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Recordings of congregation meetings, which the letter said would only be online for one week each. Unless I missed it, none of these have been seen as of yet. Has anyone seen or heard of this?

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Only if given the code by an elder of the congregation. It is not an open site for us all. Only the the elders and MS have access to the differing codes to the links to these things; for the congregation meetings and the assemblies and conventions, which the Society deem to be streamed. I know this personally since being home bound, I have to have the convention streamed. So I have to get the 'code' for the convention. Watched the circuit assembly in the same fashion. Have the code for live streaming the meetings each week. Thankful for that.

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My parents congregation has been picked for live streaming, hence they have their meetings on Saturday, so people can watch it on Sunday, and the midweek meeting they have on Monday, so people can watch it during the week.

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Seen them all. They are downloadable so can be shared appropriately. They seem to find their way on to the forum anyway.


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Yet some congregations have live stream for us so we can watch it as it happens not for later. We are tied in with the code to be part of the meeting the night of. Not to record and watch it later. 7:30 Thursday night, we are there for the song and prayer, the meeting and the final prayer, as part of the congregation. Also Sunday, listening to the discourse and the Watchtower study. Miss nothing. Glad for this arrangement.

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    • Maybe, but I doubt it. It's probably quite the opposite. Of course there will be some who think this way, that's why Ted Talks rejected the talk. But those who speak of Ms. Heine are more likely the ones embarrassed by the speech, and who hope that their own agendas are not hurt by those wanting to make pedophilia legal. I see the number of mentions of Ms. Heine as overwhelmingly against making pedophilia legal. A few more might agree with Ms Heine's position that acting on pedophilia is a crime, but that we need more sympathy even for the devils who act upon it. Perhaps you  are referring to a "darker" part of the web that doesn't come up in my Google searches and/or newspaper, website, research database searches. I expect that some of those who copy the video are in agreement with Ms Heine's position that acting on pedophilia is a crime, but do not realize the danger of creepy scope creep. I agree with what you said:  
    • Sure ... I do the same thing, completely of my own initiative ...Any JW I refer to as Brother  or Sister. I also capitalize the first letter of "holy words", such as Justice, and similar words.   It also helps to differentiate between a family brother or sister. I break the "rules of grammer", according to the amount of honor I attribute to something. That being said, I do maintain, entirely due to the book "1984" by George Orwell, the capitalization of "Big Brother", which I see as a VERY important philosophical concept to "Grok" ... which is another capitalized philosophical concept, of major importance.
    • @Grey Reformer Well it is said by a majority of Russians I have seen and what is seen in the discussion with those shut out by the duma, Russian Church does not like competition. They will go after you for anything, they went for a Librarian and a Pokemon player, they went for many others and it will not stop as long as the triads of power remain. Outside of religion, people also fought for their homes and other things in Russia. The Russian Church had gotten stronger since the day the Pope met Cyrill.
    • "Having Brothers Lett and Sanderson in Ukraine and Russia on the same weekend underscored the unity of God’s people and showed the brothers how much Jehovah and Jesus care about them......the Russia branch office to write: “The brothers and sisters were deeply touched that the Governing Body is so interested in this part of the world field. All of us felt as though we were given a big hug by the Governing Body.”  Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. Can somebody explain me why is big B need to be in word Brothers Lett and Sanderson?  according to this - "Sister and Brother are capitalized in the same way as Doctor -- when used as honorifics or titles. These particular titles, along with "Mother" and "Father", are commonly used by religious orders." - it looks strange that brothers in Russia branch put accent on religious status of their brethren/brothers in Lord Jesus in another branch even if that is headquarter office.   Is that sort of men worshiping? Idolatry? I can understand if we honoring our friend, brother, wife in front of strangers or in some sort of official business, in public, on street, in work place or similar situation. But this is in article for JW members ,in first place, for worldwide brotherhood. Or nevertheless we should put Brotherhood  with BIG B, for rank and file members? :)) for purpose of honoring them, because many inside rank and file are in some sort of religious orders to some level (publishers and pioneers of all kind,  missionaries, elders of all sorts, Betel workers, lawyers ...) or if we want tell the truth, all JW members are part of religious order/orders but in some kind scale of hierarchy. :))
    • People come up with different things to add on to what is there. But none of us should be letting your guard down. Another thing we should be watchful of is those who distribute ill content regarding children for I believe one Priest was caught having been receiving and distributing pornographic material regarding children. The dark web is usually where such material is often in distribution, in this priest's case, his action eventually led to his discover, as are for those who do the same. Other than that, it is indeed an issue, but those pushing to make it normal are only adding more to the fire and such a fire cannot be put out.
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