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Did the church really safeguard the bible for us?

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220px-Agnes_Smith_Lewis.jpgAgnes Smith Lewis(1843–1926)

"There, in a dark closet, she (Agnes) found a Syriac manuscript. According to her own account, “it had a forbidding look, for it was very dirty, and its leaves were nearly all stuck together through their having remained unturned” for centuries. It was a palimpsest manuscript of which the original text had been erased and the pages rewritten with a Syriac text about female saints. However, Agnes Smith Lewis spotted some of the writing underneath and the words “of Matthew,” “of Mark,” or “of Luke” at the top. What she had in her hands was an almost complete Syriac codex of the four Gospels! Scholars now believe that this codex was written in the late fourth century."

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