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Many people fail to realize that giraffes aren’t all the same...

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Many people fail to realize that giraffes aren’t all the same species. There are 9 different species. This was something new to me. Since they all come from Africa and they all look the same they tend to lump them into one category. It is a common enough mistake but now you will have the right information to make your assessments upon. Yet the information isn’t quite clear in the categories of science either. What we mean is that some will think of them as separate species but for now they are categorized as subspecies. The differences that are noted include where they naturally reside, the coloring, and even the types of patterns that they have on their bodies. The Somali Giraffe has very large spots and then wide white lines between them. They are found mainly in Somalia but also in areas of Kenya and Ethiopia. For anyone that can not see the pictures clearly please let me know and I will send them to you.

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