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  1. Actually, I condemn the action (or inaction) of every single last one of you who hide the facts of child abuse from the relevant authorities. I don't differentiate on the basis of any perceived status in or out of any organisation. You are all in the same bag to me.
  2. It's not about the issue around who is on what side or the other. It's primarily about the safety of children and the failure of adults, whoever they are, to discharge their responsibility to ensure that safety. And it's also about the moral responsibility of those both inside and outside of organisations who cover up detailed allegations out of cowardice and misplaced loyalties. These responsibilities are not removed by the opinions of others.
  3. This is a quote from the original poster who subsequently asks for the opinion of others.. The opinion of others can only be Yes, No, or Maybe. As this is a UK issue, there is a moral, not legal, duty, for an informed third party to report such matters to a suitable authority. In view of the intimate knowledge this alleger claims to have, the option was suggested that they discuss the matter anonymously with Childline on a Freephone number 0800 1111. What is particularly odious about the whole exchange is that the party in question is vociferously complaining and making allegations about others who, in their opinion, "cover up" such cases. Consider: An allegation has been made.The accuser has given their opinion as above. Others have expressed their varied opinions. An option that would report the matter to a suitable authority, anonymously, has been given. Yet the alleger continues to dither, continues to accuse others of the same moral hypocrisy. The alleged potential for further harm remains. This person, regardless of status, is appearing to behave like an active part of the problem they are continually complaining about. Why is there even a discussion on the matter?
  4. Outta Here


    Smeone has been on the sauce here!
  5. Outta Here

    Ewart C. Chitty

    Yes, probably they were some of the more creepy Bethelites, of whom there were a few I met in the 70s. My recollection of Edgar, who I met just after I was baptised, was of a rather friendly, polite, little, old gentleman. He had quite a soft voice and a rather eccentric way of speaking, almost like a stammer, and a bit of a twitchy eye, like a kind of squint that would intermittently assert itself. I suppose that might have made him a bit "unfashionable" along with his early '50s dress sense. I knew nothing then of his background, that he was one of the anointed, started his Bible study in 1914, Bethel from 1926 etc. In the ensuing years he visited us at home or we met up with him at Bethel when he keenly showed me round the various printing presses and how to operate the linotype press as in the photo. Jack Barr was working next to him at the time. He was anything but "creepy". In fact, he gave me a great deal of encouragement in my most formative years coming into Jehovah's organisation. I lost touch with him late '70s and actually do not know when he died. He was in his 80s when I last saw him. I found out later that he was known by the brothers as one of the "three wise men" along with Pryce Hughes and Ewart Chitty because of the lead they took at Assemblies and Conventions during the 40s and 50s. I knew him as an unassuming, kindly and encouraging gentleman, with one or two "minor" physical oddities that provided food for behind-the-back ridicule on the part of some Bethelite "creeps".
  6. Yes indeed...., but not wisely (unless I am mistaken)...."But Peter, in response, said to him: “Although all the others are stumbled in connection with you, I will never be stumbled!”" Matt.26:33
  7. Outta Here

    Ewart C. Chitty

    "Then, too, I have had the same friend and roommate for the past thirty years or more, Brother Edgar Clay, whose life story you may have already read; but now we share a lovely room, a most pleasant home with a fine view facing south, and an extra window looking out to rising fields and trees and the setting sun in all its glory." WT Feb 15 1963. You call that gushing?
  8. Do you mean 1950s ones that have survived through to 2018? Or dead 'uns?
  9. Outta Here

    Jehovah Hates Magic - Sparlock

    Is this an issue? Or just for information??
  10. That is true, but while he sees fit to run it the way he currently does, I don't want a single red cent of my money going to finance anything other than what I donated it for. Rock on.....!

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