identity/name? Always nice to know who you are talking to.... PPS: Please have in mind English only is my second language. Therefor I sometimes use the wrong word. Please try not to interpret to the hard/sever direction but to the milder.
  5. I have 4 adult children. Two of them were particularly "mature". Doing bible reading at 6 etc etc. I regret A LOT and wish I had more knowledge and wisdom at that time. I know exactly what I am talking about. What is your personal experience?
  6. The frontal cortex of the brain is fully developed when you are 24-28 years of age. Of course nothing wrong with knocking on a door but please do not show it like some sort of "good example". Kids should not bear any sort of responsibility or pressure. IF any activity connected to preaching work, let them PLAY some sort of game. Do not involve them in "sharp" witnessing situations. Should not be difficult to understand?
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