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Oh  NOOOOO....  I  not  believe,  that  CO. wives  are  really  fat...  NO !!   Where  do  you  read  that ??   Or  it  is  a  JTR.  joke  again     I  think  so !  hahaha

Of course, reality changes when you enter Wal-Mart .........

It's really quite simple ... when they sit down to a chicken dinner they eat entire "overlapping generations".

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I  NEVER  understand,  why  (mostly)  american  women  walking  outdoor  in  such  of  clothes  and  in  pastell  colors - instead  in  black  or  dark-blue 1f632.png  Its  an  impertinence  to  show  us  such  a  looking....  UGH :(1f92e.png  What  do  you  think, JTR ??   I  find  its  not  okay.  But  your  pictures  are  perfect  for  that  theme,  hahaha 1f923.png1f602.png1f923.png

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I really think women that large should be assigned their own postal code.

I have seen women SO FAT ( How fat were they?) that they had lesser fat women on orbit around them.

I once got a traffic ticket for injuring an extremely fat woman crossing the street, but was found "not guilty" in court, after I explained I did not have enough gas to go around her.

In English, the acronym for "Circuit Overseer's Wife" ...... is COW.


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