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  1. Apparently that is more in line with the redress scheme the government is now suggesting with the ongoing investigations. Let's see, $150 thousand times 1,000 child molestation cases attributed to our organization in Australia alone, would be what, $150 million? Still, $150 thousand per is still better than us having to pay millions per as in some cases elsewhere. I am interested to see how forthcoming with the truth and redress we will be in comparison with the Catholic Church. I appreciate the direction we are taking as an organization in other areas such as our unity, the preaching work, our spiritual instruction...But I feel that both transparency and honesty to the faithful has been lacking as to child molestation cases. Are the ones making these claims really all just "apostates and liars?" Naturally, we shouldn't give any attention to apostates and liars. Problem is they are not all just apostates and liars after all. It concerns me now when I see how our own confidential records are being used as evidence against us and costing us millions of dollars of funds donated for the preaching work. Still, it would not be fair to judge the whole organization based on this sordid stuff. ( I don't even judge the Catholic Church based on their problem with it either - I have enough other reasons for my disagreement

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