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  1. More drivel! She is probably not a "Friday morning person" and was still a little bleary. Have you shown her 1Cor.3:19 yet?
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  2. There seems to be myth being addressed in this discussion hence the erroneous and void conclusions. Fact: Rape by definition takes place when force or the threat of force is used to gain sexual penetration, of any kind whatsoever, against a person's will. It is the rapist's use of force against an unwilling victim that makes him a rapist. Thus, a rape victim is not guilty of fornication. Like an incest victim, they may be forced to submit to an act they doesn't want because of the perceived power held over them by another person. In some cases this coercion could be very subtle, but nevertheless, coercion it is. When a person is forced to submit to a rapist out of terror or disorientation, it does not mean that they consent to the act. Consent is based on choice without threat and is active, not passive.
  3. To what end? And if the donkey doesn't see the carrot..................? Or maybe less facetiously, are you saying this is an illustration to placate "end of this system" oriented Christians to keep plodding on? How many of them do you think there are?
  4. Then this reading is superficial, the question is preposterous.
  5. Do you think Timothy was part of that "generation"? Or Eutychus?
  6. Perhaps it is. I appreciate the references but I have a more than sneaky feeling that we just do not know what the mechanics of this transference of life really entail. I have no problem at all in accepting the fact that these things have occurred or will occur, but the attempted explanations of how I find inadequate. There are a number of instances. Enoch's transference so as not to "see death". The materialisation of fully fleshly human bodies by spirit creatures The restoration of life to a corpse The transfer of Jesus from heaven to earth, from spirit to human form The resurrection of Jesus from human death to spirit life The 3rd heaven experience of Paul The resurrection of humans from human death to spirit life in the heavens The instantaneous transference of humans from human life on earth to spirit life in heaven The resurrection of humans from death to human life on earth across the passage of time The releasing of Satan from the abyss. "Above my pay grade" is the best I can do with these matters up to now. And I am happy with that.
  7. We do not know what they understood. I suspect their understanding based at best on Dan.9:26 was limited at the time until it actually came to an end. Later after Pentecost some may have had more insight. It does not seem to have been that important to them as an actual time span. Just its certainty and imminence. Nobody will know what the generation actually really is now until the fat lady sings this time round. Whatever it is, we will know soon enough. Convoluted arguments on pet theories are a waste of time. I don't care when the end actually is. I am just glad it is coming.
  8. These definitions confirm the incorrectness of applying the term "rapture" if this is what it is understood to mean. It might make sense to someone who believed that Jesus was "transported" to earth when he came to offer the Ransom Sacrifice.
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