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  1. Love this...thank you so much for sharing
  2. Dear Sister Blanchie, I can not even imagine the pain you are feeling at this time. I have lost loved ones too but never a husband or a child. Such pain. Jehovah takes care of the broken hearted and will help you thru this. Prayers for you and your family.
  3. Queen Esther...it did say "Infested " water....I know our brothers walk thru water, deep water to reach people but I doubt they do it in infested water without some protection. And JTR our skin does not prevent us from getting diseases from infested water. So it is a personal choice. I do admire and respect those who go above and beyond for our Wonderful God Jehovah.
  4. Wow it sure is easy to misunderstood on these things. I was simply commenting on someone else's post. Not necessary to marry in the hall with a brother presiding to get Jehovah's blessing.....each to their own. I will keep my comments to myself so as not to be musunderstood. No offense intended.
  5. Nothing wrong with this picture....why follow the traditions of men? Running down to the JP is NOT the same as getting married in the Hall and having a brother marring them and getting Jehovah's blessing. Do not be judging our brothers.
  6. Why would you allow and use someone's video's who says to "Avoid Jehovah's Witnesses" ? I was excited to view this until I saw it came from someone called Avoid Jehovah's Witnesses? What's up with this? Thank you
  7. To me it's not about counting the time but encouraging our brothers and sisters. If all you are concerned about is counting time...do it elsewhere. If they are baptized I would think it would not be appropriate. Should be putting our hearts into that visit and be genuinely concerned about their spiritual health.
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