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..”Men Will Be Fierce”... (2 Timothy 3:1-5)

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... ”Men Will Be Fierce”....
•••••••••••• (2 Timothy 3:1-5) •••••••••••

As long as we yearn for a world free of evil, where other human beings, or other living beings are not mistreated, where they do not mistreat anyone, or where they do not steal their organs from other human beings, where there are no kidnappers or mafias or Nor drug traffickers and do not abuse, abuse or kill human beings or animals.
We pray for a world without promoters of wars that cruelly kill children and other innocent beings with chemical weapons. Very soon this prophecy being fulfilled today, about "fierce men, and no love of good" (2 Timothy 3:1-5), wicked and wicked, fierce who act like beasts, (Psalm 37: 9-11) It will trigger the fulfillment of another wonderful prophecy about " a new earth " (2 Timothy 3:13). and the worst predator of nature, the evil man, will cease to exist on our planet, why God, " cause ruin Of those who are ruining the earth " (Revelation 11:18).
That Happiness!. There will be no more tears of suffering (Revelation 21:3,4). and the inhabitants of the earth will be people who worship the one true God Jehovah, and amen justice and peace (Psalms 37:9 B, 11 Even the animals will cease to suffer and will not again be hunted by sport by other unscrupulous people, and selfish to those who do not care to cause pain and suffering to other living beings.
That is why we ask God: "come your kingdom", we ask for a fair government that will bring peace and happiness to those who love and learn from now to be meek, humble, peaceful and obedient to God, and take a free Bible course with the Jehovah's witnesses to learn with their own copy of the bible as it will be possible and how to dress also of the new personality of Christ, and may become the future citizens of a new world in which they will live forever on earth converted into A Paradise and enjoy many more blessings (Luke 23:43). Idea of: Richard Cabosq.

(writing: Abel Romero Novella).


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... ”Men Will Be Fierce”.... •••••••••••• (2 Timothy 3:1-5) ••••••••••• Reflecting: As long as we yearn for a world free of evil, where other human beings, or other li

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