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  1. I suspect that our activities will ease back close to where they were. Then the next shoe will drop!
  2. I like to think that we (I) are all works in progress. Some of us will need a large portion of that thousand years to attain perfection.
  3. @Srecko Sostar It makes sense for a preaching organization to print all manner of teaching aids, including books. That is easy to understand.
  4. I simply do not understand why write a book. If a person has knowledge of imperfections in the organization that person certainly must know that Jesus also is aware. If you know of another group doing God's work better, go join them!
  5. Very rarely in our area do we have friends dressing inappropriately. There was a young sister who wore an embarrassingly tight dress once, my wife and I felt sorry for her and wondered how her parents didn't notice. We weren't the only ones shaking our heads. It happens, move on.
  6. Yeah, there is an elderly brother in my congregation that has two calls he has had for 25 plus years. I ain't judgin'!
  7. Does anyone have reliable information on reported gas attack at convention in Angola?
  8. True, there are many unknows. God has given us what we need to know. I've often wondered how the two spies that went into Jericho knew they could promise to save Rahab and her family.
  9. Jehovah knows His timing. So the numbers of partakers is not relevant. I know an anointed brother who made know to us that he had received his sealing. That was some time 2008 or 2009, again Jehovah knows His timing, so if there is an anointed that has not been sealed it doesn't necessarily mean there is a problem with him. If they were all sealed the Angels would let loose their symbolic winds and the tribulation would start, so we know at least one is not sealed. There are no clues to be had in finding Gods timing!
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