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    • But in 1983, the neglected theater was purchased for $1.8 million by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society from Delaware Corporation...........In 1988, the theater, which is on the NJ Registry of Historic Places, underwent an initial renovation phase, but the latest, completed in a nine-month period from 2012-2013, has restored even more value and splendor to the space.....“We are largely self-financed,” said Robert Warren, media consultant for the World Headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses, noting that the project was funded by individual donations from Witnesses across the world. “Whoever wants to build a tower must first count the cost,” he cited biblically, attributing the successful funding to strategic planning. “Rather than start and escalate, we evaluate first.”.....Over two thousand Witness volunteers from across the United States worked together on the large scale project, with work completed through volunteers only with the exception of contractors for only high-risk safety needs.......“We know it is a privilege and we consider it an honor to be here,” Simonsson added.....“We automatically assign a sacredness to the building because of our worship,” said Warren, of Witness Assembly Halls. “Having this space adds to the grandeur of why we are here.”..... 1,8 mill $ for buying. Perhaps value of volunteer working hours and materials is also enormous.  Any suggestion?
    • So copy and paste someone else's comment suddenly makes it right. @Anna you get worse in your answers....  Quote "As for idol worship, Witnesses do not worship any building " "When something is sacred that means that it is viewed as being holy ......... even our places of worship " And then Kingdom halls are sold off to other religions or to any one that will buy them, just to bring the $$$$ in.   
    • Recent discoveries in the dry desert have included the following lost verse: “If anyone says to you, ‘buy high and sell low’ tell him to take a hike.” It so happens that the “thing of the world” under discussion is the building that they meet in. Prove your own disgust for “things of the world.” Burn your house down, and take up residency on the edge of town without that impediment to piety.
    • I'm so glad you mention this. I'm feeling guilty for having abandoned the 1914 topic for the child molestation topic, and now here, the Babylon topic. I'm being tossed about like waves, and totally distracted. By the time I get around to coming to the forum, 20 new comments have piled up on top of the one comment I really wanted to respond to, and mentally saved till later, and now, lo and behold, more stuff! Not only more comments in one topic but more new posts. Don't get me wrong, I would hate for things to get stagnant, but there is only so much time one has to peel back the layers of comments to get to the one you really wanted to reply to. I am still trying to get back to JWI on the 1914 topic! Pity we don't get paid for this.... @The Librarian I wonder, is there away where each individual member could flag comments of choice? And that way it would be easier to find and reply to at a later time?
    • Totally off topic here, but I guess everyone has got bored with the Montana case..... Reading the comments to the Stanley theater article, there was a reply to one poster who had similar sentiments to "Witness" and "4jah2me". I couldn't have said it better myself so I am taking the liberty to just copy and paste it here: "When something is sacred that means that it is viewed as being holy, clean or pure, and should be. So what things are considered holy, or sacred, clean and pure? Well, anything that Jehovah views as such. This includes his name – Jehovah, Jesus and the ransom, God’s laws, our kingdom hope, the Bible, the marriage union and the family, Christian meetings/gatherings, the anointed still on earth are likened to a “holy temple”, physical and moral cleanliness, baptism, worship, responsibilities within the Congregation, God’s people including the anointed, prayer, our relationship with Jehovah, his holy spirit, our ministry, and yes, even our places of worship (not an exhaustive list, mind you). Indeed, in Biblical times a place (and even days, objects, animals, produce, festivals, etc…) were made holy by the presence of Jehovah; for instance the account of the burning bush or the tabernacle courtyard, or even the camp of Israel was to be kept clean because “Jehovah your God is walking about within your camp” and “your camp must prove to be holy”. Now, was Jehovah actually there? No, of course not, but his holy spirit was. In the same way, places of worship, such as the Assembly hall can be considered sacred because of God’s spirit being upon the people and what it’s being used for. As for idol worship, Witnesses do not worship any building. Witnesses do not pray to or through a building. Witnesses do not love buildings of worship above Jehovah. Do Witnesses love to have a place of worship? Of course but not in the sense of veneration! Loving a location in itself is not wrong (remember to be balanced) and we love having any place where pure worship is. Do Witnesses want to make sure that they give the best to Jehovah? Of course! We want to magnify and glorify our God with the very best we can, not for show, but for his name. So having a building that gives glory to God at all times is a precious thing. In fact, the temple Solomon built was dedicated to Jehovah, as are all Witness buildings used for worship or in connection with the outworking of God’s purpose. Israelite’s/Hebrews also built temples which brought glory to God and were places of pure worship. Though, places of worship don’t have to be as beautifully restored and detailed as Stanley is. They should, however, maintain a dignified and clean appearance no matter where they are. The following are sober reminders for all in this time of the end,  – 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12; 2 Timothy 2:16-19,23-25; 4:1-5,7; 6:20; 2 Peter 2:1-3; 2 Corinthians 11:3; Matthew 24:5,11,24; 1 John 2:18,19" Proof?  
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