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Another ponzi scheme afflicting the JW's..... year after year after year.


Being able to discuss Scripture is neither a prerequisite for nor an affirmation of financial acuity. Donald Nadel and Joseph Malone, operating as the Renaissance Asset Fund, raised more than $16 million, largely from members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. The pair promised risk-free returns of 10 to 25 percent in as little as four months. Another Ponzi scheme.

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    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      Gb stands for governing body. These men are the anointed leaders of Jehovah’s witnesses worldwide.
      They sent a letter.. Not just to Nigerian congregations but to congregations worldwide.
      I attended our weekly meetings today and a letter warning against any ponzi schemes was read.
      Can’t say everything in it sha but the details were:
      1. Trust God for all your financial needs
      2. If you’re not sure whether the scheme would crash or not, don’t introduce it to your brothers
      3. Never be driven by the love of money
      4. Satan is looking for ways to drive Christians into his court. Try to be vigilant
      At the end of the letter, Hebrew 13: 5 and 6 was read.
      Thank God i didn’t go mmm or anyone

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