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Apple's anticompetitive stance on Progressive Web Apps will be noticed by US Government Regulators soon.

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The simple fact that Apple has not enabled notifications on a progressive web app as they do their own native apps is the proof the US Government will use to start to regulate the App Store as anti-competitive.

pusher mobile push notifications api GIF by Product Hunt


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    • By admin
      I was begging for IPB to create a progressive web app for this forum site and a developer pushed back saying I was in essence whining.
      There are a few difficult steps for the average forum owner at this point. Developers can easily create something evidently.
      As I was writing my response... I thought to myself.....
      How much longer until Google, offers us a fully featured forum software with a PWA built in?   Adsense enabled. Hmm... good idea. Talk about a Blogger upgrade. 

      Anyone know Larry or Sergei personally over a Google? Please share this post with him/them.
      All they have to do is empower all the old bloggers with pwa's of their own using their already in existence Google Adsense code.
      Imagine creating a entire universe of Mark Zuckerberg's each with their own version of Google + / Facebook / Forum.
    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      YouTube Go es una versión de la aplicación principal que permite descargar los videos en redes Wi-Fi para evitar el consumo de datos de Internet en el teléfono móvil. A su vez, está optimizada para que pueda ser utilizada en dispositivos con poco espacio de almacenamiento, ya que solo ocupa 9,4 MB.
      El control del consumo de datos con esta versión optimizada de YouTube está en la opción que ofrece la aplicación para ver o descargar los videos. Primero ofrece una vista previa del contenido y luego permite establecer la calidad del video y la cantidad de MB que requiere cada una de las opciones, además del espacio disponible en la tarjeta de memoria.
      Leer más: 
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.
    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole

      This applies more to young ones, but can really apply to any one of us. In the world we live in today there are many people looking to take advantage of us by means of social media. There have been many sad stories about people who were robbed or worse because they gave away too much personal information on social media. Some may give out their information that it becomes like posting your private info on the screens in Times Square. Young ones with free and unmonitored access to smart phones and computers have at times found themselves speaking with strangers who seek to do them harm. It's so important that on our personal private accounts we are careful about who we allow to follow us and who we choose to follow. Parents should regularly monitor their children's Internet use and set rules to protect their children as well. Even those claiming to be Witnesses may not be what they seem. Proverbs 22:33-"The shrewd one sees the danger and conceals himself,But the inexperienced keep right on going and suffer the consequences."
    • By admin
      Alex Knoll, the brains and passion behind the Ability App, has taken several giant steps toward realizing his dream this week.
      Thursday, the 12-year-old entrepreneur appeared in-person on the Ellen DeGeneres show. He explained his concept of a free, mobile app that people will be able to download and use to find and rate places for 'disability friendliness' and dozens of accessibility features. 
      A big barrier for Alex had been funding. But Ellen stood up on her show and wrote out a check to Alex for $25,000!!! Her team also connected him to a group that will help put the app together.
      Last summer, Alex and his mom joined Deb Wolfer and I to perform an A4A review of SCRAPS. He really knows his stuff.
      Here is a link to the story and video clip from KREM:
    • Guest
      By Guest
      Many of us remember the exciting Internet as the arena for the free exchange of ideas, debate and sharing of creativity, news, commerce etc.
      The Internet once held the promise of a more democratic world. Everyone would have a voice, a medium, to share ideas and thoughts on.
      Instead of pointing at commerce as the culprit for killing the Internet I will point at large corporations exploiting people's inherent laziness.
      Once Apple and Google introduced apps to the world more and more percentage of user eyeballs were now locked into the apple or google app bubble world. I remember being told about the "halo effect" of buying an Apple device which I love. I use these great devices to use the Internet still. If you are reading this story... then so do you. Congratulations.
      But the question really is... How did you get to this page?
      Forums would also simultaneously be ignored as Facebook.com would become an app and actually become the de facto Internet for most people.
      Apple would purposely handcuff it's iOS browser in order to make developers use apps.
      The browser wars have never ended. This is a race for people's eyeballs.
      Google searches for news would start to slide.
      Forums like this would try to add more functionality to compete with social media and would see readership and engagement suffer over time.
      Information is power. True. But we should update this saying to something like.... Power is controlling the flow of information to the masses of people.
      The pen truly is mightier than the sword. 
      How will this story end? Will ever faster connections make apps (which are basically caches) disappear in favor of fully functional browsers?
      Will another dominant player arise?
      Will Google empower the people again as it did with Windows Office subjugation?
      We live in interesting times.
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