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“Of Whom Shall I Be in Dread?” - Words of King ? David

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“Of Whom Shall I Be in Dread?”

“Though against me war should rise, even then I shall be trusting.”—PS. 27:3.


David begins this psalm with the words: “Jehovah is my light and my salvation. Of whom shall I be in fear? Jehovah is the stronghold of my life. Of whom shall I be in dread?” (Ps. 27:1


While fear can exert a weakening influence, the feeling of dread is even more severe. But no underlying dread should agitate one who fears Jehovah. (1 Pet. 3:14


When we make Jehovah our stronghold, we “will reside in security and be undisturbed from dread of calamity.” (Prov. 1:33; 3:25) Why so?



David forcefully articulates his trust in Jehovah’s help by saying: “In case my own father and my own mother did leave me, even Jehovah himself would take me up.” (Ps. 27:10


We may conclude from the events mentioned in 1 Samuel chapter 22 that David’s parents did not abandon him. However, many today have had to endure extreme rejection by their family. Yet, many thus forsaken have found help and protection in the warmth of the Christian congregation.


Jehovah has promised to help, protect, and deliver his people, as a group, physically and spiritually, and we trust in him. (Ps. 37:28; 91:1-3) The crowd that survive “the great tribulation” must indeed be great. (Rev. 7:9, 14


Thus that crowd, as a group, will be shielded from extinction throughout the remainder of the last days. They will be supplied with everything they need to endure trials and to safeguard their relationship with Jehovah. And throughout the final phase of the great tribulation, Jehovah will protect his people.



Indeed, where would we be without our God-given hope and our appreciation for the things discussed in Psalm 27! May we, then, continue to pray confidently for strength and deliverance as we face the events leading up to Armageddon.—Read Psalm 27:14.




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