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The man appeared very dignified and coherent. His arguments were laid out in a straightforward way and without the need for tricks or distractions.

Even 50 years later he makes one think about people all over the world and their plight against oppression. 

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I remember just after he died, I was working in Atlanta, Georgia in a "Cube Farm" (Engineering Office), and while working, the office got deathly quiet ... and I looked up over the fabric partitions, and no one was there! 

Everyone had mysteriously disappeared.

I started walking around to see  what was happening, and met someone in the hallway coming my way. I asked him "Where IS everybody?  My end of the Office is empty!"

He said "Oh, they have all taken off for a Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial, in the park ...."

It was then I realized he was a fine excuse for a gentleman, even though he ran around on his wife and had a mistress, as was discovered many years later.

Not being politically astute at the time, I then realized the value of the man .... went out in the sunshine, and had some hot dogs from a street vendor in the park.

I had a dream too ... of a Kosher Polish Sausage, with sauerkraut, and all the fixin's, and a tan.

Sometimes you can't always get what you want ... but you get what you need.


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