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What a most memorable day!! Meet Herbie. On a bad winter snow...

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What a most memorable day!! Meet Herbie. On a bad winter snow day 10 years ago I was nervously doing telephone witnessing at my friend’s hall and spoke to this man. He was pleasant and very interested. I called back several times afterwards and during one of our conversations he mentioned how he had been to the convention about 10 years before and had studied back in 1997. But lost contact with the Witnesses when the brother he had studied with passed away. After a few more return visits via the phone, I made arrangements to hand it over to a brother and make a visit to meet Herbie. He studied with a couple of brothers for a number of years before moving to Florida and I had lost track of him until today when i found out he got baptized!! Today at the assembly I happened to run into one of the brothers who studied with him today and he told me he came to see Herbie’s baptism which I had missed not knowing he would be there. After that I was on a mission to find Herbie among the crowd of 1800, and I finally found him! I can’t help but feel emotional because to my knowledge I had no clue if he was still studying or not and to see him there was just so wonderful! Photo shared by @aliciasonrisa

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