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Time Line of Jusus's Life

Guest Kurt

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1. Did you read that long ago,
before the moon and stars 
were in the sky, 
God created his Son? 

Jesus came to live on earth
where he healed the sick
and showed what he will do
in the new world to come.

His life he sacrificed for everyone
"Faithful and True"
?ever loyal from the heart,
faithful in every way,
as "king of kings,"
he's everything that a king should be,
bringing us peace for eternity.

2. Now he wears a golden crown,
and he's soon to rule an earthly paradise,
blessing all that we do.

We'll see the Bible's promises come true.

"Faithful and True"
?ever loyal from the heart,
faithful in everything.

If we obey,
he'll guide the way so that we may be
faithful and true for eternity.

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