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“Things I Learnt From Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Memorial Of Christ Death”

Guest Nicole

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Guest Nicole

I was in benin yesterday so I attended the memorial at a Kingdom Hall around akpakpava. 1; Nissan is the first month in the jewish calendar, the isrealites usually remember the passover in this month. The commemoration of christ death replaced the passover because it was done on the same day. 2; According to the speaker christ specifically commanded his followers to continually observe this event. Luke 22:19. 3; Two destinies awaits faithful Christians, to be rewarded with entenal life in heaven to serve as kings and priests with Jesus christ or to enjoy life here on earth under perfect conditions without sorrows and other problems. 4; The opportunity of going to heaven was for the isrealites but they proved to be unfaithful to the point of killing Jesus the son of God. It was now extended to the gentiles. 5; God himself determine whether you are qualified for life in heaven or not, God’s spirit must bear witness with our spirit if we are. 6; According to revelation they were singing a new song and no one was able to master the song except them, he asked do you know the song? The audience was quite. 7; Contrary to popular belief that righteous ones will go to heaven to rest. For instance at death you’ll hear things like rest in peace, rest in the bosom of the lord in heaven is not in harmony with the teachings of the bible because the bible expressly said the people going to heaven are going to serve as kings and priests not going to sing and clap like we are taught in the churches. These are the few things I remembered.

Source: http://nnu.com.ng/things-i-learnt-from-jehovahs-witnesses-memorial-of-christ-death/

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