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  1. Bethelite Bobby Brother with a box of band-aids just isn't the surgeon you want working on your heart.
  2. Sharon Washington

    kingdom hall conference line

    @strawberrymermaidIm pretty late in responding but uh... Call your local Kingdom Hall. Any elder can give it to you.
  3. Sharon Washington

    Would a JW have to take cannabis in a form other than smoking it?

    I’ve given Marinol to elderly patients to help increase appetite. It works wonders! What’s the difference between marijuana and dronabinol/Marinol?Marinol (dronabinol) is a pill that is available by prescription and has FDA approval to treat certain conditions. Dronabinol is also known as THC, and it is the primary psychoactive cannabinoid in the prescription medication.
  4. Sharon Washington

    Women must not instruct men, even by singing a theocratic song.

    It’s okay. Your comments made me think of myself and my own experiences. I take it all in stride now. Thanks for sharing!!! ... now my problem is makeup. LOLOLOLOL #itsgoodtolaugh 😆😁
  5. Sharon Washington

    Women must not instruct men, even by singing a theocratic song.

    @TrueTomHarley I agree. My own situation was a bit different. Being that I lived in a predominately African American community with modesty being of great concern to me (as it was not my dress but hair) it NOW seems laughable. Modest braids are on WT and AWAKE! covers and they are beautiful. Sisters are now participating on Assemblies with modest ‘sisterlocks’! Yes- dreadlocks! Brothers wearing beards. 🤔Things have changed and a focus is on the inner not the outter. I adjusted ofcourse ... but I also know that I should have been considered too. It is well. I follow the chariot wherever it goes. P.S. I pay close attention when singing to prevent me from belting out the wrong words to ‘old songs’ I think I know. 🤷🏽‍♀️
  6. Sharon Washington

    Women must not instruct men, even by singing a theocratic song.

    Back in the day... I used to be a ‘letter of the law’ kinda gal. One day, someone had problems with my braids. They spoke to my ‘head’ at the time and I took the braids out on my way home from the meeting. I looked at the scripture referenced- 1Pet. 3:3. I decided I’d go to the next meeting naked. Well, almost. I’d be wearing shoes. I started heading to the door and my husband looked at me like I was crazy. Before he parted his lips, I said, ‘I’m following the scriptures. That’s what you wanted right? Do not let the your adornment be... the wearing of... outer garments.’ I’m safe now since the new translation says, ‘...fine clothing’. But I do alright if you ask me. My second hand clothing is mighty fine. Mighty fine! 🤗
  7. Sharon Washington

    Sharp Edges

  8. Sharon Washington

    Have No Anxiety

    @James Thomas Rook Jr. I have a dear friend who would really benefit from this talk right now. The fish was good. I remember that from years ago! Sent me on a journey back in time! LoL
  9. Sharon Washington

    Changes in the Brochure: Who Are Doing God's Will Today?

    1. Instead of the lady wearing pants leaning forward the sisters are leaning forward. 2. Her neck is longer. LoL. It really is AND she appears thinner.
  10. Sharon Washington

    Have No Anxiety

    Awesome! How can I download this talk?
  11. Sharon Washington

    2017 Annual Meeting

  12. Sharon Washington

    2017 Annual Meeting Questions ?

    January 2018 there will be 3 public editions of the Watchtower and Awake! One subject during the entire year- per magazine. This will help in keeping the message consistent. So, I’m guessing there will be three WT on the same subject and the same with the Awake. More clarification to come.
  13. What a tragedy all the way around. Atleast now she has paid for her sins...