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Annual economic report for JW Norway 2017

Jack Ryan

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I’ve got hold on the Norwegian annual report for the JW economy, it is in Norwegian but most of it is easy translated,

There are some interesting points: (1$ = 8 NOK, all numbers that follow is NOK)

  • Total support from the Norwegian government 2017 was 13 643 065 in 2017

  • Gifts and contributions went down from 102 553 652 in 2016 to 59 795 802, that’s 41,6% down in ONE year!YAY!

  • Of the total revenue of 74 620 874 in 2017, 57 076 787 NOK was sent abroad to support “other countries” and written in the annual report as expenses. That’s 76,4% of the revenue in Norway, sent out! And notice how they put it in the annual report as expenses, meaning that every year there is a deficit, just like we have learned from the conventions, they transfer money out and put it as expenses, so there is always a deficit. On page 10 they admit that this is just cash transferred abroad, without any documentation on what it is used for. They write in the report on page 5 that this is used for “emergency aid, KH building and other support of the JW organization”

  • Expenses to KH buildings went down from 10 074 043 in 2016 to 5 257 807 in 2017, almost 50% down. They have stopped building stuff.

  • Page 12 is the report of “The Order”, the expenses to members are cut from 6 602 745 to 5 308 486, that’s down 20% in one year.

  • Page 13 shows how the expenses are used, 73,9% is just sent abroad.

  • Page 14 shows the cash they have transferred. In 2016 they transferred 90 000 000 NOK in cash abroad, without any demands. Just cash out. In 2017 this is down to 57 000 000 NOK, they also transferred asset valued to 5 000 000 in 2017, 10 000 000 in 2016.


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