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Journey - When You Love a Woman

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This has to be my favorite song of all time..... 

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    • By admin
      The new Steve Perry album “Traces” is available everywhere now.
    • Guest
      By Guest
      I think Steve Perry was getting tired of playing with Journey around this time.
      This was also the time period where I think he exerted the most influence on the band with the Raised on Radio album.
      Soon after he and the band would split up...
    • By admin
      From The Original Motion Picture Soundtarck - " Vision Quest "
    • By admin
      This is a song that always gets me rockin' ..... Great to start a Saturday morning with blasting the stereo.
    • Guest
    • By admin
      Steve Perry, Steve Augeri, Jeff Scott Soto and Arnel Pineda perform Don't Stop Believin'      
    • By admin
      Lyrics: Lost in twilight, the memories Precious moments, you and me We've been old friends, all through the years Picture postcards, sharing tears What's in our hearts, there's never time, to say Need you tonight, lover don't fade away I've seen your city lights As I walk away Why can't this night...go on forever Without love, we won't survive Run together, we rule the night Tell me secrets, oh that make you cry Where's the laughter, we gotta try What's in our hearts, there's never time to say Need you tonight, lover don't fade away Like a photograph That time won't erase Why can't this night...go on forever Go on forever and ever...ever and ever
    • By admin
      “We're Still Here” is the latest track off the Steve Perry album “Traces”
      LYRICS Under neon lights, we claim this town No one can take us down No, not tonight City Boys and City Girls Runnin’ Wild Burning like a fallin’ star Golden stardust, that’s what we are Young voices carry on Come together in the same ole song {Chorus} We’re still here We’re shadows fallin’ The night is callin’ again We’re still here Where love is runnin’ The night is calling, again (Brother to Brother) Another night, Another town Walkin’ my heart around Same old choices, again Like so many tears in the rain Will they remember your name Young hearts reach fearlessly In the night {Chorus} (Sister to Sister) We’re all together (You know, I care) We are… (We will) Always (Be together) We’re still here We’re shadows fallin’ The night is callin’ again We’re still here Where love is runnin’ The night is calling, again (Brother to Brother) Brother to Brother (Sister to Sister) We’re still here Where love is runnin’ The night is calling, again
    • By admin
      “No Erasin’” is off the new Steve Perry album “Traces”
      LYRICS I know it’s been a long time comin’ Since I saw your face It’s been so long since we’re together, In the back seat of your car Ooo, oh You used to be my girl Hold me close ‘cause I remember, How could I forget {Chorus} No Erasin’ I’ve felt this once before No Erasin’ No runnin’ anymore My soul’s burnin’, Just like it was before No Erasin’ Our love just won’t let go Oh… Summer nights in sweet surrender Underneath the stars One more time we’re here together In the back seat of your car You used to be my girl Hold me close ‘cause I remember How could I forget {Chorus} {Bridge} Told you of my love today Rain comin’ down You laughed with me and sheltered me and (Turned me on) You won’t see me, you won’t see how (Ya done me wrong) Ya done me wrong, and you won’t try No Erasin’ I felt this once before No Erasin’ No runnin’ anymore My soul’s burnin’ Just like it was before No Erasin’ This love won’t let go I told you of my love today Rain comin’ down You laughed with me and sheltered me and Turned me on
    • By admin
      Members of Journey including Jonathan Cain, Aynsley Dunbar, Steve Perry, Gregg Rolie, Neal Schon, Steve Smith and Ross Valory make their acceptance speeches at the 2017 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at the Barclays Center in New York City.
    • By admin
      A documentary on Arnel Pineda, who was plucked from YouTube to become the new singer for the rock & roll band, Journey.
    • Guest
      By Guest
      I used to love to play this song on the piano.....
      Wheels go round and round....
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    • Just one question for you:  when you go to meeting or field service you get to use many videos that were made to be easily accessible for all ages and peoples.  Do you have any clue what equipment costs?   Many poor congregations in Africa receive projectors from the organization because they cannot afford it. They do still print bibles and watchtowers etc. Do you think they must remain in the Jurassic age when it comes to using technology or will it be ok by you if they venture to use the newest tech to support the brothers? You have a budget to fulfill your responsibilities at home.....dont you?  Why not broaden out and see that they also need money to provide services in almost 1000 languages?   I think we need a little more gratitude and less criticism...  ALL you see is "billions" which you try to imply are used for their own purposes....  They are always in need of funds to make it stretch further..... because we do get all our spiritual needs fulfilled without cost.  You need not give any donation if you feel they waste it.  You can use all amenities without giving a dime!   
    • I strongly suspect that Jehovah's Holy Spirit is given in direct proportion to the amount of Spirit you actually need.... considering that Jesus Christ and the Apostles had NO Real Estate whatsoever, as part of their Organization, and only enough money for the days food, and to the best of my knowledge, just the clothes on their backs, they needed a lot ... and they received a lot of Holy Spirit. The Governing Body has billions of dollars in Real Estate, all over the world, and controls billions of dollars worth of money, to spend as they alone see fit. ... and dat's de fact, Jack. SOOooooo... they are on their own. ..... as are the great majority of us. I have SEEN Jehovah's Spirit build up and sustain several of the Anointed ones, who had no strength of resources of their own, and I suspect when it is needed ... actually NEEDED .. the rest of us "ground pounders" get it as well. That is just my guess of how it works ... no more. ...and I suspect it is INVERSELY proportional to how much you have naturally, WITHOUT Jehovah's intervention.       the formula for that is 1/x. There is probably a button on your pocket calculator for that.
    • Answer: Hatred borne of jealousy ... .... because the people  covering the Earth, outside of Adam and Eves' family, were NOT directly created beings of Jehovah, and did NOT have an opportunity to live forever ... ...and they KNEW that to be the case. That is why Cain was afraid that wherever he went in his enforced exile to wander the Earth, those evolved  humans would kill him. I do not "have Polaroids", but that idea solves a LOT of problems, including millions of tons of hard fossil evidence, all over the Earth, that only the willfully stupid would say means nothing ... and it solves the problem of who Cain married.
    • I am not so sure that Colossians speaking about coincidence.  I never thought this way, but questions comes after reading this Colossians verses. What sort of "created lordships or governments or authorities" already existed in the heavens and on earth, especially in time period before, in the moment and after Adam and Eve were created? Have some idea?  New born human society was made of two. I see, in Genesis, how Adam had sort of "power" over animals. Eve had free will and autonomy, just like Adam. Only after Cain's crime we see how he had big fear over his life because there was possibility, that some people (who they are, where they lived, what structure they created??) will kill him because of what  he has done.  I see here some issues. God didn't punished Cain (God is Lord, Government and Authority). Adam didn't punished Cain (Adam was his father, but he didn't show he had any power over his son). Some unknown people, living who knows where have some thoughts about killing Cain, because he murdered Abel. Why would they be interested in this Adam's family "business"? And why they were interested in "punishing" Cain?  What sort of structure, legislative (lordships or governments or authorities) existed inside this outside group, tribe, society, that show us how they had something what Adam and Eve family, tribe hadn't ?
    • My above comment was an illustration.  If you find it a joke you have not thought it through. It illustrates the need for "barriers" to drive on a road safely and also to drive through life. To not tread on each others toes we need barriers which are not crossed. When they are crossed society does not function properly. There are people here who hate JWs..... so do not take them seriously.
    • 2011, after the Nation realized they could NOT keep their doctor, they could NOT keep their health plan, and the $2500 every person was going to save on their Health Care, was going to cost them about $10,000 more, and if they did not buy it, the IRS would add a whopping fine to their Income Tax return. On a related note, in 1980, the Governing Body in considering the "signs in the heavens ..." actually considered declaring Sputnik to be the fulfillment of Bible Prophesy, Schroeder, Karl Klein and Grant Suiter proposed moving the beginning of the "generation" to the year 1957, to coincide with the 1957 Sputnik event,  and it almost became "new light", except a 66-2/3 majority vote was needed to adopt that policy, and one member of the Governing Body went to the restroom, and when he came back, he changed his vote, and it failed by one vote. In retrospect, perhaps the Brother should have held his water.    
    • What year did robocalls from the cloud begin besieging every man woman and child on earth day and night?
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