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  1. Hello all my spiritual brothers and sisters on here!  I hope everyone is staying safe, and doing well!  I became a great- Aunt in January!  My great- niece gave birth to a healthy baby boy, and named him Elias! My niece posted their photos on Facebook!  They already have a daughter, now their family is complete!  Yes, they are Jehovah's Witnesses too, and have been in several dramas at our former Conventions!  I had the most wonderful experience today!  My niece, has some medical issues,, and uses a wheelchair, and a powerchair! I'm staying with now, temporarily,until I  can afford to rent my own place, placed a Bible Teach book, with Sam,  last year, who installed some ramps for her to use to go to her doctor's appointments!  We've haven't seen him for several months! Sam, came today, to replace one of the ramps that was too high for her powerchair, so, he was telling me how he appreciates Jehovah's Witnesses, because, we give hope to people! I invited him and his family to our special talk , Sunday, the week before our Memorial, and The Memorial, and  I  also placed a Memorial Invitation with him!  I said yes, we try to preach to everyone we can, but since the Pandemic, we've been instructed by the governing body, to stop attending our kingdomhalls, and going door- to door, cart witnessing! So now we either do telephone witnessing, which I do, or letter writing! He was telling me, his brother had a stroke, and that someone had sent him a letter, his brother asked him, did you give out my phone number to anyone, or my address, he replied to him, no! He said, well somehow, somebody, wrote him a letter, but he didn't know how they knew his contact information! I explained to Sam, that we are using telephone lists  with their contact information, to call people in our territories, and also people's addresses to those who are doing the letter writing!  So, far, I usually talk to a very few people that aren't interested, or it's a wrong number, or their phone number has been disconnected!  My niece, has received two letters herself, and even my son received one!  So, I exchanged emails, and phone numbers with Sam, and I told him, that we have a Hospital Liasion Committe, that is made up of Elders, and when one of the Witnesses, or his family, go to the hospital, they are contacted, and they go visit the person, trying to spiritually upbuild them, read them scriptures, my niece had  been hospitalized several times, and the Hospital Liasion Committee, came to visit her during her hospital stay!  Sam, gave me, his sister- in- law's phone number, and  as soon as I have time, I'm going to call my Field Service Overseer and let him know that Sam, told me that his brother and sister- in- law would appreciate a visit from them!  I will keep you up- to- date what happens next!  Only Jehovah reads hearts, and I know Jehovah was so proud of me today, telling Sam about our upcoming Memorial!  Also offering to call his brother's wife!  Jehovah answered my prayer, tomorrow, I receive my first payment from my Social Security Disability Benefits tomorrow! I need my right hip to be replaced, and now I'm enrolled in Medicare! I also have a wonderful Drug Prescription Plan too!  Well, it's time for me to get ready for my Tuesday Midweek meeting tonight on Zoom!  I hope you enjoyed reading about my wonderful experience today!  Take care of yourselves, always trust in Jehovah, and rely upon him more now than before, we are deep in the last days of this system of things, and we never know, what's going to happen, only Jehovah knows! I would like to also add, in July, it's been 49 years since I dedicated my life to serve Jehovah!  It's the best decision of my life, and I belong to Jehovah!  I also, turn 64 years young in May!  Agape love, Shirley!!!


  2. In answer to me worshipping The Governing Body, is not true! I dedicated my life to serve Jehovah, I belong to Jehovah, I live for Jehovah, and I will die for Jehovah! I deeply respect our 8 Governing Body members! They have the authority from Jesus Christ, who is the Head of the Congregation, and his heavenly Father, Jehovah, has given him the authority to rule in heaven! They direct the Governing Body, through Jehovah's holy spirit, over Jehovah's Worlwide Organization as a Body! I just don't understand why 4Jah2Me is even allowed to be on this website, he plainly stated he is not one of Je
  3. In reply to my statement, our beloved Governing Body, I can say this from my personal meeting of some of our Governing Body Members! These are most friendly, kind, and caring men I've ever met! In 2006, I met Br. Samuel F. Herd, at one of my Circuit Assemblies! In 2010, I met Br. David Splane at my "REMAIN CLOSE TO JEHOVAH" District Convention, and I've met Br. Stephen Lett, twice. The first time I met him was in 2012, at our "SAFEGUARD YOUR HEART" District Convention, and in 2015, at our "IMITATE JESUS" District Convention. Another has changed since then, now it's not called "District
  4. Hello to all my Spiritual Brothers and Sisters! It's been a very unusual year for all of us!  We only have 18 more days left in this year of 2020!  How can I summarize this year?  First of all, in the months of January and  February, we were able to go door to door, now, because of the Pandemic, starting in the month of March, we have to do letter writing or telephone witnessing, to count our Field Service time!   Our midweek meetings, and Sunday meetings are on Zoom now!  Our circuit assemblies are now held on JW Stream by an invitation, we receive in our emails!  Little did anyone know, we were facing a Corona Virus, or Covid19, since December of 2019, but then it started in Italy, Spain, and China, lots of people who contracted the Virus were dying!  Sadly, somehow the virus made it's way into The United States, if we would have known to wear a mask then, maybe  so many people wouldn't have died, because these last 10 months, we found out that this virus was air-borne, and one person who had the virus could infect two people by just coughing, or sneezing, through droplets spraying  out invisibly  from their mouth!  Even talking to another person face to face spread droplets to that person!  We received instructions from the Governing Body, to start disinfecting our seats in our beautiful Kingdom halls, then to keep us safe, we were given instructions again,  from The Governing Body to stop attending our meetings at our Kingdomhalls!  This was our first year that we had to hold our Memorial Celebration held annually, in our own homes, Worldwide that sacred night! Then our "ALWAYS REJOICE" 3 day Convention, which is normally held in different countries, had to be viewed on JW Stream on different days for us to receive our Spiritual Food at the proper time, also on Saturday, was a very special day, everyone who wanted to get baptized, had to be baptized, either in a river, a swimming pool, a horse trough, at various locations in their homes! They will always remember that special day, when they dedicated their lives to Jehovah!  We were read a letter on Zoom, instructions from the Governing Body how to stay safe, disinfect our homes, to keep from getting Covid19!  So, now were conducting our personal  Bible Studies on Zoom, and contacting our Return Visits by phone, to keep us and our loved ones safe! Sadly, last I heard, 5,000 of our Spiritual Family have passed away from Covid19! We will see them again in the upcoming resurrection, as Jehovah has promised us!  Jehovah, through his holy spirit is always protecting us, and our precious Governing Body, send us their love, and their prayers! New Bibles were released in different languages, so many Brothers and Sisters cried receiving their own personal copies of the Bible in their language! What a wonderful blessing from Jehovah!  In the month of  November, a letter from the Governing Body announced  that in  November, a Special Worldwide Campaign would begin!  So many copies of our No.2 2020, Watchtower entitled: "What Is God's Kingdom?"  were printed for each Publisher, our Regular Pioneers, and our Auxiliary Pioneers, and we had to pick up their 16 issues from the brother wearing a mask at our Kingdom hall! We had 35 Auxiliary Pioneers for the month of November,  in my Congregation, which Jehovah was so proud of!  Now , we have 18 more days  left in the month of December,  and I read on JW. ORG, how so many Government officials are making wonderful comments about our No. 2 2020, Watchtower, "What Is God's Kingdom?" Also to see Jehovah intervene with the releasing of 26 Brothers and 2 sisters from Eritrea, was a wonderful blessing from Jehovah, sadly there are still 24 left in prison, but with all our prayers to Jehovah, hopefully soon, they will be released too! We finished our publication, JESUS ,THE WAY, THE TRUTH, THE LIFe in November!  The month of  December we started  studying in our Congregation Bible study, our  released in 2018, publication,  PURE WORSHIP OF JEHOVAH RESTORED AT LAST! which was released at our 2018, "BE COURAGEOUS"  REGIONAL CONVENTION!  I hope all you Spiritual Brothers and Sisters, are staying safe, staying well, as we always know in our hearts, that Jehovah, is our Great Protector, and the God of Comfort!  The new year 2021 is coming soon, let's see what Jehovah has in store for us! It's always exciting to me personally, to start a new year, a new year text, and  for us to keep up the preaching work, no matter what the new year brings! Always trust in Jehovah, as we all should, I send all of you my Agape Love, Shirley!!!!

  5. Why are you questioning Jehovah? Through his holy spirit, our beloved governing body receives instructions! Just reading about your topic really makes me wonder, are you even one of Jehovah's Witnesses? If you were, you wouldn't ever question our heavenly father, Jehovah! When you dedicate you life to serve Jehovah, you belong to Jehovah, and he through his holy spirit directs our Governing Body! You develop a close relationship with Jehovah, through our faith, and our trust we believe in Jehovah, and I'm so proud to say, that I have now for 48 years now, and over 8 million and growing everyd
  6. Hello to all my Spiritual Brothers and Sisters! Wow, what a year 2020, were having! First,  were told that we can't shake hands with my brothers,and  the sisters greet me with a kiss on the cheek, then we have to e!bow bump! And before and after the meetings, we have to disinfect all the chairs, and surfaces! Now, we stopped attending our beautiful kingdom halls! We now have our meetings, and our field service morning service on Zoom! At first,  we had to listen to JW stream! I really love talking to my University Hills Congregation on Zoom! We talk as long as we can,before and after the meetings! I never thought we would have our Memorial this year on Zoom! We had 88 on Zoom, with a total of 190 in attendance! We also listened to the morning worship program in Bethel by one of our governing body members, another brother,  gave the Memorial Discourse! Some of us had the precious Memorial Emblems on their beautiful tables! I always love the Memorial Campaign too! But due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we had to stop cart witnessing, door-to-door, and start letter writing or telephone witnessing! I'm still waiting for some sisters to join me in telephone witnessing!!! Sadly, in the United States, 9,000 of our Brothers have contracted the Corona Virus, 2,500 have recovered, which is good news,563, are hospitalized, which is bad news, and 219 have fallen asleep in death! Soon we will see our beloved Brothers and Sisters again, when all of our loved ones are resurrected! I wore a mask today for the first time, just to go grocery shopping at Kroger! I was able to get the last six pack of toilet paper, now there's plenty of meat, plenty of paper towels, but I heard disinfecting supplies are hard to find! I would like to add one more thing, there are some kind, caring people in this wicked system of things! Today, at self-check, this very sweet young lady paid for my groceries today with her debit card! I was in shock, so was the lady in the self-check out! I had the money,  she said can I pay for your groceries? I said I have the money, she said put your money away, I've had some hard times, and I want to do this for you! The lady in self- check out said " Awww"  I asked her name, and told her my name, I told her I wish I could hug you, so we gave each other air hugs! She was afraid I would be offended, and I said No,not at all, just shocked! What a wonderful human being displaying an act of kindness to a stranger she never met! I went to my car, and cried, and thanked Jehovah for this very unexpected meeting this wonderful young lady,  and his blessing!  My niece's aide said another lady at Walmart, bought another ladies groceries for her too! Jehovah provides us with everything we need! Trust in Jehovah! Stay safe all my Spiritual Brothers and Sisters! I did receive my stimulus check too, , and extra food stamps!! Agape love, Shirley

  7. Hello to all my Spiritual Brothers and Sisters! This year of 2019 is going by so fast!  I know we don't celebrate birthdays, but, I  just turned 62, and I'm retired now, my oldest granddaughter just turned 16, my youngest daughter turns 22 tomorrow! My youngest granddaughter just turned 3! I've been so busy attending two Weddings, one on September 27, 2019! The other one was on October 12, 2019!  Now their Spiritual Husband and Wife! I'm so happy for them! I hope one day, my Spiritual Husband will find me! Sadly, we had so much passing away of our Spiritual Brother's Mother, now his sister! Another Sister lost her Sister, also a Regular Pioneer! Then my Field Service Group Overseer's wife lost her father, the following week her Uncle, and then a cousin, and just last week another cousin!  We just lost our beloved Elderly Sister on Wednesday, October 16, 2019!  She was baptized in 1984, a Regular Pioneer, and I was privileged to work in Field Service with her, and she wanted to have another tea party, and just talk among each other, while enjoying our Spiritual Association together! Also, we took photos of us helping serve The LDC luncheon in April, when they renovated our beautiful kingdomhall!  I was able to go to view her one last time  at the Funeral Home, on Friday, October 25, 2019!  We had her beautiful Memorial on Saturday, October 26, 2019!  Our kingdomhall was filled with her family, and all those who loved her, including me! She was known for her tea parties and she had the Field Service Group meet at her home! She loved wearing hats! The sisters who were able to attend one of her tea parties, all gathered around her picture at her Memorial and everyone took photos!  We have 3 newly baptized Jehovah's Witnesses in our congregation! Two sisters who are sisters, and one brother! I'm patiently waiting on my hearing to see if they approve my disability benefits! Also, I received a phonecall from Social Security, and I may be able to get my first ex- husband's Social Security benefits! So I just keep busy, every Saturday go out in Field Service, and work with different ones in my congregation!  I've been at my congregation now one year! I love all my Spiritual Brothers and Sisters in my congregation, and they love me! I was able to go to our State Fair! I saw a Special Metropolitan Witness Cart on the way to the Fair! I drove my car to the Train Station, and rode the train to the Fair!  My oldest daughter has been hospitalized since June! I was able to visit her twice! They finally found out what she had! Some type of infection through out her body! My oldest son, and youngest daughter keep me informed about their sister! They live in Plano, and visit her more often!  I hope everyone is doing ok! May Jehovah bless all of you! Agape love, Shirley! P.S I hope 2020 is a good year for you! 😀


    1. Shirley Lowery

      Shirley Lowery

      Hello to all my Spiritual Brothers and Sisters! Here's an update on my oldest daughter! My son called me last night and told me she's been moved to another room, and she's getting better each day! I poured my heart out to Jehovah to watch over her, she came very close to dying! Jehovah comforted me all this time, I never knew from one day to the next, whether she was getting better or getting worse! I give all my thanks and  I trust in Jehovah, with all my heart! No matter what we go through, good times and bad times, all we have to do is always trust in Jehovah, he will never let us suffer more than we can bear as human beings! Agape love, Shirley!!!😂

  8. Hello  to all my Spiritual Brothers and Sisters, it's been awhile since I was on here, I have so much to tell you! I attended all three days of my 2019 " LOVE NEVER FAILS" REGIONAL CONVENTION on July 19-21, also on August 25th, Sunday, at Irving Convention Center in Irving, Texas! We have 35 new spiritual brothers and sisters, including The Swahili Group! One young black brother from my former congregation was baptized! One young black Swahili Sister had to be baptized three times! Her hair piece was keeping her from being completely submerged under water, even the last time to baptize her, the Brother had to hold her hairpiece! No one laughed at her horrible experience,  but they turned off the monitor. I wish I could have met her in person, the expression on her face was priceless, she had the look of happiness,of becoming one of Jehovah's Witnesses! We had over 3,000 everyday, and on Sunday, we had over 4,000, which also included the Swahili Group! This was the first time for the Swahili Group to attend our Convention!  They didn't announce the exact count on Sunday, so I went directly to the Brothers, and I asked several Brothers, why didn't they announce how many were baptized on Sunday! One of the Brothers who helped baptize everyone, told me that they miscounted, and thought they were 39 that were baptized, but they counted them again, and 35 was the actual count including The Swahili Group!   We also tied into the Toronto, Canada International Convention! A very sweet sister from my Congregation who is an anesthesiologist gave me a prescription for my handicapped placard! So I had to use it all three days, and that Sunday too! I love it so much, it's a blessing from Jehovah, now I can legally  park in handicapped spaces at the stores! This year I had to use my roller walker, We were able to go in first at 8:00 a. m. if you had a walker, or in a wheelchair! I just love that provision from Jehovah!   I sat in the Elderly and Infirmed Section, all three days of my Convention! But On August 25th, I had to sit in another section, but the Brothers were so loving and helpful to me!  My right hip is getting worse, and soon I 'll need to get a right hip replacement, after my car is paid off, which will be soon! On July 29, 2019, it's been 47 years since I was baptized! I just retired from working, and now at 62 years of age, I'm getting my early retirement benefits now, since June 12, 2019! Everyday,  I took a photo in front of each day's theme for that day! On Sunday,  I was going to take a photo after the program was over, but they turned off the Monitor! So, on August 25, 2019, I attended that Sunday, and so happy I did! I was able to take my photo in front of Sunday's theme! Also, I  saw my niece, and my great-niece, whom I haven't seen in three years, since her great-grandfather's Memorial Service on December 10, 2016! After I ate my lunch, I went to see my Spiritual  Sister's from my former Congregation! I was so happy to see them, and especially happy to see the Elderly Spiritual Sister who pioneered with my Mother in the 1940's! She and her husband are in their 90's and still faithfully serving Jehovah! We tied into the Phoenix International Convention, and we listened to Br. Samuel Herd, who I met in person and took a photo with, in 2006! I've been attending University Hills Congregation in Irving, Texas,  now for one year! August 2018, I started attending there!  My name was added to the Congregation Field Service Groups, 4 months later! I love everyone there, and they love me, especially  the young children, I usually give them candy or gummy bears, in return for a hug! They always see me at every meeting, out in Field Service, every Saturday, and I even comment at the meetings! I  gave my first talk there in  January of 2019! Everyone complimented me on my talk, and when I make comments! I always give my best to Jehovah!   Two of the young black sisters, who are real sisters, are getting baptized at our Circuit Assembly on October 5, 2109!   I filed for my disability benefits again! I'm leaving everything up to Jehovah, if it is according to his will!  I'm still living with my niece, until my disability benefits are approved, or if my housing comes through! I even received a $3 raise on my Food Stamps!  Yes, I'm not ashamed to admit, I'm getting welfare assistance from the government! I think Jehovah would approve! We pay taxes, so we are entitled to Government Assistance, only if we need it! Some of our Spiritual Brothers, and Spiritual Sisters, have not attended their Conventions, yet, so I can't reveal anything else about our Convention, just wait and see! You'll love every minute your there! My prayers are with everyone who has been affected by the recent Tropical Storm, Imelda in Houston, Texas! May Jehovah watch over them and their families! I love all my Spiritual Family!! I forgot to tell you that my youngest daughter, just received her Associates Degree in the mail yesterday! As her Mother, I'm so proud of her!  I'm getting ready to upload my 2019 " LOVE NEVER Fails" Regional  Convention photos now!! Agape Love, Shirley

  9. Hello to all my spiritual brothers and sisters, I have a new job, that pays 50 cents less, but I love my new client, and her best friend is one of Jehovah's Witnesses!  Jehovah is taking good care of me! I also started driving for LYFT! It helps me have a little extra money too!! I just uploaded my beautiful Mothers photo! She taught us 6 children to grow to love Jehovah!  She was a Regular Pioneer, and such a very faithful lover of Jehovah!  On July 29, 1972, 46 years ago, my deceased sister and I dedicated our lives to serve Jehovah! Sadly, 15 years ago, my beautiful Mother passed away, and it was a very emotional day for  me!  My sister too, 3 months later! I look forward to welcoming them back, as well as all my loved ones soon in the resurrection Jehovah has promised us!   Our Circuit Assembly was on September 9, 2018!  We have 8 new brothers and sisters! Two of the sisters were from my former Congregation, Dallas West English!  We had 1, 343 for the morning attendance, and 1, 361 for the afternoon attendance!  Since August 1, 2018, I moved in with my niece because she's having open heart surgery soon!   I'm now attending University Hills Congregation! Everyone is welcoming me now!  My publishers card is on it's way! I was so nervous at first to attend a different Congregation, but I'm starting to feel the spiritual love from everyone there! They greet me now and I'm commenting at the meetings, and I've went out in the field service with a few sisters and brothers! The State Fair of Texas starts on September 28-October 21st! Last year was a great success, so their having Dallas West English as the Hub, again! I'm not able to share in the cart witnessing this year either! You have to stand for two hours, and because of my right hip hurting, I'm unable to stand that long! I always give 100% to Jehovah! I have my disability exam on Monday, I pray to Jehovah, if it's his will I'm able to receive my disability check! Well I guess this is enough news for now, my prayers are with everyone suffering from Hurricane Florence, and also all my spiritual brothers and sisters world-wide! Agape love, Shirley!?

  10. Hello everyone, I would love to share with you two more wonderful experiences that happened to me recently in the Field Service! On May I2, 2018, Saturday, a lovely sister and I were going door- to- door and I had the latest issue No.2 2018 Watchtower, "What Does the Future Hold?" I introduced myself, and the sister, then I asked the sweet black lady named Esther," Want do you think about your Future,"? and shortly after I ask her the question, She said "I 'll take that magazine", we were both shocked, she had responded so quickly! In 46 years, ( July 29, 1972), since I've been baptized,
  11. Yes, every other day in the news, we hear about famous people, and not so famous people, committing suicide, there's a reason why people who don't serve Jehovah resort to doing away with their lives! In my family, my Uncle Henry owned a small refrigeration business in Sinton, Texas! Something happened, he had gotten himself into lots of debt, and he asked his children for help, but they ignored him, so they found him dead in his shop! He didn't feel life was worth living and being in so much debt, he probably felt there was no other way out, so he hung himself, this happened in 1988, My
  12. This is just my personal opinion, but why would you post something that shows she's definitely is an apostate! You can see even the see the T-shirt she wearing you can see jw.org and the letters KULT on there! She is talking about us, Jehovah's Witnesses, and his loving World Wide organization, shunning certain things, and just because Ash, her friend didn't go back to serving Jehovah like his parents did, she's blaming Jehovah, for him committing suicide! Ash, made that personal choice to stop serving Jehovah! His parents wanted him to go back to Jehovah! I, myself raised all three of my g
  13. Hello to all my spiritual brothers and sisters on here! I'm so excited on Saturday, March 3, 2018, starts our Memorial Campaign. Can you believe it's going to be on a Saturday? In 2017, we had over 2 million in attendance worldwide. This is our most important and special occasion, to show our gratitude and appreciation to our heavenly Father, Jehovah! He gave us his only-begotten son, Jesus Christ, for a ransom for our sacrifice. Sisters, have you chosen your dress yet for the Memorial? I haven't decided yet what I'm wearing yet! But I can assure you, it's going to be beautiful. I love how all the spiritual families dress their children so nice, the young sisters have beautiful new dresses, and the young brothers have new suits, and us sisters, who look beautiful in that certain dress they choose  just for the Memorial! Brothers, look very handsome in their new suits.They pose with their family and take photos, which they proudly post and on Social Media!  I also post my photo, I'm proud to say that I am one of the over 8 million Jehovah's Witnesses in attendance of this momentous occasion. I look back on my past photos I've posted and have on my computer, and just realize that the years are going by so fast. Also, our "Be Courageous" 2018 Regional Convention starts on July 13-15 2018! I can't wait to see our what new releases, and see my former Congregations, I used to attend years ago, spiritual brothers and sisters,  Our Circuit Overseer's visit is March 13-18! 2018 is going to be such an exciting year! Let's see what Jehovah has lovingly prepared for us! Agape love, Shirley

    1. Shirley Lowery

      Shirley Lowery

      Hello to all my spiritual brothers and sisters on here! I wasn't able to attend The Memorial for my own Congregation, Dallas West English,by me not having my own car, but thanks to Jehovah, I attended my client's and spiritual sister's Memorial at her Congregation, Beverly Hills! It was at 9:15 p.m. Her family and I went out to eat at Olive Garden! We all went together with her inactve son, and her ex-husband met us there at Olive Garden! Her son had made plans to attend the Memorial with us, but her ex-husband decided to attend the Memorial too! We had in attendance 295, plus 15 people had to stand up! Dallas West English had 220, my former Congregation, Elwood had 315, and One of our Partakers was invited to Euless Congregation, which had an attendance of 615! I prayed to Jehovah for a car, and as soon as I received my Income Tax Refund, I started looking at cars, on Facebook, and on April 13, 2018! I joyfully signed the papers for my 2004 Nissan Altima! This is a wonderful blessing from Jehovah! I had been looking on facebook, for a car to purchase! Everyone turned me down, but this one person. I asked him if he would take a down payment on my car, he said yes! So, that Friday, my daughter took me to his car lot, he owns, and test drove my car, and only seeing the photos of it on facebook , I loved it! I was signing the papers, and he told me the man upstairs told me to give you this car! Also, he told me, he never takes a down payment on a used car he sells, I'm the first! He checked out my profile on Facebook and said I was a Church Lady! He knew he could trust me and make my car payments! I give all my thanks and glory to Jehovah for my beautiful car! I'm so happy now that Jehovah has blessed me with my car! I already have insurance on it, and on the 15th I make my first car payment!  I just turned 61 years young recently, and Jehovah has taken care of me all these years! Sadly, my ex-client Mary, had a massive stroke, and I took her cousin to visit her at the Nursing Home where she's at, and she remembered her cousin's name and who she was!  Her cousin was so happy, she remembered her! I told her that Jehovah spoke to her heart, and put it in her mind to remember her! She is paralyzed on her left side, and can talk, but is not able to get out all her words, and has to be fed through a feeding tube, and has to be turned every two hours, so she won't get a bedsore! It was so upsetting to see her like that! She was always so theocratic, a Regular Pioneer, also regularly attended all the meetings, conventions, and now she can't even move! I know Jehovah appreciates all her precious service to him! He's watching over her, I know she is in his memory! Even though she hasn't passed away yet, he loves her all faithful, devotion to him! I had to be patient for 10 months, and rely upon Jehovah, for him blessing me with my car! Jehovah is a very patient, loving, kind, and merciful God! I love Jehovah with my whole heart, with my whole mind, and whole soul! I hope everyone has a great weekend, agape love, Shirley!!!

  14. :DHello to all my spiritual brothers and sisters on here!  I'd love to share my cover photo with everyone!  This lovely spiritual sister was at my first wedding on October 30,1976! She attended my wedding at Duncanville Kingdomhall  Of Jehovah's Witnesses in Duncanville,Texas! She now lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico! She was staying with another sister who takes me to the meetings on Thursday! So, after our meeting a brother took this photo of us! I still have my original wedding photos of her and her two children at my wedding! Sadly, our marriage only lasted 20 years! He became inactive, and I assumed his role of training our two children to serve Jehovah! Unfortunately, they stopped serving Jehovah!  It's  been 41 years since we've seen each other! Jehovah has taking very good care of us all these years! I was so happy to see her still serving Jehovah! One of her son's is a Pioneer, they live in McKinney, Texas!  Jehovah has blessed me with another client! So, hopefully soon, I'll be able to buy a car! One of our lovely elderly sister's daughter whom she was studying with passed away on Tuesday! Her daughter asked to be cremated, and a small gathering of her family and friends is this Saturday! She's lost other children too!  Soon, she will welcome them back in her arms again, as we await the resurrection! I'm so excited on December 30, 2017, I'm attending a formal party that a sister hosts every year! This year we have to wear red, white, or black! It's a lot of fun, first we eat, then we enjoy entertainment, and then we dance to different songs! Also,we have door prizes! I hope I win something this year!  I'm really excited to start our Congregation Bible Study in our new book: JESUS THE WAY, THE TRUTH, THE LIFE this Thursday! Well, 2017 is almost over! Only 12 more days left  for 2017!  I love our  new year text: THOSE HOPING IN JEHOVAH WILL REGAIN POWER- ISAIAH 40:31!  I hope everyone has a great 2018! My prayers are with my spiritual brothers and sisters losing their homes in the fires in California! May Jehovah comfort them and protect them! Agape love, Shirley

  15. DONT GIVE UP!!!! Rely on Jehovah,  all my spiritual brothers and sisters on here! 2017 has been a busy year!  The Special Dallas Cart Witnessing Campaign was a great success of course, with Jehovah's Holy Spirit! I heard that there were 87 carts, over 2,000 wonderful experiences, and 200 of our disfellowshipped, and inactive Jehovah's Witnesses, were drawn to the carts and decided to take the brochure "Return to Jehovah"! Jehovah is calling his inactive servants, and all our disfellowshipped ones  back to him! I also heard that all these, 2,000 wonderful experiences in Dallas, Texas might possibly be on one of our monthly JW Broadcasts! They had over 5,000 volunteers from Waco, Tyler, and other cities! This is the first time in Dallas, Texas,  that the State Fair of Texas held  on September 29- October 22, 2017 allowed the cart witnessing to be allowed! The volunteers had 2 hour intervals and there was always a brother with the sisters!  I'm so proud that our congregation, Dallas West English, was assigned to be a Hub! They met each day at 5:45 to discuss the arranged locations, and of course ended the small group meeting with prayer! Today, is a very special day for me! 9 years ago I started attending my loving, warm congregation!  We have 19 Regular Pioneers, 100 publishers, and a few unbaptized publishers as of now!  Were in the last month of December 2017!  What a year we had!   We were one of the congregations to help distribute all the needed supplies to all our brothers and sisters who were displaced in their homes,  by Hurricane Harvey and Maria! Jehovah always takes care of his loyal ones! We've lost a few in death this year, but soon we'll see them again in the resurrection! A beautiful sister lost her life in Las Vegas! 1,000 attended her funeral! Puerto Rico, Mexico, Rockport, Texas, Houston, Florida, all these places were destroyed by these hurricanes!  I heard reports on JW. Org, they are rebuilding their homes, assembly halls, and kingdomhalls! Jehovah comforts those who have lost their loved ones! He is the God of Comfort!  I pray that 2018 is a better year for everyone! I've been employed with my job now 4 months! I'm still looking for other employment! I 'm getting rides to my meetings, and my field service on Saturday!  I loved our Annual Meeting on October 7, 2017! To be a part of the dedication of our New World Headquarters in Warwick, New York was so exciting to attend! Many new changes are happening in 2018!  In August 25-27 at our DONT GIVE UP Regional Convention in Frisco, Texas, we had 17 new brothers and sisters get baptized, the new releases, and seeing all my former friends from other congregations I used to attend! I took lots of selfies with them! We volunteered to clean our section everyday!  We had 3,236 in attendance on the last day! Jehovah is rapidly increasing our worldwide brother hood! Over 8 million and growing more and more every year! I just wanted to share my good news and events happening in my life here in Dallas, Texas! I hope everyone has a great 2018! Agape love, Shirley! 

    1. Queen Esther

      Queen Esther

      WOW....  dear  Shirley !  What  many  good  news  you  shared  with  us  again :)  I  get  goosbumps  more  and  more....  SO  many  nice  experiences. Yes,  I  will  wait  of  the  new  Broadcastings  for  more,  its  wonderful,  thank  you  so  much  my  dear  sister

      I  love  it  to  read  all  your  regular  messages !   Wish  you  also  a  great  and  healthy  theocratic  year  *2018* :D   May  Jehovah  bless  you  all  time :x

    2. Shirley Lowery

      Shirley Lowery

      I just love sharing my life's experiences with all my spiritual brothers and sisters! I hope everyone has a great 2018!!! Agape love, Shirley

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