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  1. yes only pistols are ok .... just like the students of the Lord had always shords with them specially yhe last night with him in the mount of olives
  2. I liked very much the
      Hello guest!
    Yes avgolemono in Greek and agristada in Ladino, I think is a Jewish sauce !
  3. This question is for the religion of the Jehovah's witnesses in my area. I personally did not post it here in "Christianity". I try to repost it in again here
      Hello guest!
    but someone delete it sorry
  4. In the light of bible verse Acts 15:19: "Therefore it is my judgment that we do not trouble those who are turning to God from among the Gentiles", is it scripturally correct to use unnecessary and unscriptural strict rules inside the congregation? for example to press the brothers in the congregation to remove all facial hair (beard) except the moustache? In my area we have very much pressure from elders to abide to any given personal rule (given verbally and never written). This behavior reminds me the Amish community. They tend shunning technology and they suffer because of that, because technology is cheap and makes life easier. Maybe are we becoming also religious extremists ?
  5. Austria suspends Schengen agreement, steps up border control, tells EU to sort out migrant crisis
  6. Hey Admin, i live in Greece and first i learn about him just 2 years ago, is good that exists piratebay, because Greeks do not apriciate this kind of series... but i am crazy about him i also like Jesse stone...
  7. thank you dear brothers and all the Jehovah's witness comunity worlwide for trying to protect us from bad cats !
  8. Hi am writing from Greece. i read the bible so many times, both Hebrew and Greek and i cannot find the name Jehovah... just four letters YHWH. How can we be sure that Gods name isnt Yahawaha? i read in wikipedia "The Hebrew vowel points of Adonai were added to the Tetragrammaton by the Masoretes"

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