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  1. I think your beef goes well beyond this or any other discussion and it is simply that there is a shepherding mechanism among JWs. Next it will be at shepherds themselves, next congregations themselves. Will it go all the way to a beef that there is a God himself?
  2. I don’t know what you are smoking, but what you have underscored in no way contradicts my point and in no way validates yours. On the second portion I speak a bit less confidently, for I have no idea what point you are trying to make, nor even if you are making one beyond merely laying down words.
  3. This is probably true. But it is in the nature of social media. Nobody “fully understands” anything of which they speak. Maybe they should, but they rarely do. All communication is a give-and-take of trying to get a better grasp of things, searching out accuracy and evading the rocks that would rip open the boat’s bottom. For the most part, this is understood going in. It is buyer beware. A fool believes every word. The shrewd ones weighs matters carefully. Granted, few people do this. But the only solution is to become more shrewd oneself or pull the plug on social media Since the l
  4. Doesn’t matter. If ones go straight to police with an allegation and police decide there is nothing to it, then no harm is done to anyone beyond some inconvenience & maybe false suspicion. If ones go straight to the police and an abuser is thrown into the hoosegow, no doubt elders will find out about it then. At that time, they can begin whatever spiritual role they will play. They’d have no reason to feel “left out of the loop,” and I don’t think they would.
  5. You either don’t keep up or you deliberately misrepresent. The May 2019 made exactly that point. It doesn’t matter what the elders do or do not do. It doesn’t matter what they do or do not believe. A member has every right to go to the police and by doing so, they bring no reproach at all on the congregation. The abuser has already done that.
  6. Yes. Geoffrey Jackson made that point to the ARC but they didn't want to hear it. In the Dear Mr. Putin ebook, I included: "Three times before the Australian Royal Commission, Geoffrey Jackson, of the Witness Governing Body, pleaded for universal, mandatory reporting laws, with no exceptions—if that could only be done, it would make the job of the Witness organization in policing its own without raising the ire of those outside the congregation “so much easier,” he said. "Continuing his cross-examination, Justice Angus Stewart said: “Leaving aside the question of overriding mand
  7. @JW Insider Elementary, middle, and primary school schedules are staggered so that the same bus can make three runs. The last to let out in the afternoon was the middle school. I would arrive after two runs and take my place in a line-up of 6. There usually was a 15 minute wait, during which I might read. Two buses up the driver was some long-hair of my approximate age that I had briefly chatted up once or twice. One day he disappeared. It got around that he had taken his life, he had been bummed by being “just a school bus driver.” For me, being a school bus driver was a libe
  8. I once worked for an inventory company—you may have seen their counters at various stores—there may be one hundred or more at large venues. Occasionally anal managers would come along to insist on no talking whatsoever!!! among the workers. (It does marginally improve the count) Comraderie was the only thing that job had going for it. “Why can’t we get good people?!” one of the managers complained. “Because we don’t offer anything,” my favorite manager would answer back. As such times as enforced silence I would make it my life mission to break down that discipline, and more often th
  9. It depends upon what you define as “doing the right thing.” In the eyes of are determined critics, we still are not “doing the right thing” and will not until any so much as a hint of CSA allegation is immediately forwarded by elders to the police—effectively making them an arm of the state. It is not for elders to make any judgment as to credibility or severity. Send any allegation to police. We may think we have settled matters by making clear there is no stigma in affected or knowledgeable parties going to police with CSA allegations “unproven” or not. But they will not think so.
  10. Oh, come come. You wouldn’t be able to think your way out of a paper bag. You display it with almost every remark.
  11. Yes. You were the catalyst. Thank you. Not to worry. We can expect a True Anointed to come along any minute and fix it.
  12. I have several chapters about it in TrueTom vs the Apostates. Then along comes Holly Frank to better say in far fewer words the broader portion of what I have said
  13. There were no religions investigated as religions. What was investigated was institutional abuse of schools, clubs, and daycamps within those religions, not the religion itself. Only Jehovah’s Witnesses were investigated as a religion —for abuse that happened to occur among the families of the rank and file, something the other groups have no mechanism even of tracking. The reason is above. It is indeed a scheme tailor made for institutional abuse, not for abuse that occurs among families that are religious.
  14. “Here’s a hammer. Go build your house. See if you can get one of the brothers to show you how it works.”
  15. I hate to say it, but I am quite comfy personally as is—though of course I realize this is not true of the greater brotherhood and may not continue to hold true for me. I have carved myself a unique little niche, partly due to a modest innate talent and partly because I am not good at anything else. Will the new system liberate me in that regard? Or will the brothers say, “Aren’t you the one who hung out on that squirrelly site to battle the ne’er-do-wells after we said you ought not? Hmm. What are your qualifications? Battling “apostates?” Too bad for you there aren’t any now.” ?
  16. Exactly. This is the issue before all the earth; will it be rulership by man or rulership by God? Everything else is a subset of this greater frame. And yet: It is not trust. It is acquiescence. He freely admits that ‘his’ side has nothing. But it does not stop him from sabotaging those who have decided, that since that is the case with conventional paradigms, they will look outside them. He has nothing. And he wants to make sure you don’t either. It has become his mission in life, his warped “good news.” In this purely secular worldview is revealed the cancer of the burgeoning “
  17. What could be more humble than this? Asking for help. Asking for counsel. Asking for strengthening. Abasing oneself as a child. Surely a true Christian would be softened at this. Surely a true Christian would offer a mild response. His response? Nothing! Not a bit of help, though he was entreated in the kindest way! Just boasting about his own brilliance, and denouncing anyone who has given him the slightest offense! I tell you, I have pretty well come around to an idea @JW Insideronce floated, that he is not a Witness at all, and his primary M.O. is to make JWs look as nasty and
  18. It is probably one of those things that, If you know what is right and do not do it, it is a sin for you.
  19. Yes. Word is out that we can expect a TA.org soon. it will be a rebranding to keep up with the times. Like MailChimp: or Starbucks: or IHOP:
  20. There were some models—not one that I ever drove, they were being phased out—that if all the high school kids crammed in the back of the bus, they could lift the front wheels. I learned the truth during my senior year of college. After graduation, I determined to pioneer. Unlike some more mature youngsters, I never knew what I was doing there anyway. I had been (this for Srecko’s sake) “manipulated” to be there. If your grades were not in the toilet, there is no way the high school would tolerate your not going to college unless you had strong reason not to go, and I didn’t. I took the pa
  21. Got it. Who can say? People gots to be cut slack. My newfound nemesis says to me, “Did I ever say I was perfect?” “Well, no,” I hang my head in shame. “Alright, then!” he crows and the moment I turn my back he toasts it with a flamethrower.
  22. It was a perfect job for a pioneer. I actually lived in a basement apt at the Kingdom Hall then. I would arise in the AM, drive about 1/4 mile to the bus barns, and be back in time for the text. 4 hours in the field and I was back for the afternoon runs. I know several who do it now. In some areas, the pay is quite good for a part-time job. It is that way where I live. And yes, even though living at the Kingdom Hall, I would still sometimes be late for meetings.
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