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Off-duty policewoman shoots armed robber attacking group of moms

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A gun should require more ongoing training than the average person will normally get. I see no reason why "Caesar" should not bear the sword and just hope and pray that "Caesar" will wield their weapons in a legal and responsible manner. Sometimes these videos are used as an incentive to push the wider, more general carrying of firearms by rank-and-file Joe Q Public, and even schoolteachers.

But notice the importance of training and accuracy. Assuming this is not a fake or set-up video (for the purpose just noted), evidently the off-duty policeman fired three shots at fairly close range. But in the above snipped clipping I made from the original video, notice what would have happened if one of those shots went through the original assailant's underarm, or he spun around or fell to the ground more rapidly than expected. The bit of magenta clothing in the picture is a young girl being pulled by her mother. Every one of those shots was therefore not just aimed at the assailant, but also at the mother and child behind him.

Many trained policemen have been in situations like this and accidentally shot or even killed innocent by-standers.

Let's be careful out there!

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