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Apple’s New Nike Watch Will Harass You Into Running

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At today’s live Apple event, the fruit unveiled the iPhone 7, Apple Watch Series 2, and the Apple Watch Nike+.

The watch — which comes in two sizes, 38 mm ($369) and 42mm ($399) —features built-in GPS tracking, a perforated sport band for ventilation, Nike+ Run Club app integration, and exclusive Siri commands for starting a run. Plus, push(y) notifications:

The Nike+ Run Club app offers daily motivation through smart run reminders, challenges from friends and even alerts informing when the weather is right to get outside. Training data, including pace, distance and heart rate are available at a glance, and through shared run summaries, the app promotes friendly competition, even allowing users to send fist bumps to each other right from the wrist.

One prompt in particular asks, “Are we running today?” No, Apple Watch,WE are not running. I am running; you are merely along for the ride, capturing all of my personal data, which you will use to expertly nag me at a later date.

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    • By Nicole
      The unlikely pair makes more sense than you think.
      When buying an Apple Watch, customers have just a couple of choices for bands. There are, of course, in-house options from Apple, high-end bands from Hérmes, and sporty picks from Nike. The latest added to that triumvirate is a bit surprising: shoe brand Toms.
      Yes, the OG one-for-one company is getting into the watch band business, and worked with Apple to create a pair of bands that each come in multiple colors, for people looking to bring a bit of granola flair to their techy wrists.
      Toms is still finding a way to give back through the bands, but not via a straight one-for-one model. Instead, for every Toms for Apple Watch band purchased, households in need will be given one year of solar light. In total, Toms hopes to provide 10,000 years of solar light.

      The cause is unquestionably great, but Toms getting into this space does inspire a couple queries. When the watch first launched, Apple pushed the product hard to fashion consumers. It had a 12-page spread in Vogue, was on the cover of Vogue China, and special editions were gifted to people like Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld.
      That direction has cooled a bit. In September, our sister site The Verge wrote that “Apple’s luxury watch dream is over.” Sales are also down; according to CNN, they’ve dropped 55% since the early 2015 launch, despite the fact that Apple released a new, cheaper version. Given all that, it makes sense that now they’re working with a brand like Toms. Prices are relatively low — just $49 and $75 — for each band.
      The new relationship is mutually beneficial: Apple has something new to offer its customers that’ll appeal to a more casual crowd, and Toms gets to benefit from the tech giant’s authority and fanbase. “We’re excited to reach Apple’s wide audience and their loyal fans,” Toms founder Blake Mycoskie said over email.
    • By TheWorldNewsOrg
      I am asking because I do not like the conditions of employment that I have read about for the production workers in China who make the iPhone at Foxconn.
    • By Michael Krewson
      This morning I got strange dialog box on my iPhone 6 Plus.  It said: "Passcode Requirement: You must change your iPhone unlock passcode within 34 minutes."

      The combination of the ambiguity of the message and the countdown timer was alarming.
      Why did I need to change my passcode?
      Why did I have to do so within a few short minutes?
      I hit "Later" twice over the next 34 minutes and nothing happened. Evidently it is just a bug related to cookies on a website I have previously visited and it is not malware.
      Apple couldn't tell me more.
    • By Sonita
      How do I uninstall an app at my Mac?
      Thank you  
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