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    Raymond Franz

    So there you had a member of the GB, who was supposed to be of the 'Faithful and discreet slave ' and he had opinions that should have been guided by God's Holy Spirit. And he had been involved in writing important books telling everyone about the JW Org. Yet he gets kicked out by the other members of the GB for being an apostate. Because he spent time with a disassociated person. Yes, what a 'wonderful' GB you have. What a wonderful Org you have. What a lot of hypocrites you follow.
  4. Thank you John. I caught it off my husband, he is better now, and it's his turn to take care of me now 😁 . No, no. No visitors, I wouldn't want them to catch anything!
  5. UM, sounds a bit like some of you ( TTH & Anna ) are having less 'faith' in your GB's explanations. Go careful some might call that Apostasy. . But it's nice to see even you folks can see how the GB make themselves look stupid sometimes. Though, with that in mind, I can't understand how you can criticise me for not trusting your GB.
  6. Jay Iza

    Entering and Leaving Jehovah's Witnesses

    Thats a bit dramatic tho.... i have been in twice and out once but when u go out they just kinda leave you alone like you never existed... well that was my experience... if it was a joke it was a funny one then 😆🤣😂
  7. I hope you get well soon and I hope some Sisters are visiting you to give you help and give you practical and spiritual support. I've never owned a laptop, not would I. I'm sort of old school, I can only work on a big desktop computer with a big keyboard, and a nice size monitor. As for mobile phones / cell phones, mine only does calls and text, it again is 'old school'. I could never use one with lots of apps etc. I keep saying I'm a simple man of poor education, just being online is a big step for me. Anna, keep up your prayers to God, and get well soon.

    JW Dress Rules

    You guys, Waking up an old topic, are people getting bored ?
  9. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. Mark 11:24 Then Jesus said, “Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?” John 11:40 He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” Mat 17:20 Then the apostles said to the Lord, “Give us more faith.” Luke 17:5 :)))))
  10. That might be the explanation next, if nothing happens within 50 years, and I will turn over in my grave and shout; 'thatTrue Tom nailed it all those years ago!'
  11. GENERATION (GENE-RATION) from. ‘gene,’ a foreshortened version of generous, i.e. abundance and ’ration’ which suggests a limited supply, the very opposite of abundance. From this we may conclude that the word itself is an oxymoron. Think anything you want. ”I think he’s got it. I think he’s got it. BY GEORGE, HE’S GOT IT!!”
  12. TrueTomHarley

    JW Dress Rules

    I am very very close to liking one of Jack’s contributions. However I note that the ‘tight pants sinful brother’ looks somewhat like his profile pic. I need some time to process that.
  13. I think, in fact I'm sure, the meeting will be cancelled because of inclement weather. I was going to listen in... We're supposed to get up to 6 inches of snow overnight
  14. Sounds like you can only "Do-little" for now, but if you scream to get your doctor double-quick, maybe you'll be off a second later, and get yourself to the Kingdom Hall on time, tomorrow.
  15. I agree that this would be a much more humble and discreet, much less presumptuous than proposing a specific belief without real scriptural support, and then just asking everyone to accept it as the solution. @JaocbI never thought about the option of providing several interpretations. That would have been a good idea. Do you have some in mind? Personally my main worries with this new understanding is that it seems like a grasping at straws, a carrot on a stick, and an actual devaluation of Jesus' admonition to be ready at all times. It'seems putting a date (although it's not a literal date, it is a specific closed time period, so still really concerned with time) is making it easier for people to worship Jehovah for a 'date'. I for the life of me do not understand why the GB found the need to 'reinvent' this interpretation again. For the third time if I'm not mistaken. When this idea first appeared in broadcasting, with br. Splane 'masterfully' explaining it, I asked myself why?? Were many of the friends asking for an interpretation, therefor did the GB decide they have to come up with something? It didn't seem like it, because br. Splane didn't introduce it that way, and he would have done if it was the case. So why? This was really a pain to type as my phone keeps doing weird spell check in several languages. So I'm going to stop there, although it's driving me crazy, because I like to respond
  16. I'm not responding coz I'm sick in bed, and can't use my laptop coz it would mean I would have to unplug it, and the battery is dead so it would take ages to reboot and update. And so I am on my phone and its really a pain to type. So I'm just reading everything for now. You just wait! 😀
  17. It was actually a second installment of this polish talk-show that covered Jehovah's Witnesses specifically (first one was a month ago). It ran for about 45 minutes and the topics covered ranged from discouraging against higher education, child abuse cover ups, compiling notes about coversations in the ministry, treatment of women etc. Three ex-witnesses were invited to discuss those topics (the two on the right and Agata, who you might know from the Loyal until death video). Also in the same show fragments of Watchtower publications about 1975 were shown on the big screen.
  18. I used to think she was singing: "Is that all you blaggards can do?"
  19. Jack Ryan

    The gOG of #FakeNews

    Make “Jehovahs” Great Again
  20. Jack Ryan

    Respect Your Rapist?

    This is directly from jw.org. ... a religion of love??


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