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TeslaCon is coming and it could be the Comic-Con of the Tesla community


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TeslaCon is coming and it’s aimed at becoming the premier gathering for Tesla owners and electric vehicle enthusiasts. Like San DiegoÂ’s Comic-Con which has become one of the largest comic and science fiction-based cultural gatherings in the world, TeslaCon will gather some of  YouTubeÂ’s most popular Tesla personalities and industry experts in a 2-day event beginning on December 15.

Led by Ben Sullins of Teslanomics fame and winner of TeslaÂ’s Next Gen Roadster, TeslaConÂ’s online conference will feature presentations by Robert Llewellyn of Fully Charged, Trevor Page of Model 3 Owners Club, Zac & Jesse of Now You Know, and other influential Tesla community members.

“At TeslaCon you’ll be inspired by the leaders of Tesla and EV communities. Learn everything you need to get the most out of your EV. Participate in Live Q&A with your favorite YouTube and online personalities.” says Sullins about why Tesla owners and enthusiasts may want to attend the online conference.

Pre-conference workshops will begin at 9:00am Pacific on December 15 followed by the main conference which will begin at 8:00am the day after. Full details of the event including the speakers list can be found on the conferenceÂ’s website at TeslaCon.online.

We’ve provided the cost to attend the online conference below. TeslaCon has also extended Teslarati reader’s with the code “tr20” that will apply an additional discount when used and good for the first 30 registrants.

All Access $249
The All-Access pass includes both the Pre-Conference workshop hosted by EV Annex for new EV Owners and all of the speaker sessions except the VIP session. Each ticket will also enter you into a giveaway for a $500 gift card to EVAnnex.com and the first 50 people get a free book “Getting Ready for Model 3” or license plate frame.

VIP $399

  • 1 hr Backstage access to several of the speakers
  • Limited to 10 people total
  • Free TeslaCon T-Shirt

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