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Frozen Drop !! - The good and bad of Frozen Water!! ~

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Frozen Drop !! - The good and bad of Frozen Water!! ~
Can things be frozen in time? -


(Psalm 147:17) . . .He is throwing his ice like morsels. Before his cold who can stand? The Wonder of Water
Although individual drops of water seem very simple, water is an extremely complex substance. In fact, Dr. John Emsley, a science writer at Imperial College, in London, England, said that it is “one of the most investigated of all chemicals, but it is still the least understood.” New Scientist magazine stated: “Water is the most familiar liquid on Earth, but also one of the most mysterious.”

Dr. Emsley explained that despite the simple structure of water, “nothing is as complex in its behaviour.” For example, he said: “H20 should be a gas, . . . but it is a liquid. Moreover, when it freezes . . . , its solid form, ice, floats instead of sinking,” as would ordinarily be expected. Regarding this unusual behavior, Dr. Paul E. Klopsteg, a past president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, observed:
“This appears as a remarkable design for sustaining aquatic life such as fishes. Think what would happen if water, as it cools to the freezing point, didn’t behave as described. Ice would form and keep forming until it occupied an entire lake, snuffing out all or most marine life.” Dr. Klopsteg said that this unexpected behavior of water is “evidence of a great and purposeful mind at work in the universe.”

According to New Scientist, researchers now think that they know the reason for this unusual behavior of water. They have developed the first theoretical model that accurately predicts the expansion of water. “The key to the mystery,” the researchers realized, “lay in the spacing of oxygen atoms within these structures.”

Isn’t that remarkable? A molecule that appears so simple challenges human comprehension. And to think that water makes up most of the weight of our body! Do you too see in the marvels of this molecule, of only three atoms of two elements, “evidence of a great and purposeful mind at work”? Yet, a molecule of water is extremely small and much less complex than many other molecules.

“THE worst natural disaster in the nation’s history.” That is what The Toronto Star called this January’s ice storm that ravaged the Canadian provinces of Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick. In the United States, President Bill Clinton declared Maine and New Hampshire as well as sections of Vermont and upstate New York disaster areas.

Some 35 deaths were attributed to the storm, which involved up to five days of freezing rain. Such rain usually lasts for only a few hours, but on this occasion a warm upper layer of air remained stationary over a cold air mass. So when the rain hit a surface, it instantly froze. This built up layers of ice two and three inches thick. Under the weight of the ice, many trees, power lines, utility poles, and transmission towers collapsed, often with frightening consequences.Ice accumulation brought down more than 74,000 miles [more than 120,000 kilometers] of power lines, enough to encircle the earth three times! In Canada, three to four million people were without power and heat, some for three weeks and longer.

In Maine, where Governor Angus King declared a state of emergency, over 200,000 were without power. “This is the biggest disaster of this kind that has ever hit this state,” the governor said. New York Governor George Pataki proclaimed: “You have entire cities with zero power.”

Along the south shore of the St. Lawrence River, some 30,000 wooden utility poles were destroyed during the storm. After 17 hours of freezing rain, Jim Kelly, who lives near that river in northern New York, wrote: “We can’t see out the windows anymore. It’s not just frost or vapor but solid ice. Noises are coming from every side of the house.”
Kelly explained: “In the distance you can hear what sounds like gunfire. Bang! Silence. Bang! Silence. Bang, bang!” Later, he learned that the sounds had come from trees breaking and from the snapping of telephone poles.

Ironically, the landscape took on a dazzling beauty, even as devastation was wreaked upon it. Fears were expressed that Ontario may have lost 20 million maple trees, impacting the maple syrup industry. One grower lamented: “The trees are just spikes heading towards the sky.”

They Helped One Another
True, some people in the area sought to profit from the misery of others during the time of rain and cold, but as in the first century, many showed “extraordinary human kindness.” (Acts 28:2) The Daily Sentinel of Rome, New York, told of Jehovah’s Witnesses who headed out to help people: “The men met at the Kingdom Hall in Watertown to get organized and from there were assigned to various members’ houses. But they wound up helping their neighbors up and down the street too.”

The article said that these relief efforts were coordinated for people “across the region in Adams, Potsdam, Malone, Ogdensburg, Plattsburgh, Massena, Gouverneur, and Ellenburg.” Some volunteers provided heat to homes for a few hours by wiring up generators to run furnaces. Unhappily, temperatures had dropped to below zero in many areas following the storm.

On one occasion the police saw Witnesses visiting homes and mistook them for thieves. When the Witnesses explained what they were doing, one of the policemen said that following the storm, his father, who lives in Montreal, had been helped by JehovahÂ’s Witnesses, even though his father is not a Witness himself. The son expressed his appreciation for the help given.

Many were shocked by the fragility of electrical power and by their dependence upon it. “I’ll tell you, when we build a new home,” one man said, “there’s going to be a wood stove, there’s going to be a generator . . . , and there’s going to be a gas stove.”

Nearly six weeks after the storm, a commentator reflected: “It was a lot of ice, a lot of darkness, a lot of time to think, which is much easier to do with the television off.” Then, he noted: “We’ve been surprised by our vulnerability to the elements.”

Bible students reflect on the Creator’s promise to restore earth to a global paradise after removing this system of things, even as he removed such a world once before. (Matthew 24:37-39; 2 Peter 2:5) Pointing to his potential arsenal, God inquires: “Have you entered into the storehouses of the snow, or do you see even the storehouses of the hail [including freezing rain], which I have kept back for the time of distress, for the day of fight and war?”—Job 38:22, 23.

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Frozen Drop !! - The good and bad of Frozen Water!! ~ Can things be frozen in time? - FOE AND WOE!! ~ (Psalm 147:17) . . .He is throwing his ice like morsels. Before his cold who can stand? The Wonder of Water Although individual drops of water seem very simple, water is an extremely complex substance. In fact, Dr. John Emsley, a science writer at Imperial College, in London, England, said that it is “one of the most investigated of all chemicals, but it is still the least understo

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    • Eric Ouellet

      Soyons reconnaissant devant toutes ses oeuvres
      Le Dieu des dieux, Jéhovah, parle ;
      il convoque la terre
      depuis le soleil levant jusqu’au soleil couchant.
      De Sion, la perfection de la beauté, Dieu rayonne.
      Notre Dieu viendra et ne pourra pas garder le silence.
      Il y a un feu dévorant devant lui,
      et une violente tempête fait rage autour de lui.
      Il convoque les cieux et la terre
      pour juger son peuple :
       « Rassemblez auprès de moi mes fidèles,
      ceux qui concluent une alliance avec moi par un sacrifice. »
      Les cieux proclament sa justice,
      car Dieu lui-même est Juge. (Sèla.)
       « Écoute, ô mon peuple, je vais parler ;
      ô Israël, je vais témoigner contre toi.
      Je suis Dieu, ton Dieu.
      Ce n’est pas pour tes sacrifices que je te réprimande,
      ni pour tes holocaustes, qui sont constamment devant moi.
      Je n’ai pas besoin de prendre un taureau de ta maison
      ni des boucs de tes enclos.
      Car tous les animaux sauvages de la forêt m’appartiennent,
      même les bêtes sur mille montagnes.
      Je connais tous les oiseaux des montagnes;
      les innombrables animaux des champs sont à moi.
      Si j’avais faim, je ne te le dirais pas,
      car le sol productif m’appartient, avec tout ce qui s’y trouve.
      Vais-je manger la viande des taureaux
      et boire le sang des boucs?
      Offre en sacrifice à Dieu ta reconnaissance
      et acquitte-toi des vœux que tu as faits au Très-Haut;
      appelle-moi en temps de détresse.
      Je te secourrai, et tu me glorifieras. »
      Mais Dieu dira au méchant :
      « De quel droit récites-tu mes prescriptions
      ou parles-tu de mon alliance?
      Car tu détestes la discipline,
      et sans cesse tu tournes le dos à mes paroles.
      Quand tu vois un voleur, tu l’approuves,
      et tu fréquentes les personnes adultères.
      Avec ta bouche, tu répands le mal,
      et tu attaches la tromperie à ta langue.
      Tu t’assieds et tu parles contre ton frère;
      tu révèles les défauts du fils de ta propre mère.
      Quand tu faisais ces choses, je gardais le silence,
      alors tu t’es dit que j’étais comme toi.
      Mais, à présent, je vais te réprimander
      et exposer ce que j’ai contre toi.
      Réfléchissez à ceci, s’il vous plaît, vous qui oubliez Dieu,
      sinon je vous déchirerai et il n’y aura personne pour vous secourir.
      Celui qui offre en sacrifice sa reconnaissance me glorifie ;
      et à celui qui est déterminé à bien agir
      je ferai voir le salut de Dieu. »

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    • Eric Ouellet

      Dieu aime les prières et la sincérité de ses serviteurs humbles
      Dieu aime la bonté de coeur envers autrui et non aux sacrifices et holocaustes d'animaux sauvages et domistiques.
      Dans ton amour fidèle, accorde-moi ta faveur, ô Dieu.
      Dans ta grande miséricorde, efface mes transgressions.
      Lave-moi complètement de ma faute
      et purifie-moi de mon péché.
      Car je suis bien conscient de mes transgressions,
      et mon péché est constamment devant moi.
      C’est contre toi que j'ai failli, oui j'ai fait le mal
      devant tes yeux.
      Ainsi, tu es juste quand tu parles,
      tu es droit quand tu juges.
      Vois ! Je suis né coupable
      et, depuis l’instant où ma mère m’a conçu, je suis pécheur.
      Vois ! Tu prends plaisir à la vérité dans le fond du cœur;
      enseigne-moi la vraie sagesse, au plus profond de moi.
      Purifie-moi de mon péché avec l’hysope, pour que je sois pur;
      lave-moi, pour que je sois plus blanc que la neige.
      Fais-moi entendre le son de l’allégresse et de la joie,
      pour que les os que tu as broyés se réjouissent.
      Détourne ton visage de mes péchés
      et efface toutes mes fautes.
      Crée en moi un cœur pur, ô Dieu,
      et mets en moi un esprit nouveau, ferme.
      Ne me chasse pas de ta présence ;
      ne m’enlève pas ton esprit saint.
      Redonne-moi la joie d’être sauvé par toi;
      éveille en moi la volonté de t’obéir.
      Je veux enseigner tes chemins aux transgresseurs,
      pour que les pécheurs reviennent à toi.
      Libère-moi de la culpabilité de meurtre, ô Dieu, mon Dieu sauveur,
      pour que ma langue puisse proclamer joyeusement ta justice.
      Ô Jéhovah, ouvre mes lèvres
      pour que ma bouche proclame ta louange.
      Car tu ne veux pas de sacrifices — autrement, j’en donnerais ;
      tu ne prends pas plaisir aux holocaustes.
      Le sacrifice qui plaît à Dieu, c’est un esprit brisé ;
      un cœur brisé et broyé, ô Dieu, tu ne le rejetteras pas.
      Dans ta bienveillance, agis pour le bien de Sion ;
      bâtis les murailles de Jérusalem.
      Alors tu prendras plaisir aux sacrifices de justice,
      aux holocaustes et aux offrandes totales ;
      alors on offrira des taureaux sur ton autel.

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