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‘Locust plague’: Insects invade southern Russian region (VIDEO)

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‘Locust plague’: Insects invade southern Russian region (VIDEO)

© ROLEX TV / YouTube
Spine-tingling footage shows a swarm of locusts traveling across a road in the southern Russian republic of Dagestan, where swaths of land have been infested by the plague.

The amateur video, filmed through the windscreen of a moving car, shows what at first seems to be a sandstorm looming on the horizon. However, as the car approaches, the dense cloud turns out to be a chaotic mass of giant bugs making their way across the road.


The infestation of locusts prompted local authorities to declare a state of emergency in parts of the republic last month, with some 114,000 hectares of agricultural land affected.

Despite measures being taken, such as fumigation from tractors and planes, the locusts have been eating their way through the republic’s farmland since early summer, destroying crops and grazing.


"They devour everything. They destroy green fields and there is nothing, just bare ground. There are the greens over there, which they have not yet reached,” a local resident told Ruptly video agency.

“It makes no difference for them: trees, shrubs or grass. If they devour it all, the cattle will have nowhere to graze. We would not know what to do then.”

According to the UN’s Agriculture and Food Organization, an average swarm of locusts can consume the same amount of food as 10 elephants or 2,500 people, as well as being able to travel distances of up to 130km in one day.

https://www.rt.com/news/396919-russia-dagestan-locust-swarm/ for video

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Interesting. Related to the plight of Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia? Who knows. But it does highlight the effects of locust and how devastating they can be. Often times when people think of a plague of locust they think of the Israelis and the ten plagues on Egypt, not really cognizant of the locust plague and how they are still around and can be quite devastating. 

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Yes it is interesting regarding the timing of this. They have locust problems every year but lately since 2015 it has become much worse for some reason. Look at his report from 2015:

Watch Millions of Locusts Cause Biblical Devastation in Southern Russia

Aug 04, 2015

Massive swarms of locusts in southern Russia are invading farmlands, destroying crops and devastating farmer’s livelihoods.

Russia’s Agricultural Ministry has declared a state of emergency in the region as millions of insects quickly devour thousands of hectares of corn and other crops, CNN reports.


"In Kalmikya, Astrakhan, Volgagrad, and Dagestan, there is already no food left for the locusts, so they have moved on to other sources of food," Tatiana Drishcheva of the Russia Agricultural Center, told CNN.

Since the plague began in July, the locusts, which measure about 8 c.m. long, have destroyed 10% of crops in the affected areas.

Russian officials have responded by increasing the amount of aerial pesticides used, but frustrated locals say it is not effective.

Though swarms of locusts descend on this part of southern Russia every year, locals say they have not seen it this bad in 30 years. State broadcasters are blaming higher than unusual temperatures and recent flooding.

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This does remind one of "let my people go", well we know it took much more than locust to let  God's people go back then. And the Russian government sees Jehovah's Witnesses as a joke, uneducated and ordinary,  just as all other nations do.

You could say they had a "locust swarm" earlier this year when 48 million letters came to them. :D  Obviously that did not make them less obstinate but just the opposite JUST as it did in EGYPT !!!

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