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  1. Not with the current corrupt system. Ah well. We will just have to wait until Jehovah puts it into the politicians minds to dismantle the religious infrastructure. And not before time.
  2. How disappointing. ☹️ The report is all ifs and woulds and shoulds and coulds. Why don't they just bite the bullett and just ban and dismantle the whole shower of corrupt charlatans?
  3. Harrison's Flowers 48 Journalists killed in former Yugoslavia 1991-1995
  4. Come now. Don't get testy....You know there is as much proof of the trinity as there is for...........abiogenesis!
  5. You're in the wrong job if you could do that my friend. No one alive, or dead, can prove the trinity, and never has.
  6. This subject has been done to death mate, whatever you think death is???
  7. His answer to that question is simple. No one knows the day or hour, only the Father. (Matt.24:36). So no sign was given to indicate that element. All the focus must be elsewhere to understand what was said.
  8. The beginning and end of birth pangs are not remotely situated. Excuse me if I miss your point here?
  9. same words, different circumstance. In one case self indulgence dulls awareness. |n the other case, deceptive propaganda.
  10. What are these? It seems to be down to individual experience.
  11. Nonsense. This is a ploy to avoid the issue I am afraid. Kingdom birth illustrations are not the same as matters related to the last days as the the birth of the kingdom precedes the last days....in my universe anyway. ?

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