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  1. What jobs do you jw's want in the new system? Gathering up all the dead bodies and burning them? Cleaning up all the destroyed buildings and rebuilding? Welcoming and categorizing the hundreds of billions of people that have been resurrected? So what is your dream job in the new system of things?
  2. So Jesus is a JW also, so you expect he needs to go through the watchtower for salvation, and worship the g.b.as he would worship Jehovah?
  3. The jehovahs witnesses is one of two Christian religion's that I know of that has a mandatory suicide doctrine.
  4. I thought you said you were a writer...not grizzly bears falling from the sky, grizzly bears eating Russians as part of Gods judgement on the non baptized Russian publishers. The coming judgement is very real, but it is quite embarrassing for you guys is your dangerous teaching that God is going to kill everyone who is not a baptized publisher
  5. Jehovah's witnesses have lots of faith, faith in their governing body and faith in pagan gods.
  6. Yep quite ridiculous for sure, just like the jw's belief in all these other Christmas pagan gods actually exist and are more powerful than the real Almighty God.
  7. Another myth I heard about Christmas was slicing the vein of your jw spouse and drinking their blood while sacrificing her unborn child to tammuz. Merry Christmas jw's. Who ever wrote little drummer boy is for sure gonna die by Jehovah's judgment.
  8. Merry Christmas everyone, I will be worshipping the Almighty God and His son tomorrow as I do everyday. And I will be so glad it's over cause I can't stand Christmas music.
  9. When Jehovah kills the billions of people who are not baptized publishers, he's gonna kill the ones living in North America with hailstones, the ones in Africa he'll kill with fireballs, the ones in Russia, grizzly bears...so on and so forth.
  10. Yeah, jw's are imperfect, you just happen to believe everyone else is more imperfect than you.
  11. I'm a big fan of Star Wars, all episodes, (almost anything sci-fi basically). I am curious if some jw's will not see Star Wars because they consider the Force aspect of it to spiritism. Like when they were not allowed to watch or read the books Harry Potter because of wizardry, or not allowed to read the books or watch Twilight because of demonism aka vampires, or not allowed to watch the smurfs because they thought they were demons. And while on the subject....if your conscience didn't bother you to watch Star Wars, what is your favorite SW movie, favorite character, most hated character
  12. It would be interesting to see some wearing one of those hats while also wearing a cross necklace. Maybe there can be a pin that say's....jw.org, I'm disfellowshipped
  13. Oh my, pagans eat turkey!!!! that is ground breaking news, I better start checking labels to make sure there are no turkey by products in the food. Gee's, you guys think these pagan gods are real, your wako wako wako. I'll stand by my statement that jw's and pretending jw's commit blasphemy when they claim Christians are worshipping other gods when in actuality they are worshiping the most high God and the Holy Spirit is working within and around those Christians lives.
  14. Yep, Armageddon is gonna happen any minute now, let's build a multi billion dollar luxury compound for the faithful slave for the long haul.
  15. I was just kidd8ng about thor, I know he doesn't really exist. So when Christians get together for Thanksgiving and pray to Yaweh, you jw's are calling Yaweh a pagan god....this is blasphemy of the highest sort.
  16. Jw's boast about how they were the most liked in concentration camps, they also supported the Hitler war against the Jews, and they believe it was a satanic/demonic act for a military to stop Hitler. So given the context, the JW's wish that Hitler would have never been defeated, actually feel sorrow that he didn't succeed. TTH, dude, if you hate Trump so much, then get off your jw ass and vote against him. But wait you can't vote against him because you are not allowed to vote. So grow some balls, meaning be a man, and vote against Trump or shut up.
  17. Maybe you jw's will get lucky and your hero Hitler will start ruling again.
  18. The gb have admitted they have no spiritual guidance, so the jw's are not moving spiritually forward. However satans spirit's are giving them momentum.
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