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Dear Mr. Putin: Jehovah's Witnesses write Russia: Free version of extremism
By Tom Harley

This book is identical to Dear Mr. Putin: Jehovah's Witnesses write in Russia, except that all citations from The Watchtower publications have been withdrawn, which allows them to read safely in Russia, that is, unless and until The whole book is declared an extremist there. You do not need to download this if you can read the other one securely.

Plus In early 2017, Jehovah's Witnesses were invited only once to write to Vladimir Putin. In two months, up to 49 million letters were sent. They were not all for Putin, other officials were identified, but his was the most visible name. The problem was not avoided, however, Russia came to know a nation on earth where every citizen cares deeply for others.

On the surface, the letter writing campaign was a failure. The opposition that would eventually lead to the prohibition of religious organization by the Supreme Court continued unabated. It has only intensified since then. Two and only two groups of children have been recognized by the authorities as at risk of "destructive psychological influence": children of members of ISIS and children of Jehovah's Witnesses. Currently, the elimination of parental rights for members of the two groups is an unused tool, but it is a tool that has been approved for use.

Witnesses from all over the world felt and felt the ardor of their Russian brothers and sisters as if they were in them. They longed to do something and here was something tangible they could do. By participating in the drafting of letters, they strengthened their Russian counterparts, who are now in the eye of the storm.

Jehovah's Witnesses have been banned in Russia since tsarist times. Their survival and growth at all times are part of the Soviet legend. With the arrival of 'Perestroika' and 'Glasnost', they were granted religious freedom, but their time of freedom lasted only until 2017, and the current laws are tougher than the previous ones. They are not the only minority faith that experiences persecution in Russia. All of them do it to a certain extent. The witnesses are at the forefront, the first to have their organization outside the law, but many are trembling in their boots that will be next.

The books about Jehovah's Witnesses written by Jehovah's Witnesses are not abundant. It's a pity, because no stranger, even with the best intentions, can do justice to the faith as a connoisseur can: they forget the nuances, and in some cases, even the facts. Jehovah's Witnesses come mainly from the ranks of the workers, who are not willing to write books. The roads to publicize their faith are already well established. Why write a book when you can look people in the eye and tell them what you have to say?

In general, the books written by the Witnesses are of special interest: stand firm during the Holocaust, clarify civil rights through the Superior Courts or even the issue of blood transfusion. What this writer tries here has not seen anyone before.

The Russian courts gave the appearance that the decision they had made had already been taken somewhere from above and it would be up to the judge to impose it, which, of course, he did. The specific reasons of the opposition were mostly absent from the judicial proceedings. So I have provided them, along with a defense for each one, in areas as diverse as the charges of "cult", rejection, donation practices and the burning issue of pedophilia. The last accusation did not play any role in Russian events, but it has another place.

Non-witnesses can write about the practical aspects of the movement to destroy the infrastructure of the faith in Russia. But they will lose the subtleties of the reason for doing so. They will totally miss the atmosphere that drives all the Witnesses of the world to write to relevant Russian officials. What the base soldiers felt when they followed the ups and downs of last-minute events will be lost. This book is written to supply those missing pieces.



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PUBLICATION STUDIES THE CAMPAIGN OF LETTERS SENT TO RUSSIA BY WITNESSES. Dear Mr. Putin: Jehovah's Witnesses write Russia: Free version of extremism By Tom Harley This book is identical to

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