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The American people have sent a clear message that they’re tired of big corporations sending...


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Globalization started when deregulation gave large corporations the power to expand and gobble up smaller companies.  At first it brought prosperity in the time of Reagan and Thatcher but the aftermath has brought the consequences we see now.  Companies are so large they control legislation (in many countries) as they now have the money to lobby both sides of the political isle and make sure that both parties adopt their policies.

Absolute capitalism looks the same as communism - a few with power at the top and the rest of the populace, plebs. Absolute capitalism exploits the poor. There is no financial system or political system that can bring true justice to this planet.

This is why the world needs Jehovah's government where people willingly care for each other and willingly make sacrifices for the common good of all.... Together we will be making sacrifices to restore the earth to its natural beauty in future and work together to educate the resurrected ones to show self-sacrificing love.  Most will accept this ideology when they experience the wonderful consequences of this way of life - and see the glory that the restored earth (with the world population in love, peace, justice and happiness) brings to our grand creator.


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