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  2. I don't know of any cases like that, but I do know (personally) of one prominent, influential elder (no longer living) who was removed as elder because of notoriety, but remained a pioneer. I don't think today he would be pioneering.
  3. I've had different experience. I know it was definitely like that in the past, I agree, but in recent years I've noticed that elders are very reluctant to step in, even when asked, and if they do, then as you say, they ask the parent to sit in.
  4. Did you know the Org took on that name because it was convenient. It was a name that was already known by many. I believe it was thought up be a Catholic priest in a monastery, but i could be wrong. Did you know that the old argument between the names Yahweh and Jehovah still goes on ? And i presume you know it was YHWH or actually HWHY as the Hebrew writings were from right to left. So Yahweh would be much closer to YHWH than Jehovah would be.
  5. Billy showing true colours i see. He says he's the 'only one in a den of thieves to speak out' yet he still hides behind his cowboy image. I thought Billy the Kid was a thief actually But more importantly it seems that after twelve months (well it seems that long) I'm actually reading some sensible balanced comments about 'my main issue' (as TTH loves to call it) . Thank you @JW Insider for opening up the can of worms that most JW's want to keep shut. And if anyone thinks I'm rubbing my hands with glee, no I'm just a little relieved that some truth is now coming out.
  6. Funny coming from a person that makes a hell of a lot of assumptions about the brotherhood. What I don't find strange, I'm the only one in a den of thieves willing to speak out. Perhaps that's where your confusion comes from. Perhaps that's why people here allow such sick and provoking statements coming from thier own kind. But once again, accusations without proof merit no consideration given the source. 😉
  7. Like cultured people fleeing a fart in the concert hall, they can’t get it out of their Bible’s quick enough.
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  9. You were probably the only one to create that assumption from what I said. And I don't actually believe that even you really got that impression from what I said. Strangely (or perhaps not so strangely) you were the only one to make such a sick and provoking statement out of what I said.
  10. Did you Know Jehovah is God`s Name or do you not use the Name of Almighty Jehovah?
  11. Your statement is giving the impression that all Elders or MS are a danger to children. Do you have proof of this? If you can justify your accusation with proof, then perhaps there is something to talk about. Meanwhile, how dare you make such a sick and provoking statement. Are you a psychologist, are you a judge? What is your and Anna's end game? If you don't like how the Watchtower is operating, LEAVE! no one is stopping anyone here.
  12. This is really a profound statement. All JWs should read it. There is an appropriate way for a parent to relate "horror stories", as is already accomplished in a loving way by responsible parents or in a structured school setting. Yet, as you brought out, the parent needs to be aware of the story in order to relate it in the right way. But...We don't censor "adult" parts of the Bible for our young ones, so why should we "censor" practical warnings of real lurking dangers that could be around them? Anyone blatantly magnifying violence and evil before such little ones, is hiding the evil within themselves. Luke 6:45
  13. That only means, you’re not a good follower of Christ. The badge of honor is to sanctify God’s name which is embedded within the Watchtower brotherhood since 1931. Of course, people like you have no honor nor do they have the privilege to be seen as a witness of YHWH. That honor you have disgraced, by calling yourself a barbarian to justify your actions and behavior is no better than any person trying to sully the name of God. For their own end. So, never say, you are brave, when you coward at the thought, someone would have to consider you a bad apple within a barrel. As scripture states, you have already done that, yourself. On the rest of your rant, Grow up James, you and Butler need stronger meds. Maybe that will prevent you with a rationalization to be talking to yourself, and pretending to be the third person within yourself. You’re no God. That might give “witness” an impression of, Trinity. That person has enough trouble understanding scripture with its proper context. That person doesn’t need the aid of you and JWinsder, and others to muddy the waters even further to a sick end. Do you wonder why the Librarian sanctioned this by NOT admonishing you, as he did with me and Butler, even though I have never threatened to harm anyone like Bulter? How strange Remember, there's nothing you need to prove here, the braveness comes when you confront a body of Elders with this kind of garbage.
    1. Hi Twyla  Could u send the material from this week to me again but not in word or however u sent it. When I go to scripture page unavailable  I hope I am in  the correct place  Looking forward to getting them  Thanks  Fran Eggers fae0425@gmail.com
  14. Hmmm. Is the lesson here to run like mad when the nurse comes with meds because they may be made in China... or to run like double-mad because they may not? FD: I am not a fan of too many meds, having had not so good experiences:
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  15. 🌺🌺🌺 Than You so very much. We really appreciate your research on Our behalf. May Jehovah continue to bless you and yours! 🇧🇲
  16. Almost unrelated but my wife's aunt is in the hospital and that aunt's daughter, my wife's cousin, is a registered nurse who was there with us last night. As we were all visiting, this cousin railed against the fact that the Chinese are manufacturing so many of our standard pharmaceuticals that they administer, and another nurse on duty was agreeing whole-heartedly about poison levels and lead levels in all these Chinese medicines. She gave the name of a few of these medicines, so I started looking them up, and it turned out that quality statistics were more problematic (and lethal) when these same medicines were USA manufactured. it reminded me that major US media outlets including CNN and the NYT apparently feel obligated to run an anti-China story every few days. One recent one that got some traction was a story on how China had banned a cartoon called "Peppa the Pig." Even late-night comedians made fun of how terrible it was that China had banned the innocuous cartoon as promoting gangsterism, etc. There were dozens of major newspapers that picked up the story on Chinese censorship. Some had ominous overtones of impending danger to the Chinese people if not the entire world. Think it's funny that China is cracking down on Peppa Pig? Think again
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    But, in the meantime, people were noticing that not only had a recent Peppa the Pig video gotten a BILLION views in China, but even the Chinese army was marching in Peppa the Pig formations to celebrate the Chinese New Year.
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    The supposedly ominous crackdown turned out to be about as true as the 5,000 news articles published in the US about Assad (Syria) using poison gas on his own people, etc., etc., that, through leaked documents, we now know that the US government didn't believe at all, over the several years that they were still promoting these articles as true.
  17. It is true, that there are churches with "Sunday school" for children, happening while the parents are attending services. Although, as a Catholic that was never the case for my years growing up in the religion. However, even though children remain with their parents in the kingdom hall, abuse has taken place during the meeting, in the restroom.
  18. Give me a break, yes, speaking to someone is very important just like Jesus did. however, his presence was more important to show others that HE WAS SENT BY HIS FATHER JEHOVAH. The same is with US, our present is a witness to the people that JEHOVAH'S SERVANTS are there sent by Jehovah , no matter if we speak to them or not. so. its NOT a cop out LOVE AND PEACE TO YOU
  19. From what I've been learning in the last couple of years, almost nothing I "knew" about communism was true. The international financial services company I worked for (for a quarter century) wanted to open up services in China. Negotiations included a 10 year opportunity to see what kind of market share our company could build with no government encroachment, except for limits on officer salaries and profits leaving the country. But after 10 years, there would be rules about the number of Chinese employees at "officer" decision-making levels, and a kind of democratic vote by all employees about profit levels, profit sharing, etc. There were rules about not just pulling out and leaving Chinese customers without financial guarantees. If any of these rules were broken the Chinese government would prepare to take over and incorporate customers into state provided financial services or Chinese institutions which already abided by those rules.
  20. Hate to say it, but there are a lot of single parents, especially sisters, who ask for elders/ms to study with their young children for them. And it still ends up as part of the process for making sure a youngster is ready for baptism. The "rule" is to always have a second person along or have the parent sit in. But this doesn't always happen. But it doesn't even raise the slightest concern for most brothers and parents because we trust one another and can't imagine that anything wrong might be going on. So the sister/parent who is supposed to sit in will go off to the kitchen and make dinner or take an important phone call. (Seen it happen personally.) The adult brother (or sister) who was supposed to join the study will cancel at the last minute. (Seen it happen personally.) But the perpetrators of these crimes end up being people we would trust with our lives, persons we could never imagine doing anything like this. In fact, TRUST and confidence is a necessary part of the equation. This is one of the reasons I don't think any of us should hold back in letting parents and other children know the horror stories that have happened in the next congregation in our circuit, or among persons at some of the highest levels of organizational responsibility. We don't censor "adult" parts of the Bible for our young ones, so why should we "censor" practical warnings of real lurking dangers that could be around them? I know of no current cases, but you would evidently be surprised at some of the terrible things that have been known to happen. In the past, where the "notoriety" had been thought to be limited to the victim, victim's immediate family, and fellow elders (or fellow circuit overseers, or higher) there have been cases (I now know of two, but wouldn't be surprised at greater numbers) where the perpetrator was simply moved to a place, new circuit, or new country, where that elder was no long in contact with the victim or victim's family. Elders in the new congregation were sometimes not told at all. In fact, the person might have simply risen in the ranks again from circuit to district overseer, for example. I believe that it is now extremely unlikely for this to happen again.
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  22. It may be just as well. The same people who carry on about chemical & pharmaceutical & food pollution also carry on about 5G, far more intense than 4G, and impossible to get away from. Watch those Chinese to see if they light up.
  23. I hear this so often from businesses themselves, not just the government, that I accept it as true. That doesn’t mean that, having done so, they might not use whatever intellectual property they have hijacked to build upon. I also think it will be a difficult point to negotiate away. If what I know about communism is true, there is no private intellectual property, nor private property of any sort. The property of one person is in theory the property of all.
  24. So God has given you the right to judge has he ? Maybe many who pass by have actually heard or read about the amount of Child Abuse within the JW Org. Maybe they see the JW Org as unsafe. Or maybe they know people that are being shunned for no good reason by the Org. I'm 69 and i don't think i will be alive when God brings Judgement day. I think it has to be a long way off from now. I think God will have a pure and honest earthly organisation, organised by communication from Jesus Christ in heaven to truly Anointed people here on Earth. People will know who to trust regarding God's message by the time Judgement arrives. As it is right now there is no pure honest organisation, so people are confused. 'Sheep without a shepherd' as Jesus said. The Bible tells us to serve Almighty God through Christ. So for my part I'm hoping Christ will make it clear who he is using here on this earth. It cannot be JW Org right now as that Org is unclean and has no spiritual direction. Just because JW's go earthwide pushing out a 'message' it does not mean that the message is from God or Christ. But you keep judging people Derek, you seem happy that way.
  25. People who are not interested are satisfied in the world in which we have to live at the moment just like some on here who are just critics when Jehovah says that`s enough I wonder where they will stand
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