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‘Strengthen Yourself by Jehovah’

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‘Strengthen Yourself by Jehovah’

David’s fear of Jehovah did more than just restrain him from doing wrong. It strengthened him to act decisively and wisely under difficult circumstances. For a year and four months, David and his men took refuge from Saul at Ziklag in the Philistine countryside. (1 Samuel 27:5-7) 

Once while the men were away, marauding Amalekites burned the city and carried off all the men’s wives, children, and flocks. Upon returning and seeing what had happened, 
David and his men wept. Grief quickly turned tobitterness, and David’s men spoke of stoning him. Though distressed, David did not despair. (Proverbs 24:10) 


His fear of God moved him to turn to Jehovah, and he “took to strengthening himself by Jehovah.” With God’s help, David and his men overtook the Amalekites and recovered everything.—1 Samuel 30:1-20.

A Precious Heritage “Come, you sons, listen to me,” wrote David. “The fear of Jehovah is what I shall teach you.” (Psalm 34:11) 
As a father, David was intent on passing on to his children a precious heritage—the genuine, balanced, wholesome fear of Jehovah. 


By words and by deeds, David portrayed Jehovah, not as a demanding and fearsome God, ready to pounce on any infraction of His laws, but as a loving, caring, and forgiving Father of His earthly children. “Missteps who can keep track of?” asked David. asset.gifThen, indicating his confidence that Jehovah is not constantly scrutinizing our errors, he added: “Hold me clear of unnoticed things!” David was sure that if he put forth his best effort, his words and thoughts could be acceptable to Jehovah.—Psalm 19:12, 14, Byington. jw.org


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