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Boeing's Autonomous Air Taxi

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Can you drop us off at the WeWork at 85 Broad Street in the Financial District?

Thanks to Boeing's (+0.20%) up-and-coming autonomous air taxi, hopping into a drone/cab/helicopter hybrid to get to work might not be a fantasy...especially now that Boeing's prototype for its driverless aircraft completed its first test flight this week.

Here's what yellow cabs' next existential threat could look like:


Via Boeing

Maybe not as frightening as an Uber...well, until you consider that Boeing's linked up with Uber to map out a plan for a potential "Uber Air" launch by 2023.

The skies will be crowded with competitors

Fellow aerospace incumbents (i.e. Airbus and Textron subsidiary Bell) and tech firms like Intel are all trying to revolutionize the way you commute in the future. Don't worry, we've configured the Brew to load in any atmospheric layer.

But expect turbulence. Air taxis use complicated software that'll require plenty of sign-off from safety officials before it can be implemented in any meaningful way. Per the WSJ, getting that approval could take years.


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