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Optimism (an ETH Layer 2 rollup solution) had launched the Optimism collective.

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Via Guy from Coin Bureau:


This is essentially their attempt at a DAO structure but with several twists. These include taking the revenue created from Optimism's transaction fees and transforming it into grants for "public goods."

Moreover, they are addressing some of DeFi centralisation concerns by introducing "quadratic voting". This basically increases the cost of voting the more tokens you hold and reduces the voting power of those who hold large stakes in the network.

This is particularly relevant today given some concerns that there are about VC control of Web3 protocols. It’s a voting mechanism that Vitalik Buterin is quite optimistic about – no pun intended.



The DAO structure is really interesting, and I hope to cover it in more detail in the next few days.

But what is perhaps most exciting about this launch is that it will of course include a governance token - OP.

If you will recall from my Airdrops video last year, I speculated that the ETH Layer 2 rollup solutions were likely to do an airdrop at some point:


OP will be airdropped in the near future to over 250,000 ETH addresses. It was based on several different criteria which they outlined in their original tweet thread.

Even if you are not eligible for the airdrop, Optimism has stated that a full 14% of the allocation will be held in reserve for future airdrops. How these airdrops will function is hard to tell - and that's by design. They don't want people to try and game it.

One more point that I will add is that if you viewed my airdrop video, you would have seen that I also speculated that Arbitrum could consider something as well. Now that Optimism has laid out their plans, many are wondering whether Arbitrum could follow suit. Between Polygon, Loopring, Optimism & Arbitrum, the latter is the only one that won't have a native token.

It's of course complete speculation on my part and you shouldn't just be using any protocol because of hopes of an airdrop. I would discourage anyone from trying to game these.

But the point here is that there are additional benefits that come from using ETH layer 2s. Not only do you save gas fees and help with the growth of these Layer 2s, but you could also get awarded tokens that would allow you to be a part of the governance of said protocol.

If you are looking for a guide on how to use ETH Layer 2s then I also have you covered:


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