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  1. Frankly, this is a rationale and line of thinking I would expect Satan the Devil to accuse God of. There can be no question that Jehovah is a loving God who is interested in the welfare of his creation. After all, look what he has done and provided for us - including his own son. He didn't owe us anything. As sinners, all of us were already under the sentence of death. It was an underserved kindness and gracious gift from God that any of us could have a salvation we could never merit/achieve on our own. They idea of Jehovah's name being sanctified and made holy has much broader implications than your assertion of "egotism" suggests. An illustration: Let's say, you have all your money - the money you hope to retire on as well as the inheritance for your children tied up in a bank. Like many people you may want to invest that money with a financial advisor. You hear the guy is the best guy to invest with, but also hear some disturbing accusations: that he is a liar; that he has stolen the life savings of others and is even a money-launderer for the mob and has to go to court to face those accusations. Would you hand him all your money? Not unless you had an intimate knowledge of the man and knew all the facts. But most people would have questions and likely not put their trust in that advisor until the court action was settled. Until the verdict was established for all to see as to whether the charges are true or not. Whether his reputation can stand scrutiny. Once it is established that all the accusations are slanderous lies, you would feel comfortable investing then and only then, wouldn't you? In a similar way, there are many beautiful blessings Jehovah has in store for all creation in harmony with his purpose for them. But Satan has raised some troubling accusations. That God is a liar who can't be trusted. That he withholds good things from his children and later, that humans don't need him and would do better on their own, that he is a cruel God that tortures people forever in hellfire... Added to the facts is that some of those closest to him have also turned against him including perfect men and angels. So who would want to serve a sovereign with those accusations in place, even if the promises for the future were wonderful? Promises wouldn't be so wonderful if he couldn't carry them out or he was a liar as charged. These issues have universal and everlasting implications. So it shouldn't be so hard to accept that the sanctification of Jehovah's name is necessary for everything else to take place. All good things we can benefit from, hinge on our love and trust in him. That we recognize that he knows what is best for us and has the right to decide, on a universal level, for all eternity, to make those decisions. Not only because he is the creator. Not only because he has shown his love for us at great cost to himself. But also because of who he is as a person. Those types of issues simply don't go away and can't be solved only by man's salvation. Spirit creatures are involved too. His reputation is intrinsically linked to his will and good purposes in behalf of mankind and yes, all living creatures - even those dead in the ground. Selfishly thinking that we are most important is the way a baby thinks, not a mature spiritual man. However, trusting that Jehovah as a loving father will do anything and become anything that is necessary to rescue his children from certain death is tied up with who we believe he is - his reputation. Hence, the sanctification of his name is of such importance as Jesus himself showed in his model prayer. It's not a question of "either-or." One is directly related to the other.
  2. There is a difference between not seeing eye-to-eye on certain matters or even recognizing the fact that sometimes things happen within the CCJW that shouldn't happen. Even best of friends or husbands and wives will disagree on matters once-in-a-while. But being in "opposition" is taking it a step farther. It indicates a mental attitude or inclination that is almost always negative, contrary with an agenda - even trying to "draw disciples after themselves." Please don't twist my words to suit your argument by insinuating I had suggested all who disagree "should join together/be united as one" against the CCJWs. My actual words (see below) were practical, suggesting it's not our job to put out every fire someone who disagrees with us starts, or clean up the mess of those flinging so much mud against the wall from many different directions in the hope that something will stick. Why don't those who seem to have differences with JWs first do among themselves what they are expecting us to do? It is obvious you don't even agree amongst yourselves on many points. Why don't you take the time to correct each other first and see what (if anything) merits further consideration? For example: Do you agree that we should all flee to Australia? Or that the COVID pandemic is punishment from God? No? Why not? If this is an open forum, why shouldn't you feel free to question some of the other assertions that you don't agree with from other posters too? "Trap?" What trap? Many people are opposers. Do you think the Russian government, Satan's system, apostates and demonstrators are not in opposition to what JW's believe or teach?
  3. "Pointless..." "absurd...bad...pretentious..." "loopy and self-important..." "like opening a door with two broken hinges..." "What if a frog had wings and could fly...some strong personal opinions with no basis in fact." Apparently 4Jah2me is not alone in that observation. Frankly I thought the same myself. Even when there are some points that might merit consideration, I can't imagine how many of these crank letters are sent to the society expecting to be taken seriously. A negative agenda is often accompanied by a myopic view. A view coloured by biased lenses - seeing only from the perspective that fits their agenda. It's not uncommon. That is why people who have a falling out may dismiss a whole decades-long friendship/marriage on one fault - while not considering all the good or the broader picture. While it is true that Jehovah has disciplined his people in the past and may yet find reason to do so (or at least see to corrections that may need to be made today), the problems JWs experience as an organization are far better explained in terms of what the Bible clearly sets out and tells true Christians to expect. In fact, while reading just a few of the many verses in the Bible, the question could also be asked: Who of our opposers are themselves experiencing the persecution and hatred from the world true Christians are to expect? Again, rather than "discipline from Jehovah," these things are expected/prophesied to happen to true Christians living within the boundaries of Satan's system. 1 John 5:19: "We know that we originate with God, but the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one." Rev. 12:12, 13: "...Woe for the earth and for the sea, because the Devil has come down to you, having great anger, knowing that he has a short period of time. Now when the dragon saw that it had been hurled down to the earth, it persecuted the woman who gave birth to the male child." John 15:20: "Keep in mind the word I said to you: A slave is not greater than his master. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you." 2 Tim. 3:12: "In fact, all those desiring to live with godly devotion in association with Christ Jesus will also be persecuted. (13) But wicked men and impostors will advance from bad to worse, misleading and being misled. (14) You, however, continue in the things that you learned and were persuaded to believe, knowing from whom you learned them..." Matt. 5:11: "Happy are you when people reproach you and persecute you and lyingly say every sort of wicked thing against your for myself sake..." Luke 21:12: "But before all these things happen, people will lay their hands on you and persecute you, handing you over to the synagogues and prisons. You will be brought before kings and governors for the sake of my name. (13) It will result in your giving a witness." Matt. 24:9: "Then people will hand you over to tribulation and will kill you, and you will be hated by all nations on account of my name. (10) Then, too, many will be stumbled and will betray one another and will hate one another. (11) Many false prophets will arise and mislead many..." We all know why JW's are banned and persecuted in Russia and elsewhere. (Hint: it's not because they disagree with you and your personal interpretation). In fact, we know that the Russian "case" was built on outright lies and political corruption with a religious influence. Similar could be said with other persecution you prefer to see as discipline. So here's a suggestion: Why don't all you opposers fight it out between yourselves first, and then present one winner - one Goliath - instead of all the moving targets you usually present. We shouldn't have to fight all your battles and do your thinking for you. That way we don't have to "hopscotch" from one personal/conflicting opinion to another like some crazed "jack-in-the-box." Sure, you may be united in your opposition to JW's, but at least get your stories straight. You guys don't even agree amongst yourselves.
  4. non sequitur It depends on whether the human decision was based on God's standards. Job, Jesus, Jeremiah...were all pariahs at one time, but not in Jehovah's eyes. Humans are limited, not miraculously inspired, imperfect, and can be easily fooled - especially when they want to be - when it is the path of least resistance. Other times there is simply little you have the authority to do anything about. But you know that already right? No. I have no idea of what your are trying to say here. Sorry. No. Seriously? You know they are imperfect right? Like you, me and every other human in existence, they can make mistakes in thought, action and judgment. I'm pretty sure you already know and accept that, right? Well if you call hundreds of thousands of JW's all over the world plus what has been revealed on the internet "secret knowledge" be my guest. Although I would add that certain information is classed as confidential as is true in any organization - religious or otherwise. You have it all backwards. Any appeal process is supposed to be exhausted before a final decision is made and later announced. (That assumes of course the men who are supposed to arrange the appeal don't have something to hide themselves. Then good luck getting an appeal - but that would be rare in my experience.) Out of your mind maybe. I've only heard of this happening once and I agree with having a man's reputation restored in behalf of his friends and family who knew him. I would want that for sure if it was me. Apparently you wouldn't - that's fine. I can only speak definitively on things I have seen in person or from first-person accounts from people I know personally and trust as being the "real deal." I personally have been all over the world, but that still doesn't quality me to make a statement to the effect it was happening elsewhere to any large scale past where I am. While I have been to many places, I haven't been there in a capacity where I would be intimately acquainted with the judicial matters associated with each congregation, let alone which anointed Christians felt like they were being persecuted. Nor would I put much credence in internet stories that any anonymous person could invent. I don't even expect people to believe what I say. as scripturally I'm not providing the names of any witnesses to corroborate anything I have said here. That being the case, while I wouldn't categorically dismiss your assertion, neither would I categorically accept it as representing a world-wide scenario. I I thank-you and appreciate your taking the time to explain your point of view and the sincerity you have of your convictions, but I can't say I buy it. I'm sure it sounds reasonable and logical to some/many people but your personal interpretation seems to go well beyond the scope of your reference in many respects. Too many for me to go into detail here. In fact, this is where I will choose to depart from this thread, as I feel I should take my own advice and not get enmeshed in pointless arguments with opposers who don't even agree amongst themselves. I respect all of your decisions to not want to be a JW. But that's not where I want to be. I like it here. I'm happy here. I'm fulfilled here. I have a rewarding, purposeful existence here with a bright outlook and good friends. I can't see me trolling internet websites in order push a negative and often hateful agenda. I have better things to do. So bye!
  5. There is much, much more to be said in answer to this than you are making out. I don't usually buy into "they question how something was handled because they don't have all the facts" line - especially when in many cases it's the ones making the accusations on certain things that DO have all the facts. So I see that explanation sometimes as a dodge. But I will have to say that in this case, you apparently do not have all the facts - even if there are at times exceptions and legal considerations involved that provide an exception. But this has been hashed over many times before in numerous threads. Believe what you want. Good points. Most people think of the physical and emotional pain and suffering Job went through when Satan attacked him. But really, there was nothing that wasn't common to men - for instance in times of war. Millions of people have lost everything. Lost their families, status in the community, their possessions, their health... So yes, Job lost a lot and suffered a lot. But Satan was more interested in compromising Job's integrity - his everlasting prospects based on his relationship with God. How did he do that? By making the test very difficult to rationalize or understand within the context of his faith. He made it appear as "discipline from Jehovah." As if God was unfairly disciplining him for something he knew he was not guilty of. Discipline can rightly be viewed as coming from Jehovah when it based on the principles and clear direction expressed in God's Word. It's "discipline" from Satan when it is used to deliberately harm innocent people or hide wickedness. Satan hasn't changed his tactics and still uses them. "All things were written aforetime..."
  6. It's not all that uncommon that elders decisions are overruled or reversed on appeal (I wouldn't say it's common either though). In the case of one of the anointed elders, Bethel didn't even allow an appeal (not surprising since an appeal would have put more eyes on what they were endeavouring to cover up and he was exposing. It would have made them look pretty bad actually). But there is a provision that probably thousands of appointed men have made use of over the many decades that allows for an appeal in writing of the decision if the person feels strongly they were not dealt with fairly/scipturally. If a person is removed or disfellowshipped, my understanding is that it's pretty standard practice to be notified that they can appeal. Although some don't advertise it unless the individual specifically asks for it. It's no real secret - although most won't publicize confidential instructions - and neither would I if in that position. As to "where can we find instructions on that?: you would have to have access to written instructions and directions through letters and books. Apparently you don't - which I would say is a good thing frankly. Are there Bible examples of persons in authority who reversed their decision once they found out they made a bad decision? Yes, of course. Look it up. I'm not going to do your homework for you. As for posthumous reinstatement, evidently the elder body thought it fair to right a grievous and wicked wrong committed by certain elders against an innocent man, which had tarnished his reputation. I can't imagine what that poor brother went through, yet he faithfully continued on and never saw justice in his lifetime. (1 Tim. 5:24) After all, Jesus didn't either did he as a human? Neither did many other faithful men (Heb. 11...)
  7. It would be unfair to paint with too wide a brush to basically say "everyone" is "always" this or that. Many/most brothers who serve as elders are loving shepherds who just want to do what is right. Who love Jehovah, love their families and love their brothers and sisters - regardless of whether you share their beliefs or not. But as has always been true, (whether in the times of the patriarchs, Israelites under Law and even the Christian congregation), there have been men who were "bad actors" who were anything but loving. Who grasped at positions of authority for totally the wrong reasons. Do we have men like that today? Although an "inconvenient truth," It shouldn't surprise us that yes, we do. In fact, doesn't the Jehovah clearly warn us against such ones in his word? Also, while recognizing my limited perspective geographically, I will grant you that from my "neck of the woods," there does in fact appear to be a concerted attack against anointed Christians from "wicked men and imposters" from within the organization. I personally know quite a few anointed Christians very well as close friends even serving with them and their greatest tests have come from within. I've seen it. Too often in fact to be a coincidence and not for doing bad, but exposing badness of other "shepherds." It's not that they were disliked - in fact most loved and respected them for the good lead they set spiritually - but I can only describe what I have personally seen as a murderous hatred. Well beyond what I would consider normal. Too clever, too orchestrated, too many outright lies and deception levelled against them to be coincidental. It seems more like a "machination" because of that. I'm not writing this to provide more "ammo" to opposers since as I had stated, I don't know if this goes any farther than my geographical area and it certainly does not characterize the vast majority of shepherds I know, nor does it necessarily describe the experience of anointed Christians elsewhere - but it's there. Yet, all of those are still serving with Jehovah's organization faithfully as pillars in the congregation despite Satan's evil efforts from men within. (Except for the anointed brother who died while disfellowshipped for years. He was posthumously reinstated when it was found that 3 "shepherds"/elders lyingly framed him in order to get him disfellowshipped. They in turn were disfellowshipped themselves when found out). There's a saying in my country: "Don't expect justice from Bethel." I would have to agree with that from what I have seen in my country. But I have also seen many good things. The bad shepherds you referred to in Jeremiah most certainly CAN at times describe men from within. But to my mind more appropriately describe those in Christendom as it's history shows. Of course, I can't mention sensitive stuff I know about to the average rank and file JW - it's too far beyond their scope of experience. But while I disagree with your broad application and decidedly negative only viewpoint, I also know things happen that shouldn't happen.
  8. I tend to agree with that statement. It can appear that some of the questions, while feigning interest, are little more than "click-bait" trying to lure JW's into yet more counterproductive interchanges - to attack them and try to weaken their faith. It's a trap the way I see it. While examining the "facts" and how much merit opposing points of view may have, can be valid in my world, there comes a point where you know that with some people it will be just a pointless back-and-forth. They used to be with us but no longer are and I respect their choice to leave. But why would I want to engage with individuals who basically are their own religion? They have have their own personal and singular point of view, but are now on their own - while we as an organization continue to flourish. "Every plant that my heavenly Father did not plant will be uprooted. Let them be. Blind guides is what they are. If, then, a blind man guides a blind man, both will fall into the pit." "And another thing..." It appears that even the experts are in disagreement on exactly how the Divine Name should be pronounced - and this, still going on thousands of years later. It seems to me that the exact pronunciation of how it was originally pronounced is not as important as loving and acknowledging who the name identifies - regardless of whether we pronounce it exactly as it was thousands of years ago. My name is pronounced differently in many different languages, but I still know when I am being addressed and am not so thin-skinned so as to take offence if someone in a different language pronounces it differently from that of my native language. I still know when I am being called in a crowd of people if someone yells it in a different language. It would be entirely different if someone yelled a generic title like "hey Mister" which could refer to anyone. God's name is distinctive enough that most if not all people would know who is being referred to as the Supreme Deity regardless of how it is pronounced in their particular language. It seems to me to be similar to another "tempest-in-a-teapot" argument regarding whether Jesus died on a cross or on a stake. Who cares? The big picture is that his death means something very important to all imperfect humans and we should honour and remember that sacrifice. Not overshadow it with doctrinal posturing (I know both sides do that - I am not really concerned about cross vs stake except for when people find it necessary to act like they are worshipping it.)
  9. I don't see anywhere that "hovah" (which is it's own and separate word) is used in relation to, or as a description of God/Jehovah in the Bible or even "a god of" ruin, disaster. Only from you. There are at least 16 occasions - none of which point to God as being described. The fact that "Jehovah" has letters within it that spell out an entirely different word, does not warrant suggesting the whole word/name is contaminated because of that. I guess by your way of thinking, we should never refer to the town of "Shittim" because of...well you can figure it our for yourself. And on top of that, Shittim had a good historical connotation. Also, maybe you haven't considered Arauna's video post above or frankly the post of anybody who is an expert on Hebrew (which admittedly I am not, and neither are you apparently). I enjoyed the WT article you cited above. Thank-you for that. But again even though experts may agree/disagree about the exact pronunciation of how Hebrews pronounced it thousands of years ago, doesn't mean we can't use an English version that has been popular for centuries and recognized globally. When the name "Jehovah" is used, everyone knows who is being referred to. Nobody blasphemously tries to insinuate he is some "disgusting" God - and as you've already read, even non-JW/religious people consider your suggestions blasphemous. As one website knowledgeable in Hebrew (also opposed to JW's - but also opposed to your logic) suggested, your hatred for the organization has blinded you so far that you allow yourselves to be used by the Devil - blasphemously taking God's name in vain (yes I know, maybe not pronounced exactly that way thousands of years ago, but we all know who is being referred to here). At some point, you and certain other posters here may want to seriously consider whose side you are taking. But I leave that up to you. I only got involved in this discussion because of a post initiated by the Librarian - not because I want to waste my time on apostates who live only to see the bad. I've heard your side of the story and you've heard mine. I respectfully agree to disagree with you - and of course you with me. I don't anticipate having anything further to add.
  10. To me, the problem arises when you attempt to slice and dice a name/word that is not meant to be and infer meanings that were never intended. For instance just using the example of "fortune" listed earlier. "Fortune" is one word. But if I slice it up into "for" as in pro something and "tune" as in music, I might come up with the conclusion that "fortune" actually means someone is Pro-Music. An entirely wrong definition of what "fortune" really means. But to be sure, before I finish this response, I will attempt to find a better example that directly relates to this discussion. Be back in a while... OK, I'm back now...here is something you might find interesting: (Not written by JW's or the organization btw. I won't include the site because I don't want to direct people to a non-JW site but it/and others are easy enough to find...) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Culprits Turn “God” into “evil” (The Loaf of Bread Illustration) Let’s call this my “loaf of bread” theory, for lack of a better illustration. Many former Jehovah’s Witnesses, as well as others who are either fooled by others or who denounce the name, suggest that the name of God Jehovah means “god of ruin”, or “god of destruction”. They take to this by watching others lay out the word “Jehovah” like a loaf of bread, and slicing it up into parts. They then attempt to butter the bread and flavor it. Essentially, they redefine the parts slice by slice. They turn a word that was already previously translated from Hebrew to English, and double or triple translate it into “buttered pieces” of English, and then mash it all together and call it a conclusive meaning. This does not work. The name has already been translated. Hebrew language “rules” must be taken into consideration to properly translate certain words or names. Masoretic vowel points are even critical to understand. For example, the Masorites added the mappiq to the letters “jah” in order to remind the readers to say “Lord” (Adonai) instead of “Jah“. (See photo below) Their intentions were to prevent those in synagogues from saying God’s name. In addition, many names that ended in “yah” were translated “iah“, which some believe was also done by the Masorites out of fear of people speaking the holy name of God out loud. “Jewah” and “Jehouah” were also written forms adapted and accepted through the ages. Christian theologians began to make the pronunciation or spelling as “Jehovah“, choosing to disregard or dismiss the Masoretic translations of the word. Further, some scholars prefer the pronunciation “Jehwah” over the name “Yahweh”, feeling that it is seen in the most reliable translations, including the Masoretic MSS, versions of the LXX (Septuagint) and the Samaritan Pentateuch. Still, the topic of translations is disputed, as it probably always will be. God of Ruin? With the intricacies of the languages and tedious translations involved, it is beyond ludicrous for anyone to chop apart the name “Jehovah” and convert it to a meaning such as “God of ruin”. In fact, most language experts would find this uneducated, unscholarly nonsense as borderline ludicrous. The Culprits It should also be noted that there is a Guyanese woman who demands that “Jehovah” means “god of ruin”. She dedicates her website to this assertion, as well as her alleged desire to “unite Israelites”. Her website reveals horrendous English, including grammar, punctuation and spelling. If one does not recognize the difference between “there” and “they’re”, and repeatedly capitalizes the word “history”, then credibility is that of a novice, at best. One might also deduce that repeatedly yelling to readers by using multiple exclamation points denotes poor judgement and suggests lack of basic intellectual written communication. The Rumor Mill Those who parrot these type of people also show their dangerous susceptibility to believe just about anything they read. In addition, the woman I refer to also states that one cannot “put yah in front of God’s name”. She calls herself a Hebrew, and believes Jesus Christ is “Ba’al”. Enough said on that. God’s Name Mocked by Many Please use caution when repeating what you hear or read. Many have lashed out in anger, believing that “Jehovah means evil”. Do you see what has just happened? One thinks they’re stating irrefutable fact, and begins telling the world, “Jehovah is evil… Jehovah is Satan”. Some even profess to be Christians, and spout off this unfounded jargon. Through a simple smokescreen, many self professed Christians are blaspheming in an effort to prove a religion wrong, as some sort of “dirt” they’ve uncovered. Many former JWs have fallen into the trap of saying “their God” (when referring to Jehovah’s Witnesses) and including abusive speech directly against God, possibly without even realizing it. Hence, the Jehovah’s Witnesses may in turn have grounds to view most of these people as unbelievers in God, or atheists, or even blasphemers. This may give Jehovah’s Witnesses more “ammunition” against former JWs and others, who already have a reputation and stereotype of being “tricked” by alleged “false information”, and led by Satan. It is highly important then, that Christians and even non-Christians use extra caution in spreading false information that has no intellectual basis whatsoever." So while the authors are not JW's, they seriously caution others about specious and false arguments in support of their hatred of JW's since it will ultimately backfire and actually make them look gullible and bad, rather than prove JW's wrong.
  11. Why then did so many faithful Jews use "theophoric" names that incorporated the Divine Name as from the tetragrammaton in the names they used for their children if it's meaning was so disgusting? from Wikipedia: The name of the Israelite deity YHWH (usually shortened to Yah or Yahu, and Yeho or Yo) appears as a prefix or suffix in many theophoric names of the First Temple Period. For example, Yirme-yahu (Jeremiah), Yesha-yahu (Isaiah), Netan-yah, Yedid-yah, Adoni-yah, Nekhem-yah, Yeho-natan (Jonathan), Yeho-chanan (John), Yeho-shua (Joshua), Yeho-tzedek, Zekharya (Zechariah). "Yahū" or "Yah" is the abbreviation of YHWH when used as a suffix in Hebrew names; as a prefix it appears as "Yehō-", or "Yo". It was formerly thought to be abbreviated from the Masoretic pronunciation "Yehovah". There is an opinion[8] that, as Yahweh is likely an imperfective verb form, "Yahu" is its corresponding preterite or jussiveshort form: compare yiŝtahaweh (imperfective), yiŝtáhû (preterit or jussive short form) = "do obeisance". The article then goes on to list many common Biblical Hebrew names we commonly use as being theophoric names that incorporate Yahweh and YHWH. Although, to be fair to you, maybe I am not clear on what your contention is. It doesn't appear that the argument you propose above seems to be supported generally by scholars. I also checked the website you linked to in support of your argument. Apparently the author you are relying on for your facts has some other nuggets of "truth" he is proffering. Here are just a few: - "Why Paul is a Fake Apostle"; "Near Death Testimonies by a Nigerian Pastor and a 15 Year Old of Heaven and Hell"; "The Messiah's Missing Years in the Far East in Search of the Lost Tribes": "The Earth is Not a Globe - "we live on a flat motionless earth."; "There are No Planets - Just Stars and One Sun"; "Gravity is a Fraud"...
  12. Sometimes, I think we go overboard in insinuating the worst for words that have lost their original meaning in modern parlance and that have become just an expression for which there doesn't seem to be a better alternative. Years ago, (maybe even for some today) it was considered bad form to use the word "fortune" or "luck" - insinuating if we used those words we were invoking or crediting the "god of luck." Which to most people would seem absurd, but not to all - "unfortunately." I was reminded of how many people were on that bandwagon (along with other so-called deep insights people had dug up) when in our weekly Bible reading, I came across Genesis 30:11: "Then Leah said: "With good fortune!" So she name him Gad." Other translations use the word "luck." Was Leah a false worshipper who believed in the god of luck? Was she being disloyal, meriting capital punishment for worshipping/invoking false deities? Or could it be that sometimes a word-is a word-is a word. And everyone knows how it is used without reading all kinds of nefarious connotations to a word that simply doesn't have a better alternative? Nowadays, to most people it means that something happens by chance as in "time and unforeseen circumstance" - (which would be an unwieldy mouthful to use casually). Sometimes we just need to lighten up.
  13. Anthropo (man/human) as in anthropology - a study of man and morphe/morpho (form or shape) is the basis for the idea of anthropomorphic expressions. It’s a fancy expression to describe a simple idea: that of imputing physical attributes to something that is not human. It’s easier to grasp for some people using cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse as an example. We know that mice don’t wear gloves, have fingers, talk, drive cars etc. But giving them human form, shape, (anthropomorphic) characteristics makes them appealing as cartoon characters. But in the context of a Biblical discussion, it is the attribution of human form or shape to God for instance. People who take these so-called anthropomorphic expressions literally refer to Genesis 1:26, 27 where it says “Let us create man in our image...” Therefore, when the Bible refers to “God’s finger “ or his “hand, arm” or that he “sees/hears/smells...” they take that to be a literal description. Of course, as we know, that is a very self-serving and arbitrary application - “cherry-picking” only those verses that support their point of view. Whereas with equal validity, the scriptures also refer to/describe God as a “shield...a burning fire...a sun...a rock...as having eagles’s wings...as being a spirit. Not to mention the logical absurdities to which their conclusions would lead if God was in fact like a human in the heavens. Simply put, the Bible uses anthropomorphic expressions to help us humans who live in a 3 dimensional physical world to understand spiritual realities we can’t see. Much like the temple and it’s sacrifices helped us to understand spiritual arrangements/realities using physical representations.
  14. "...all the nations have fallen victim...Get out of her, my people, if you do not want to share with her in her sins and do not want to receive part of her plagues..." So you are saying that means: "Get out of New York?" What about everyone else on this planet who is affected that doesn't live in New York? Or am I not understanding your thinking here? I know you are convinced in your own mind about your interpretation, but if, after repeatedly writing the GB about your opinions to "correct" them and teach them (your) right interpretation and they didn't agree with you; the elders in your congregation didn't agree with you (although to be fair you said they weren't willing to entertain much that way); JWs in general don't agree with you; people on this website don't agree with you (and with good reasoning points); and even that other anti-JW posters have a different interpretation than you - you may want to humbly consider the possibility that you may need to rethink the direction you have taken over the last little while - and that you may be wrong. You are essentially asking us to believe that everyone else is wrong and you alone have a pipeline to the "real" truth from God. Most JW's have good reason for believing what they do and even when at times -as seen on this website - we may have questions about certain points we'd like to explore, we still respect the GB/JWs as being where we learned the basic truths we agree with and make JWs different from other religions. But for arguments' sake, even if someone accepted some or even all of what you (or other anti-JW posters) consider the truth, then what? What have you got to offer? Leave off being a JW - (which you and other posters here seem to despise and denigrate so much), to go where? To do what? Become part of what? It would be like a driver who picks up an unsuspecting hitchhiker who seems to be going the same way, and then drops them off in the middle of nowhere - with no food, no clothing or shelter.
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