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First Tesla Model 3 accessories appear in company online store


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Tesla has listed for sale the first Model 3 accessories available in the company’s online storefront. Similar to the accessories being offered to Model S and Model X owners, buyers of Tesla’s mass market Model 3 have the option to purchase a Tesla charger for their home or business, and an additional J1772 charging adapter for use at public charging stations.

In addition to the high amperage charger, billed as the Tesla “Wall Connector” that’s capable of charging at approximately 30 to 50 miles per hour (~50 to 80 km/h), Model 3 buyers also have the option to purchase a Front Glass Roof Sunshade and Phone Charging Cable.

Model 3 Phone Charging Cable

A rubbery pad rests on top of an angled surface that’s located below Model 3’s 15″ center display and above center console cupholders. Drivers will have the ability to “blind holster” the same smartphone that will be used to unlock and start their Model 3, and into a charging port located on the bottom of the phone dock.

Photos from the Model 3 Owner’s Manual reveal how the phone’s charging cable is installed within the dock.

The choice between a Lightning cable, a Micro-USB or USB-C cable with a right angle terminal is being sold through Tesla’s online store for $14.00 each.

Model 3 Glass Roof Sunshade

Like the Model S, Model 3 will have an optional glass roof that provides an unparalleled above head view and an expansive, open cabin feel. Though Model 3’s tinted glass roof already protects from ultraviolet and infrared rays – Model S’ panoramic roof blocks 98% of UV rays and 81% of heat – buyers wanting additional sun protection can purchase the Glass Roof Sunshade from Tesla’s online store for $75.00.

The production description reads:


Constructed of lightweight mesh fabric with a collapsible rigid frame, the Model 3 Glass Roof Sunshade blocks two thirds of solar thermal load. Easily removable, the sunshade is installed onto the interior of the glass roof with provided clips. When removed, the shades collapse and store in an 18-inch square pouch.



Do you know of other Tesla Model 3 accessories being offered? Leave us a comment and let the community know what your favorite or must-have Model 3 accessory is.


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