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  1. Srecko, I have just read on the MSN news that there has been an earthquake in Croatia. Are you and your family all safe ?   I hope you are not injured in this.  Best regards, John.

    1. Srecko Sostar

      Srecko Sostar

      Ohh, thank you very much for care. Yes it was very strong, 6,3 Richter. Epicenter is in Petrinja, little town about 45 km from Zagreb. Town was very devastated. 

      In Zagreb, it was very scary too. I was at job in that moment. Building is old, but massive and reconstructed/strengthen after 1st earthquake in March.

      Our houses (we got 2) are very old, but standing (with some minor damage occurred in March).

      Greetings and stay well. All best to you and family! 


    2. 4Jah2me


      I'm happy that you are safe and well. Thank you for your reply.


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